Third-Person Call Of Duty Game Cancelled Because It Was "A Mess"

So the rumour's been SMASHED. Activision Underground, who were supposedly working on a third-person Call of Duty game, weren't closed down because of a non-existent "exclusivity" deal Infinity Ward signed with Activision. And yet, closed down they were.

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Nitrowolf23885d ago

i wasnt much a third person player anyway

thereapersson3885d ago

Anything else, and it's "Call of Doodie"!

perseus3885d ago

Why would you want a 3rd person Call of Duty? Just download a mod for Playsta-

Ah. Right. Wrong game.

(If we can change save files, I wonder if we can make mods?)

Britjadg3885d ago

it doesn't surprise me, if its that much of a mess i'm rather glad its been cancelled. cod4 is not a game that should be fuked up.

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The story is too old to be commented.