PS4: Blue Line On Console Is Light, Changes Colors confirms Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that the blue line of Playstation 4 console is not a paint but Light which changes colors.

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Majin-vegeta1418d ago

Changes colors??:0 Freaking sweet.

JimmyLmao1418d ago

please Mr. Sony let us choose which colour.. i want pink!

badboy7761418d ago

Can't wait till I get my Taxes!!!!!

cleft51418d ago

I got my cash ready for the PS4. Can't wait for the 15th.

edgeofsins1418d ago

Maybe it matches the background color

ZodTheRipper1417d ago

Blue fits perfectly into my room, I'm fine with that :>

devwan1417d ago

Don't pick red - it goes red when there's a problem!

Prime1571417d ago

We all know that (when confined a small space that would make it overheat) it turns red in bad circumstances.

So, red is reserved. It would be sweet to custom the color. Black + anything usually looks as good as the person wants it. However, something has to be reserved to say, "hey, dumbass, put me in a position to cool me down.

GraveLord1417d ago

I'm guessing it changes automatically for notifications and stuff like that.

For example, download finished, update complete, firmware update available....etc.

UltimateMaster1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Blue, Red, Green and Purple.
I assume, since those are the colors of the PS Move lights, as well as the buttons on the controller.

sobekflakmonkey1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

pretty sure red is when you turn your system off or it goes into stand-by, just like the PS3, orange would actually be the overheat or "there's a problem" light.

BISHOP-BRASIL1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@Ultimate Master

Actually, the LED inside the Move sphere and Dual Shock lightbar is 24bit RGB controlled, so it can be any color, not just blue, red, green and purple... Look at this image (in yellow/orange)

In fact, even when a game uses, let's say, a green color, it not always the same tone of green, it'll adjust for the room's lighting, as it can output well over 1000 hues, in order to make the orb easier to track.

I'm not disagreeing with you, it could as well be only those 4 colors (with red reserved for system alert), but if the PS4 lightline uses the same kind of LED controller (which it may as well do), chances are it'll be just as capable as Move's sphere or DS4's lightbar. That said I don't see it outputing 1000 hues, it't not for tracking nor anything like that. Still, if it indeed let us pick a color and uses a 24big RGB LED controller (both of which are GUESSES, let's not get carried over) I believe they would have some good 20 or so colors available to choose, not just four.

Anyway, as good as black looks with any color of light, what I really wanna see (and will never have the balls to make) is black light/UV LED casemod.

No FanS Land1417d ago

I would have liked a blue line that fades to green. This would have kept sony's flagship power/disc indicator.
the PSX had power written in blue and open written in green.
and well same thing for the PS2 and PS3.

UltimateMaster1417d ago

Thanks for the info!

UnholyLight1417d ago

Some great ideas here, I'd love to be able to choose the colour based on my mood at the time, but if It's just Blue that's fine too cus it's my favourite colour :)

mewhy321417d ago

I wonder what the different colors indicate?

ohiostatesman1417d ago

I think the red light is for the PS4 when it overheats. I saw videos of it. Not just one. But 3 videos.

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Ozmoses1418d ago

been paid off in full for over 3 weeks now.. only 11 more days

and no college classes on Fridays... gonna be a long weekend.

memots1418d ago

I booked off , Monday Tuesday and Wednesday . 5 days off from the day I pick it up, wouhou !!

Themba761417d ago

same here trying to finish my project early so i can have all weekened to game.

Thehyph1417d ago

While you may have an extra day off, I bet your weekend won't be long. It'll be Monday before you know it :p

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colonel1791418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

That's old news. What I want to know is if it really goes across the entire console, or not.

Edit: I already found out the answer: It does not go all the way across. Only two thirds.

Tsar4ever011418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Holy Shit! I remember In an older post I suggested if this could happen with the "led light" on the face of the ps4. 4 colors that represented each of the symbols on the face buttons of the control-pad.

Green- triangle
Red- circle
blue- X
pink- square

Now this latest twitter, conformation! Damn! I'm good!

mickaelmc1418d ago

I was playing a PS4 kiosk and the line bar thingy on the consolewas lit up white.

kingPoS1418d ago

I'm guessing it's an led array similar to the one in the DS4. You could literally pick a color to match if you're customizing the PS4.

Hicken1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Yes, if you turn it off.

Edit: I'd advise not doing it while you're playing, though.

RE_L_MAYER1417d ago

I hope so I dont want this light up in dark so all I see is that damn light

LonDonE1417d ago

looks so damn sexy!!!!
Even the PS3 launch fatty looks sexy, the slim doesn't look as good, and the new super slim? lets just say its damn FUGLY!!! i LOVE SONY HARDWARE! i always by Sony, smart phone, hdtv, surround amplifier, EVERYTHING

QSPR1417d ago


you can do what I did, SONY store with Sony credit card no interest for ONE year!! only going to pay $35 dollars a month! sweet

RedSoakedSponge1417d ago

i have a feeling red will be available still but if theres an error, it will blink on and off.

id like it to be red! lol

sigfredod1417d ago

You devilish black creature, i already can see it blinking your lights at night to wake me up and make me play you, lol

gamer20131417d ago

Yeah blue and red. Guess what the red is for?

Lwhit61417d ago

Let's just hope it doesn't change to yellow or red..... D:

IRON883 1417d ago

I'm pretty sure the color of the light on the system will be tied into the color that is on the controller

LAYLOW1417d ago

Yeah it does ,it turns red when it overheats!!

xtremeimport1417d ago

Who didn't know this?

Also, this will be one the first things to go when the PS4 gets a redesign. We all know it..

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ironfist921418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Aside from Blue, Yellow and Red, any other choiceS?

dumahim1418d ago

I would hope it's the standard PS colors. Red=off, green=on, blue=disc in.

JimmyLmao1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

but where is the pink for square button!!! i must have pink!!!

pink = playing digital game, no disc in?? =D!!

the lucky person who get's to be Player 4 has a pink light on the DualShock4

mickaelmc1418d ago

And yellow means "uh oh".
Greatness Awaits.

Studio-YaMi1418d ago

Damn! I was just wishing if we could change the color on the console! O___O

My God this is GREAT! I want yellow PLEAAAAASEEE!!!

Triella1418d ago

I've seen it in white.

RedSoakedSponge1417d ago

id imagine it would have all the colours of which the move/ds4 controller can use.

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strigoi8141418d ago

just imagine like the original ps3 color theme that change every month...this will be nice

CursedMarkBlake1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Yoshida twitter avi goes too hard

Lboogieskells1418d ago

Really Shu? Ive been trying to get this guy to answer my tweets for six months now.

neocores1418d ago

I was sooo happy when shu answer my tweet

KwietStorm1417d ago

Me too. And I don't want to downplay anyone else's information seeking, but I have been asking important things over the months like do I have to download the OS manually if I switch the disk drive on day 1, can I play video files off my external drive, does the system still use the same encryption on the disk like with PS3, will we get dynamic themes later, etc.

Lboogieskells1417d ago

Exactly what I was getting at, seems like he conveniently only answers the easy questions.