Battlefield 4 Remote Play on Vita expected on day one of PS4

Sony's loved Shuhei Yoshida has revealed Remote Play for Battlefield 4 is expected to work on day of the Playstation 4 launch.

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allformats1841d ago

Call of Duty: Ghosts, now Battlefield 4 remote play with Vita confirmed.

Now's the best time to get Sony's shiny handheld.

Septic1841d ago

Holy ****! Really? I just got a VITA and this is MEGATON.

That's it....PS4 is my console of choice now.

Baylex1841d ago

Your thoughts are the same as mine :P
Vita is gonna make sell PS4 ahah that's awsome!

Bathyj1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

It's quite an incentive. There aren't many if any battlefield quality games playable on a handheld. I was always getting a ps4 but this kind of thing makes a great argument for getting a vita. I've been collecting games on PSPlus so buying one means an instant games library.

Thrust. Whatever it is, Res won't matter too much on such a small screen.

C-H-E-F1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )


The 16/9 screen essentially makes it 1080p
for example:
1920 / 1080 = 1.7
1280 / 720 = 1.7
16 / 9 = 1.7

Are all the same, so yes, the PS Vita will be in a higher resolution than the XOX.
-Greatness awaits

black0o1841d ago

@thrust it was confirmed that games will be streamed at 720p to vita and vita tv

Ju1841d ago

Let me add to the's still rendered in 1080 on the "server" (=PS4), encoded (explicit HW encoder) and "downsampled" (=decoded) to 960x544 (qHD) basically giving you an additional 2xMSAA on a 5" screen.

Killzoner991841d ago

You can play that ANYWHERE too. I'll be playing this on my camping trip.

0ut1awed1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

You'll more than likely need at least a 15mbps upload connection on your internet that your PS4 is connected to in order to remote play it on the Vita OUTSIDE your LAN.

That's a big problem for the large majority of current US internet users. For example, I currently pay $100 a month for the best connection I can get. Even that is a 50mbps down and 3mbps up. Not anywhere near enough.

Google fiber (or just fiber ISPs in general) need to hurry up and spread to more cities.

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GribbleGrunger1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Oh GOD this is driving me nuts. As I said in two previous threads a while back: Are we going to get an article on every God damn PS4 game? This isn't news people.

The PS4 has hardware dedicated to this and the Vita was designed with this in mind. IT JUST WORKS. The only games it won't work with are games that use the camera or the MOVE.

Every single PS4 games works with remote.

MasterCornholio1841d ago

"Every single PS4 games works with remote."

Almost all of them. For example Yoshida confirmed that move games won't work with remote play.

Nexus 7 2013

Thehyph1841d ago

Yeah. Sony said that support is there by default.

It's just up to the developers to figure out a control scheme that's better than some standard that Sony has set up.
I'm assuming they made it very simple for devs, too.

ShutUpDonny1841d ago

War Thunder won't support Remote Play for now. I don't know why and I hope it's just an exception.

GribbleGrunger1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Yes, but 99% of PS4 games WILL support the Vita. Here's a list of games for the PS4. Do we really want an article for every single one?

That's just the start and it doesn't include multiplatform games (for consoles).

@Brix90: Yeah, perhaps I'm looking at it too subjectively.

Brix901841d ago

I think people were just skeptical not about Sony but developers not coming through on remote play but glad to see people the didn't know about this get excited lol

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Angels37851841d ago

I don't know why this is news...its been stated that the remote play function is built into the ps4.....therefore the ps3 where developers had to support the function and use some pf their already limited resources to do it never really happened. EVERY non ps camera or 3rd party peripheral based game can be played via remote play.

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JimmyLmao1841d ago

they kinda have to include remote play support otherwise they can't publish, unless the game uses the PlayStation Camera... games gotta pass quality control measures! Sony just want's the best for us! ya know? #4ThePlayers n all =P

colonel1791841d ago

I know that every game is supposed to include remote play, hopefully it's true and there's not a catch. However, I'm more worried about the real implementation the games will have, specially third parties. They could include Remote Play (because maybe it really is mandatory) but how will they actually configure the button layout? Will they take time to actually make it work well in the PS Vita?

JimmyLmao1841d ago

it is actually a requirement. games have to pass quality control to be able to get published... this includes things such as trophy support, remote play support, etc.

and it isn't a burden on the the developers, the PS4 hardware handles remote play all by itself, all that developers have to do is add in vita button support, which isnt hard and doesnt take long. it is as simple as mapping the functions to different buttons.

Kirnisorey1841d ago

The vita already has a way for you to manually configure the buttons , the screen, and the rear touchpad any way you want it.

tubers1840d ago

I think Sony should've thought this better by providing a sophisticated remap and customize tool when a game is being Remote Played.

There will also be default setups to choose from for those who just wants to jump on it asap.

I don't think it gets much better than that unless 3rd Parties are sure to give effort for VITA controls AKA games like Dragon Age: Inquisition allows you to map hotkeys/skills on the touch screen.

Pascalini1841d ago

Wow we can now all play bf4 on the toilet

GarrusVakarian1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Every single one of your comments is you trolling PS4 articles. Why?

This is brilliant news, being able to play BF4 (and many other games that are on PS4) on your vita is a major selling point for some people, and you try to sarcastically downplay it? Sigh.

boeso1841d ago

I got excited when he said play on the toilet. WHO WOULDN'T LOVE THAT?

Insomnia_841841d ago

I'll be playing from work!!

I can see many getting fired cuz of this feature lol

Sarcasm1841d ago

Holy balls me too seeing as how I got WiFi at work.

Damn it looks like I'm getting the PS4 version afterall.

Kinger89381841d ago

I wouldnt expect to get good results over wifi like that, at home within the network sure, but i still cant picture it working under your conditions

Heres hoping though, i would love to see it, but i shant get my hopes up. I just picture it having major input lag just like it is on remote play now

We will see though would be great

bjmartynhak1841d ago

Damm, lucky you. Killing some time here on N4G is the maximum I can get at work.

Insomnia_841841d ago

It works great if you get a solid signal. I've tried it with Ico and SoTC on PS3 and it works OK and the wifi at work kinda sucks and speeds are a joke. Tried it at a friends house and the difference was very noticeable as the connection and speed is a lot better than any public place. Keep in mind that the PS4 will handle this in a different way that is supposed to optimize the experience. At least for single player modes it will be great!!

I'm feeling good about this. This to me is the PS4 best feature!

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jp_footy21841d ago

That's stupid. We can actually play it in the (battle) fields.

Sarcasm1841d ago

Orrrrrrr if someone wants to watch TV, you can comfortably say "Ok my loving wife and children, you may use the television." *turns on Vita, kicks back on couch*


The toilet is a plus too.

Bio_Mod1841d ago

Battlefield on the bog

Marketing genius

MasterCornholio1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Or I can lay down on my bed and play AC4 via remote play.

I'm gonna do it when I'm to lazy to sit in my chair.

Nexus 7 2013

sigfredod1841d ago

Yes on the toilet, and that is a plus with a game like BF since most of the time you will be playing MP, and we all know there is no pause, so why lost your killstreak? just grab your vita and to the toliet!!


Does this mean 64 players being killed on the toilet?

insomnium21841d ago


It seems that the attempt at trolling backfired for pascalini whoeveritwas. Greatness awaits! My turd is ready! Toilet! Toilet! Toilet!

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bjmartynhak1841d ago

For what I understood, the devs only have to map the missing buttons on the Vita. Doesn't seems to require a lot of work. All the streaming stuff is built in in the PS4. Awesome!

iceman061841d ago

This is true. The PS4 does all of the heavy lifting. The Vita just receives the signal and provides the input. So, devs just have to map a few controls.

DeadRabbits1841d ago

I am a grown man but I have just shed a tear of joy! No more arguments over the TV and no more needing to drop out of a game when I need to take a dump!!!!!