Xbox One will boot faster than your TV while in standby mode

Xbox One will "likely" power up faster than your TV when booting from standby mode, Microsoft has claimed.

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Godoftheweek1869d ago ShowReplies(8)
steve30x1869d ago

That wouldnt be hard. My TV takes 20 seconds to come on.

Mister_Dawg1869d ago

Time to change the hamster inside me thinks.

steve30x1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

The TV is only four years old. Its a Samsung LE40A616 100Hz LCD Tv but its got CCFL backlight instead of LED backlight. Its a faster than the BenQ GW2250H VA monitor I got two and a half months ago.

It looks like some people think my TV doesn't take 20 seconds to come on. I would love to know what spying equipment some of these people use to see into my house and watch me all the time.

BX811869d ago

lol. Isn't that funny? I remember sometimes waiting 5plus min for a floppy disc game to load. We have become so impatient with technology.

Jdoki1869d ago

Yeah so true. And the noise those old cassette games made while loading...

This noise and those flashing bars are ingrained in my memory.

steve30x1868d ago

The Commodore64 was the worst for it or the ZX80.

Mister_Dawg1868d ago

Try loading a spectrum 128k from a cassette tape.

It might take over 10mins and then crash at the very last second. Doh!

BX811868d ago

Yep. That's what I had. A Commodore64. Some of best times... Jump man jr. Dino Egg, kid grid, Rambo etc....

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PsylentKiller1868d ago

I'm going to time my TV, when I'm done in the bathroom.

steve30x1868d ago

I know how long my tv takes to turn on because it states that it takes 20 seconds to turn on in the owners manual.

DiRtY1869d ago

Making good news look bad again...

Never change N4G.

GarrusVakarian1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Im actually pleased to hear this. The 360 takes forever to load/sign in to Xbox Live. Less time waiting and more time gaming :D

BX811869d ago

Yeah, My 360 sometimes just says F you I'm gonna take my time. I picture it like an old grumpy man. lol. Sometimes it'll load quick. I wonder why that is. I clear my cache and delete unplayed games. I usually have 18 to 32gigs free on my hard drive.

boeso1869d ago

We haven't forgiven them yet, so let it rage on.

HammadTheBeast1869d ago

Well... it's not really good news....

What is the actual point of the console turning on quicker than your TV?

jackanderson19851869d ago

anythings better than the current load for the 360... my god that think is ridiculous i sometimes make tea while i'm waiting

Imalwaysright1869d ago

How is this good news? Who even cares? What is the point of the console booting faster that the TV if you can't see what is being displayed?

ExCest1868d ago

So when your TV actually does turn on, you're not stuck at the "No Input" screen or a boot logo.

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mhunterjr1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

My TV takes a good 10 seconds to boot up. I don't have one of those fancy universal remotes, so it's good to know I'll be able to manipulate my entire entertainment system vocally, and have it set for the situation before the TV even turns on.

Not a killer app per se, but its a nice touch.

nukeitall1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I would love to wake up and say:

Xbox On
Xbox Play Vevo

and my day starts with TV on playing Vevo!

No looking for remote and no fuss. Just instantly on!

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