Naughty Dog: "You'll Be in Awe When You Play Our PS4 Game"

We know that it’s only a matter of time before Naughty Dog reveals its first PlayStation 4 title, but the studio hasn’t been able to resist teasing it during a Reddit question and answer session.

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TrevorPhillips1388d ago

I cannot wait for there next gen game! Super excited!

GarrusVakarian1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Awe isn't the word for it. I predict MASS HYSTERIA on N4G and every other gaming outlet when they reveal their next game. Jaws will drop, eyes will bulge, hair will stand on end, pants will be creamed and soiled.

I was in awe playing The Last Of Us, so my mind can't comprehend what their PS4 title will look and feel like. This will most likely happen.....

rambi801388d ago

Still in awe with the ps3 stuff.

Could you imagine the hysteria if they stealth announced the game for this holiday season?

ooquis1388d ago

Your stating allot of facts there SON. hopefully i'll have to clean my paints when my eyeballs recovered.

UltimateMaster1388d ago

Naughty Dog: "You'll Be in Awe When You Play Our PS4 Game"
We always are.

inveni01388d ago

I won't be in awe.

I'll be in Heaven. And for me, an atheist, such a thing would be quite miraculous.

johndoe112111388d ago

My pants got soiled just reading the article.

johndoe112111388d ago

I'm thinking the game will be "The Last of Jak's Uncharted Savage Space Quest". now that will be a kicker.

inveni01388d ago




scott1821388d ago

Oh hell, don't say things like that ND!! I can't take it...

serratos271388d ago

You should advertise for ND you're doing an excellent job in the comments section. You have great potential my friend haha.

mewhy321388d ago

Naughty Dog is the most talented development house on the globe. I am pumped about what they will bring to the mighty PS4. I mean, look at the work the did on the PS3. The Last of Us could have passed as a next gen launch title. Just amazing stuff.

Pl4sm41388d ago

cars will be flying, dogs and cats living together, flying horses ... mass chaos D:

ZBlacktt1388d ago

I realize you say anything for bubbles. But you've got 5 trophies in The Last of Us and you stopped playing it over the summer.

Again, so many fakes on this site, lol.

GarrusVakarian1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )


What are you talking about?! Are you stalking me? I played TLOU once the same with Heavy Rain, both are still some of my favourite games of all time...just from one play through. You think im fake because i only have 5 trophies on TLOU? Games that affect me like TLOU did i always play once as to not alter the memory of the 1st playthrough. I have over 103k gamerscore on the 360....i stopped playing for achievements/trophies A LONG time ago, maybe you should do the same.

Grow up, you are a man in your mid forties, seriously.

NikonSteve1388d ago

Don't worry. Whatever it is, Xbone will have something even better! 480p of course. But its the same!!!

rpd1231388d ago

And every gaming outlet there is will give it undeserved 10/10 scores.

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come_bom1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I'm waiting... and hopping it's a new IP.

Blackdeath_6631388d ago

same, don't understand people who want endless sequels

MizTv1388d ago

Whatever it is I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!

Xsilver1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Now i can definitely bet that we will see their game at the Sony event yayyyy.

Magicite1388d ago

''Naughty Dog: "You'll Be in Awe When You Play Our PS4 Game"''
And You know what? I dont even doubt that a single bit!!!

Zool 081388d ago

And awe is short for awesome

Boody-Bandit1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I was in awe when I played Uncharted 2 and again when I TLOU. So I wouldn't call it arrogance but confidence.

The announcement of NDs next generation offering is far and away my most anticipated title to see. Judging from most of the comments I've seen here, I'm not alone.

KwietStorm1388d ago

Are you seriously insinuating that's an arrogant statement? They didn't say nothing will compare, they didn't say our game will be heads and shoulders above anything anyone is capable of doing. They just said you'll be in awe.