Call Of Duty: Ghosts Campaign Is Only 4 Hours Long

Gaming Blend "Battlefield 4 has already set the bar pretty low with a campaign mode that clocks in at around four hours, according to most reviews. Well, prepare to have your socks blown off with Call of Duty: Ghosts' campaign mode, because it clocks in at around four and a half hours on the regular difficulty setting."

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LOGICWINS1658d ago

I'm calling it, the next COD won't come with a single player campaign. It'll still cost $60 though. Ull have the option to buy the campaign in pieces (episodes) as DLC.

s8anicslayer1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Have you heard of Titanfall? Heavy multiplayer games will all soon come less the campaign, mark my words!

rambi801658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Maybe the dog ate the rest of the campaign.

patsrule3161658d ago

Titanfall has a campaign. You just happen to be playing multiplayer throughout the campaign.

cleft51658d ago

Better a 4 hour campaign than none at all. Either way, this just means a fun roller coaster ride and then on to playing around in the mp. I am really intrigued by the Extinction mode.

Eonjay1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

So does Killzone win by default by actually having single player that can't be beat in one normal sitting?

PeaSFor1658d ago

like battlefield, its all about the multiplayer, the single player is simply a small bonus.

sobekflakmonkey1658d ago

I agree with people who say CoD and BF are all about the multiplayer, cause it's true, but games like Killzone and Halo I think need a single player, their multiplayer is awesome of course, but the sci fi story is to hard to resist.

duplissi1658d ago

Well that's how they used to come.

SaturdayNightBeaver1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Why even bother with SP i wonder... BF4 and now COD , no one even buys those games to play SP... So sad everyone is going in for the money these days. Good SP games seem like slowly die. Just my opionion ofc...

But then i somehow agree for these games, COD and BF to have smaller campaigns. They became such pointless run and gun crap not too many people seem to care... or should waste their time on.

weekev151658d ago

They should do what Valve do with Half Life and Counterstrike and just make 2 seperate games, 1 with an awesome campaign and 1 with awesome multiplayer...However not sure that would work with the copy and paste job they have been doing because it would mean changing things up.

Ps4Console1658d ago

Well if that happens count me out because some of us like SP games .

minimur121658d ago

I thought the single player is being directed by some famous guy? Yet he could only make it 4 hours long?

Boody-Bandit1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I hope a day doesn't come where they are online only. I don't see myself paying full freight for a game without an SP. I always complete the SP. Usually more than once.

Army_of_Darkness1658d ago

Another 4hrs. Game?? Next Gen is getting worrisome. ..

warczar1658d ago

Has anyone actually played the SP for COD in the last 3-4 years? I'm gonna tell you that the SP campaign for COD has sucked since the real infinity ward crew decided it was better to be screwed by EA then f**ked by Activision.

SolidStoner1658d ago

now after that news that COD Ghosts is hacked.. and with 4 hour single player.. it is totally pointless to buy it.. for real!

UltimateMaster1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

4 hours campaign where the Super COD Dog will destroy walls, catch bad guys in helicopters and show off that a BF4 tank isn't the baddest thing out there.

HammadTheBeast1658d ago

MP Only works well when a greedy-ass company isn't behind it.

Warhawk was an amazing MP only game, $40 for the game WITH a mic included.


mewhy321658d ago

This isn't a surprise. it follows the pattern of most of the other cod games. But lets be honest here. The primary reason to purchase 1080p 60fps PS4 game is for the multiplayer.

VENOMACR12271658d ago

COD has a single player? LOL

Everyone plays that game online. Why do you think the campaign is 4 hours long in COD and BF4? Cause multiplayer is where the meat of the game is. That's why I'm glad Titanfall is MP only because single player games lose playability once you beat them. Sure you can spend 10 hours trying to find a hidden treasure chest, but is it really fun running through the same enemies and levels 2 or 3 times? Playing online is new each time (competition wise) not to mention the hundreds of unlockable items, prestiges, DLC content is always MP related and more.

Maybe it's just me but I could careless about a COD or BF single player campaign.

antz11041658d ago

People buy CoD for the campaign?

spicelicka1658d ago

Well that's a loss of identity then. Both battlefield and Cod have had campaigns worth playing in the past. For COD it ended with COD 4 (maybe WaW) and for battlefield it ended with bad company 2.

They just turned them into michael bay action movies so that idiots can skim through them quickly and just start the multiplayer.

Campaigns are important for a game's identity sometimes. Halo is probably the best example if that, it has so much soul in the story and still one of the greatest multiplayer modes around. Just unfortunate it's not as popular with the cod generation anymore.

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Angels37851658d ago

4 hours...just like battlefield 4

Campy da Camper1658d ago

Or the same amount of time it took me to get through the last stage of "all guillied up" on veteran.

Angels37851658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Why disagrees? the campaigns are the same length! both are around 4 hours!

BF4 Campaign length:

Cod is above....disagree with facts?

nasnas761658d ago

People disagree on the most ridiculous things. If you comment "there are 7 days a week" there will be at least some that will click the disagree button.

denero11658d ago

this is n4g you thought facts would keep you safe bah i laugh at you sir lol

Magicite1658d ago

cod is not confirmed yet

-wub-1658d ago

There are 7 days a week.

esemce1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Ghosts is not 4 hours long (I've finished it) more like 6-7 and I doubt BF4 is too if you play it properly and not just run through it to get to the checkpoints.

Ghost SP is not as good as Blackops2, it's a little cheesey and takes itself way to seriously.

It has decent variety in locations though (the deep/tarzan/moonraker) and Riley the dog IS the best thing about SP.

There is also a Horde mode that is not extinction, It has a lot of MP stuff if that's what you like.

But essentially it's the same ol cod, business as usual.

Gardenia1658d ago

7 days a week has not been confirmed yet

sidekick19711658d ago

Is COD really 4 hours or is just what whoever said? I know MP is what attracts people to buy COD but 4 hrs is way to short.

trancefreak1658d ago

Im not dropping full price on a game when its primary focus is MP.

The MP should be just sold separately at a separate cost, but these greedy corporations we are talking about. They give 2 sh1ts less with us gamers dropping $60 USD on this madness.

Go all out and make a full campaign with a multiplayer experience I will spend the Money.

Cheap out on a solid campaign that is 4 hours with a good multiplayer package doesn't deserve my money.

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UncleGermrod1658d ago

I'll gladly take the campaign, it's always a fun distraction when the game first comes out. But I could see them dropping it to save resources. although they have more resources than respawn w/ titanfall, i think it's still obvious they do not put too much focus on the campaign.

NarooN1658d ago

I remember even the first Killzone had a lengthy campaign, complete with 4 playable characters for added variety and different missions. I've always praised KZ's campaigns.

dasbeer881658d ago

It wouldn't be a CoD game if the campaign didn't last 4-6 hours long.

SaturdayNightBeaver1658d ago

Last decent one IMO was black ops, mw3 and bo2 were crap. No doubts ghosts will follow :D

Salooh1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

My favourite campaign is world at war>Mw1>Mw2. As for multiplayer i prefer Cod4 > Mw2 > then WaW comes. The rest are awful in both ...

SolidGear31658d ago

Black Ops had the best campaign next to the original MW. Also the lengthiest since 3. Took me about 8 hours and had a really good and unexpected story. Also enjoyed the Russian in it from WaW. I always prefer Treyarch to Infinity Ward. Although I haven't played BO2 yet.

UnholyLight1658d ago


Best CoD gams ever:

CoD 2, Modern Warfare, WaW, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2

BUT the Modern day settings on shooters has run it's course ESPECIALLY on CoD. I feel like CoD should go back to WWII with the power of next gen.

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Rageanitus1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Sorry to say this but there are many games that put Single player as an after thought. Same goes the other way there are many games that put multiplayer as an after though. In fact many games that focus on multiplayer give longer hours of enjoyment.

I remember back in the days of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament, tribes, Counter Strike. Crap singleplayer but amazing Multiplayer. It was well worth the 60>70 dollars back then.

Just look at COD, battlefield, all those MMORPGS of today. They are popular because their focus is MULTIPLAYEr. There is a reason why there is no real store for COD or BF, because they focus is on multiplayer.

mediate-this1658d ago

I totally agree with you, i always thought to my self, the nect will be called C.O.D online and just make a crazy amount of dlc packs.

BoriboyShoGUN1658d ago

Im sorry but this shit is ridiculous! I understand most people play for the multiplayer but the old COD's always had good campaigns as well. Its a blue ray disk and you cant fit a decent single player campaign??? And while I personally am all about the multiplayer in BF4 and Killzone. Believe it or not there is still people out there that enjoy the campaigns more and rarely go online.

thekhurg1658d ago

That's what Gamefly is for. Quick 1-2 day rental and send it back (if you're not interested in multiplayer).

csreynolds1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Agreed. Sure, it's common knowledge that multiplayer is where the meat of most games lies now, but single-player campaigns are still important to many, and are often a deciding factor for purchasing a title.

I for one enjoy playing SP before hitting MP, as it creates context and teaches you the game's basic mechanics. Also, let's not forget that some gamers aren't as obsessed with online as the media suggests. There are still plenty of people out there who enjoy playing offline as much as online...

I think developers should take SP more seriously. In my eyes, companies like Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games have the balance right, and they're the benchmark others should aspire to.

Magicite1658d ago

isw this the next-gen? FPS games with almost zero to none single player?

Ol_G1658d ago

IW is incapable of producing a decent single player experience
Funny thing my gf doesn't want it anymore as i told here campaign is only 4 hours

Athonline1658d ago

Campaign length =/= experience... Look at MGS4 and Heavy Sword. Two of the best games of last gen, but both got a really short campaign.

Now whenever this will be decent, it depends... I haven't enjoy SP in CoDs since the original MW...

xHoii1658d ago

Actually it's longer than 4 hours.. I consider my self better than the average gamer and it's taking me 6 hours and I havrnt completed the game yet...

ritsuka6661658d ago

Call Of Duty: Ghosts=Only 4 Hours Long

Battlefield 4=Only 4 Hours Long

And this is why gaming in this day sucks.Vote with your wallet! Do not buy THIS GAME! THIS MUST STOP!

Keenoh1658d ago

And yet people like myself will happily/easily put in 6x more hours (maybe even more) into the multiplayer over the first month. Not say your point is wrong regarding single player but at the end of the day if you're buying cod you're most likely buying for multiplayer.

mcstorm1658d ago

This is part of the reason im going off FPS games and not getting any this year. for me its about platform and Driving games the back end of this year. I think my next FPS game will be Halo 5.

Bathyj1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Preorder cancelled.
And this time I'm not saying it ironically.

I Liked call of duty so much better when it was a single player game with a MP element. Cod 1&2 were the best ones.

BoriboyShoGUN1658d ago

yeah the campaigns were great back in the day! This shits just sad now, they see where all the moneys coming from and thats the multiplayer and the DLC. Thats why I havent purchased a COD map pack in years!! To think of all the space available on blue ray and your gimping the campaign instead of lengthening it! So glad all the Killzone maps are free!!!!!!!!

DigitalAnalog1658d ago

That's ok, it's a few more hours longer than what you would do when you play with fish or dogs.

finbars751658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

LOL and people where shitting on BF4s SP for being short.Well there goes my preoder because from I have been watching on twitch tv today with COD ghost MP is that the only change I noticed was the maps where way to big for 6v6,other then that it looks the same and plays the same.$60 for another rehashed COD what a joke.Have fun playing another half ass game.

Tzuno1658d ago

Battlefield 4 has the same length on Sp, i just finished the game. These days is all about MP. Sad but true.

FunkMacNasty1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

When CoD first became really popular, those early games in the series still had compelling stories with intersting characters and a campaign of substantial length. Same thing when Battlefield bad company came to consoles.. cool story, unique characters, fun campaign that wasn't too short or too long

But by this point in military FPS games, I think all we need is the multiplayer. I don't need to have anymore knife fights with bad guys as we fall from a burning cargo jet 80,000 feet in the air, or shoot enemies as i slide down the floors of a collapsing skyscraper. And I DEFINITELY don't want to have to sit through another rail-shooting level, as I man a .50 cal mounted gun on a jeep/boat whilst shooting down chopper after chopper as we race to the end of the mission..

I mean, either do it well, or just don't do it right? I can remember re-playing the campaign of CoD4, MW2, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 a few times over again, alongside getting sucked into the multiplayer.

What's killing CoD/BF single player campaigns now is the homogenization of the single player military shooter campaign. It all follows a formula now, as devs are running out of fresh ideas.

nypifisel1658d ago

I'm not really sure these games need a campaign. Look at the first 4 battlefields (1942, Vietnam, 2 and 2142). They were all great games and lacked any kind of single player campaign, it supported offline play with bots - just as great anyway. I honestly hope for more multiplayer only games and less multiplayer in actual single player focused games - except for RPGs, MORE COOP PLEASE, LOOKING AT YOU BETHESDA!

Back-to-Back1657d ago

Well seeing as the cod campaign always suck this isnt a loss at all. If you are buying cod to play single player you are doing it wrong.

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caperjim1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I really hope 4 hour campaigns don't become the norm for next generation.

LOGICWINS1658d ago

Expect NO campaign for games with a heavy emphasis on online gameplay. Titanfall will lead the charge in this respect.

_LarZen_1658d ago

Titanfall has a campaign. But it's merged with the multiplayer, so there is a story and a campaign while playing Titanfall.

I see allot of people have missed this, google it and you will see.

nypifisel1658d ago

Ha what? Multiplayer only games have been around for ages, BF2 being one of the best out there.

Tctczach1658d ago

Sadly, I kind of hope Cod and BF4 kill the campaign. They are too short to get invested into. Plus the AI isn't worth it half of the time. More focus on better multiplayer.....hopefully

black0o1658d ago

and what about that 60$?

since the season pass for another 12 maps will cost another 60$ meaning that we hve to pay 120$ for MP maps ... F%#$ NO

Tctczach1658d ago

Ok, so you are justifying that the campaign is worth the $60? No. Campaign doesn't keep people coming back. Especially Cod or BF4.