Multiple Battlefield 4 issues, PC version almost impossible to play

MWEB GameZone writer, Nicholas Holden, gives feedback on his first few hours of Battlefield 4. Players from different platforms logged queries about multiple issues with the game - PC gamers seem to have been hit the hardest.

At least the first DLC for Battlefield 4 has been announced.

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plut0nash1594d ago

I'd hate to say it...."I told you so"

DesVader1594d ago

There were lots of patches over the weekend, so hopefully many of these issues will be resolved shortly. I have faith in the DICE guys.

PandaMcBearface1594d ago

To be honest, I don't understand why they even bothered to release it now. Surely it must be cheaper to wait and send out a game that actually works than one that is completely stuffed and you have to fix? Plus, if you do the former you wouldn't have so many mad gamers on your hands.

NarooN1594d ago

Seems like they tried to rush the game out in order to release it before CoD Ghosts came out.

SlapHappyJesus1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I know no one, personally, who has had this issue.
It really surprises me to be as big a thing as it supposedly is.
You always have to wonder if it is simply a vocal minority making a stink. Haven't looked into it enough to say one way or another.

plut0nash1594d ago

Is there any way of telling the difference?

Choc_Salties1594d ago

there's a point when any publicity is good, even if it's bad...

plut0nash1594d ago

And yet I wonder - How quick will they respond?

DesVader1594d ago

I reckon the DICE guys are pumping together patches like mad!!

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