Sonic: Lost World Review (PopBucket)

PopBucket writes: Even though Sonic: Lost World is fun to play on your own or with a friend but there is just too much going against it with the lack of speed expected in a Sonic game. The unreliable controls and sloppy layout just bring the game down from being what is could have been. The one saving grace was the beautiful graphics.

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Nerdmaster1659d ago

Another review from someone who wishes Sonic went back to running at uncontrollable speeds... "Normally Sonic games are straight forward with a simple goal"? More like "Normally in recent Sonic games going only straight forward is enough to reach the goal". SEGA finally puts platforming back at Sonic games, and people start asking them to go back at the horrible boost to win gameplay...

In the beginning I, too, had trouble with the controls, as it wasn't just press forward and do homing attacks. At somepoint in the 3rd or 4th world, I started to get the hang of it and now it's a blast to play the stages.

Of course, there are some stages that seem a little too difficult, but in a world that complains that Mario is too easy and Mega Man is awesome for being very difficult, this complaint seems illogical.