GeForce 780Ti - Official Benchmarks From Nvidia Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "We've also got our hands on some official benchmarks from Nvidia. Nvidia put its latest GPU against Radeon R9 290X (which was running at its Quiet mode and not its Uber mode)."

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wtopez910d ago

Hopefully Maxwell will offer this level of performance at $300.

Orpheus910d ago

It will but I am worried nVIDIA will not reply back until and unless AMD trounces its cards...

Hydrolex910d ago

I have GTX 670 Sli, so looks like I'm very close to 780ti performance wise right ?

Hydrolex910d ago

Also, do you guys think I would see a huge difference if I upgrade to a high end Maxwell card when they come out ?

Orpheus910d ago

@Hydrolex, rumor says ARM coreless Maxwell comes in end of Q1, and the one with ARM core in Q3 or so .... but these are just rumors.

SniperControl910d ago (Edited 910d ago )


I have the same setup on my PC as well (2 X Asus 2gb GTX670) , i have overclocked them even further than the Asus overclock.

Firestrike score of X5767, very similar(if not better) to some GTX Titan/780 scores on 3D Mark.

Would be interested to see the Maxwell cards in action though.

Letros910d ago


Depends, Maxwell is supposed to be 20nm half pitch, but there's a rumor they might launch the architecture on 28nm. If it's 20nm though, expect massive performance gains.

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HammadTheBeast910d ago

Which will make anyone who bought a Titan feel like an ass.

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johny5910d ago

Those damn MARS cards! Nvidia sure knows how to entice people before a new generation of video cards come out in a few months!

Maxwell high end will be what? 3.5x more powerful then this!

I think I'll wait for that instead...

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R6ex910d ago

2014 - Mid-range Maxwell cards (like GTX 680)
2015 - Top-range Maxwell cards (like GTX 780)

I'll wait for the Big-Maxwell chip on 500-600 mm2 die.

FlyingFoxy910d ago

Same here, but i'll be waiting for AMD's equivalent.. likely be a fair bit cheaper and just as good.

Plus that Mantle API.

ChrisW910d ago

AMD's equivalent will be cheaper and just as powerful... but nVidia's frequent driver updates and support is where you get your money's worth for paying a little extra.

Dude420910d ago

Lol, still using that old tired argument are we? AMD has gotten better with their drivers for the past few years, your point is moot.

AMD's crossfire for the r9 290x is actually smoother and scales a lot better than NV's SLI.

AMD is hard at work too.

rowdyBOY910d ago

all i can say is hd 7990 is a beast .

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