PlayStation Legion Review – Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror

Operation Broken Mirror is the second expansion pack to the very good, multi-player only battle that is Warhawk. Warhawk was originally available for download of the PS Store or in via retail on a Blu-Ray disk. The game allows combat via a variety of land weapons and machines; however it's named after its wings, the Warhawks. Taking off in these things and laying waste anything visible is half the fun, however its main achievement is the seamlessness in combat.

In one 'life' you can go crashing across terrain in a jeep, manning anti-air guns, blasting foes apart with well-placed tank shots, speeding across the skies, dropping bombs and firing missiles in Warhawks to simply knifing an opponent in the back. Marvellous. For the most part, Operation Broken Mirror is a great update, adding new content, gameplay styles and tactical considerations, all for a reasonable £4.

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