Burnout's 'Bogart' update goes live on the PS3

From PS3 Attitude:

After all the excitement of learning what is coming in the Burnout Paradise 'Cagney' and 'Davis' updates, revealed in our Burnout news premiere yesterday, we're pleased to say that Criterion have released 'Bogart' as planned today on the PS3.

Effectively v1.20 of Burnout Paradise, Bogart fixes a number of issues in the game.

The Top 10 problems reported by users have been fixed, these are:

- PS3 game can crash when a player is taken down and the player that has performed the Takedown leaves the game.
- The game indefinitely displays "Connecting to Paradise City Servers" if it's having problems communicating with the rebroadcast server.
- Disconnecting the controller before a race begins can mean that race timings can be manipulated with players who didn't cross the line first being awarded the win.
- Repeatedly joining and leaving a game with 8 players can cause the game to hang.
- Hammering the X button after unlocking a car can cause the game to hang.
- East Crawford and Watt St achievements cannot be achieved if the player goes online and sets road rules before attempting them.
- Audio distortion when using 5.1 / DTS and looking back at the car.
- Total time driven in player stats would stick at 145 hours.
- VoIP connection problems with 8 player games.

The update also adds game experience enhancements and other high-priority fixes

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thereapersson3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Custom soundtracks are a must for this game. EA trax in Burnout Paradise feature some of the sh1ttiest songs i've ever heard in any of the Burnout games. Burnout 3 still had some of the best songs, though Revenge had its share of winners. Paradise trax is all around general crap.

Skerj3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Won't be getting them until July :(



Custom soundtracks for PS3 won't be available until the Cagney update in July. I'm sad but at least it's coming, and I'll be playing other stuff in the meantime.

LSDARBY3883d ago

So does it have custom soundtracks for PS3?

DolphGB3883d ago

Custom Soundtracks is a feature of the Cagney update, which is the next one to hit both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

Cagney will be launched around the end of June, rather than July. Davis, the update after that, is possibly available end of July, although that is not set in stone.

As well as the Custom Soundtracks, Cagney brings a new audio pack with remixed music, new sounds and updated engine noises and even a siren for the police cars. When you're reading the story, you can click through to our news from yesterday's live Criterion podcast to find out all the info on everything that is coming along.

thereapersson3883d ago

I mean, Avril Lavigne as one of the most prominent artists in the game? Give me a f'n break!

Anyway, thanks a bunch for clearing up the confusion for me between the updates. Here's a bubble for you for providing such an informative post!

Skerj3883d ago

Turn off the songs you don't like, and leave the ones on that you can tolerate/semi like. That's what I did as soon as I got the game, I've never heard that Avril Song.

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thereapersson3883d ago

That's what I did, but it still disappoints me that they picked some of the songs in the first place, even if I don't have to listen to them. Know what I mean?

SaiyanFury3883d ago

Heh I don't play games online so I never had any of these troubles and I run the game unpatched. XD