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TakuCast Zero:Episode 21:Titanfall not coming to PS4, XB1 Vs PS4 Resolution, Anime and More

GUN and Badger are joined by Hitokiri Ace and Hongo as they talk casually, sometimes too casually, about what's happening in gaming and nerd culture this week.

In this week's episode they discuss Titan Fall being an Xbox One exclusive, the differences in resolution between some PS4 and Xbox One titles, how the DualShock 4 controller compared to previous models and what animes should we be keeping an eye on. (PS4, TitanFall, Xbox One)

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Agent1  +   633d ago
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DeadRabbits  +   633d ago
Titanfall 2 on PS4 1080p 60fps (Original MP Maps Bonus Content) is going to be AWESOME
thrust  +   633d ago
Wake up :)and smell the coffee
DeadRabbits  +   633d ago

I am a very patient man and can wait for it!
Mr_Writer85  +   633d ago

Have you learned to read yet?
thrust  +   632d ago
Have you?
bornsinner  +   633d ago
#TITANFALL2015PS4FTW LOL ..... unless ms do another exclusive deal... hashtag broken #yourgonnahaveabadtime
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mcstorm  +   633d ago
Should be interesting to see if Titan Fall can start the sales boots of the One like gears did for the 360. Im falling out of liking FPS game but this is the only one along with Halo that has me interested.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   633d ago
All Destiny for me
DatHoneyBadger  +   633d ago
Thanks for listening guys!
generic-user-name  +   632d ago
Look who's come out of hiding.

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