Microsoft confirms release date for Ninja Gaiden 2

Microsoft today announced the release date for Ninja Gaiden II, in development by Team Ninja and exclusive to the Xbox 360. It'll be available across Europe from 6th June for an estimated retail price of £44.99.

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thereapersson3860d ago

I enjoyed Sigma on my PS3, but what i've really been waiting for is Ninja Gaiden 2 on my 360. I will chop off many a head in my quest to become the ultimate Ninja!!!

Milky3859d ago

Bad release date. Its gonna be overshadowed, especially in Europe.

power of Green 3860d ago

Sure you have a 360 with your comments. lol

Vito_corleone3860d ago

Sure you have a life with your comments. lol

Charlie26883860d ago

SWEET :D i've been playing NG Sigma for more than a week now and I am loving it :D (despite the game apparently not loving me XD) and I am looking forward to NG2! SO much :)

Yi-Long3860d ago

... is if the euro-version will be uncensored/uncut.

I'm a huge fan of Ninja Gaiden Black, so NG2 will most likely be bought as well (depending on reviews), but not if it's censored in any way, shape or form.

mirroredderorrim3860d ago

I agree there. This game is going to make my 360 worth every penny. Now if only they had a date for Alan Wake..

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The story is too old to be commented.