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Xbox One Day One Edition Xbox Live Cards Are Out in the Wild, and They Look Sleek

They were supposed to be released on November the 22nd (they’re not called “Day One” for nothing, or maybe now they are), but looks like the special edition Xbox One Day One Xbox Live cards are already being sold at several retailer in the United States. (Killer Instinct, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

UnrealThreats  +   667d ago
Wow, It looks even better than the console itself.
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Abriael  +   667d ago
I know some people'll hate me.. but that's not very hard to achieve :P

Not that it matters.
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Tooly  +   667d ago | Funny
bro that card is 720p
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FlameHawk  +   667d ago
People were saying that the powa of teh cloudz joke is old, I guess 720p is the new joke.
Eonjay  +   667d ago
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Gigaguy777  +   667d ago
Both consoles look like black boxes. So anything with color (and no the blue light while the PS4 is on doesn't count) is immediately better.
Ritsujun  +   667d ago
nope111  +   667d ago
I gotta agree, that's ONE sexy looking card...

. see what i did there? .......i'll see myself out.
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bornsinner  +   667d ago
wow n4g is clearly not fully of sony fanboys at all...
HeyYouGuyz  +   667d ago
I can tell you're an Xboner because your grammar sucks. Probably a CoD can too then.
vallencer  +   667d ago

Are you also a Xboner? Because I have no idea what a "CoD can" is.

I believe you are looking for "CoD FAN".

You're welcome!

If You're going to try and insult someone on their grammar you should probably proof read yours first.
DOMination-  +   666d ago
This looks so good. Its why I love MS. Attention to detail.
BG11579  +   667d ago
Wait, the cards aren't coming with the Day One Edition of the Xbox One?
Abriael  +   667d ago
I seriously doubt it does. On the gamestop page of the day one console it says: "Make the most of Xbox One *by adding* a Day One Xbox Live Gold membership and play the digital game, Killer Instinct: Round One, with the exclusive Shadow Jago character. Plus, reserve Day One Editions of Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals and Dead Rising 3 to unlock unique items and experiences."

It also says in the small print at the bottom: "*Available in limited quantities at select retailers while supplies last. Games and Xbox Live Gold membership sold separately."
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xDHAV0K24x  +   667d ago
Comes with it
Abriael  +   667d ago
@xDHAV0K24x: please provide a link, because no place I can find lists the card as content of the Xbox One day one edition.

All I see listed as extra contents of the day one edition everywhere is:

"The Day One console includes a commemorative controller, token code to unlock an exclusive Day One achievement, and premium packaging at no additional cost"

No mention of cards, xbox live gold for 12 months or anything of the sort.
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jackanderson1985  +   667d ago
they'll probably lump in a months free (although that might come with the setting up of a profile similar to what they did with the 360)... also it's gamestops wording they're tryna make as much money as possible, the more they sell the more they make they'd say it even if it was in the box
n4rc  +   667d ago
Doesn't come with the console...
BX81  +   667d ago
If you're asking if you get 12 months of Xbox live free with a day one console then no.
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Abriael  +   667d ago
I remember pachter saying it would have been the smart thing to do for microsoft to help people swallow the $500 pricetag. I tend to agree.
BX81  +   667d ago
I agree, that would've been sweet but MS seems to strongly hate free.
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HugoDrax  +   667d ago
That would be sweet if that was in the box for the USA market, since European market got a free game.
Neonridr  +   667d ago
@BeathuberCH - Sony isn't immune to that sort of stuff, remember how much they were charging for Vita memory cards originally?
OrangePowerz  +   667d ago
Live subscription has to be bought separate.

Abriael  +   667d ago
Funny that that picture doesn't look one bit like the actual product, unless the UK gets a completely different case, I guess.
BX81  +   667d ago
Yeah wtf? That one looks sweet.
OrangePowerz  +   667d ago
From the product picture it would look like it comes in a fancy case. Might be the case that it comes in that and that the guy only wanted to show the actual card.
BX81  +   667d ago
@orangePowerz... I hope so :)
Revolt13  +   667d ago
Yes, they do come with the "Day One Edition" of the console
Abriael  +   667d ago
Then I'm sure you'll be able to tell me why ALL the listings of the "day one edition of the console" don't list the card or any of its perks, and have small print saying that you gotta buy xbox live separately.
BOLO  +   667d ago
Didn't you see the unboxing video on Youtube? You get a free sticker!
Fireseed  +   667d ago
Alright got mine pre-ordered, but I hope that my store get's them in early like this.
NeMo_HeauxZ  +   667d ago
Slow news day I see
kenmid  +   667d ago
Why don't they have these for preorder at Amazon.com? This is where i'm getting all my Xbone games and accessories.
MELMAN26  +   667d ago
Damn so if u already have gold...u can't get shadow Jago??? I've had gold since before "day one"....SMDH
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Fireseed  +   667d ago
I agree with ya man, I also don't like how he's being sold separately and exclusively, means theirs going to be an extraneous character in the game to be balanced and yet will probably be banned from competitive play.
jackanderson1985  +   667d ago
thought once you migrated your gamertag and it saw you had gold you got that character?

@melman thought it was something your man graeme boyd (aceybongos i think) threw up on twitter one of the days when someone queried him about it
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MELMAN26  +   667d ago
Where did u see that??
Ashes2Ashes  +   667d ago
You can just buy this card and add it to your profile. That way your Live won't auto renew until it runs out. My sub was up in December so this was good timing.
ninjagoat  +   667d ago
looks sliver to me -_-.
JediDiah  +   667d ago
1080p hidden behind that pay wall?
GentlemenRUs  +   667d ago
I don't get it, Why make something which you will end up chucking away anyway look nice?

Honestly this world confuses me...
DoctorJones  +   667d ago
You're right, they should just have made it a plain white card with some writing on. Why do they package chocolate bars in fancy wrapping as well when you only end up chucking it away when you're finished with the chocolate?

This world is just plain insane.
Hazmat13  +   667d ago
besides the hate i will get, although PS4 is my go to, i am still gonna get X1. its just that won't be until it gets cheaper.
hellzsupernova  +   667d ago
No reason to give you hate, most gamers will do the same. Buy what you want stuff the haters :)
Deathdeliverer  +   667d ago
That's pretty damn annoying. Shadow Jago comes with the 12 Month limited XBL sub, but not with the $40 NOR $60 KI bundle packages. So If I already have live payed till 2015, I need to buy yet another year WAYYYY ahead of time for the limited skin? Way to fuck over people with that one. I'd downgrading from the $60 version to the $40. I don't want some damn pins for $20 more. I want in game content!
evilhasitsway  +   667d ago
can't believe anyone cares what the card looks like I mean your gonna scratch it and toss it.
MajorMayhem70  +   667d ago
If the cards were ugly, people would complain about it being ugly. Microsoft did them up right and people are complaining cause all you do is input the numbers then throw the card away. The cards look nice cause its apart of the marketing of the X1. It's what smart companies do to sell their products.
This card is geared to those not already on XBL Gold. If you are already on gold, when you log on initially you will get exactly what this card is offering to the new XBL Gold members.
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llMurcielagoll  +   667d ago
Id keep that as a collectable after using it, it looks pretty good.
shadyiswin  +   667d ago
we were nstructed to put thse cards on our modulars when they shipped to us,wasnt marked 11.22.13 but ive decided to put them to the side and offer them to the people picking up there pre-orders,but yes they are available for sale ,there's no street date on them. Same with ps4 controller and camera,can be sold if a customer inquires
Dee_Cazo  +   667d ago
I bet you will sell a decent amount at the register by just mentioning it with the free stuff they get and showing the special packaging.

Actually a really good idea on your part.
shadyiswin  +   666d ago
oh they only sent 10 cards lol,so it seems they are sort of limited,i'd just hate for someone who wanted to get one on day not have it cause some customer saw it 2 weeks prior and got it cause it looks cool and then use it on xbox 360 lol,cause i just know that would happen. call of duty(360) and xbox live go hand and hand.
SilentGuard  +   667d ago
Is the picture on the front meant to resemble a cassette tape? That along with the console looking like a VCR is MS trying to bring back glorious memories of the 80's?
HeyYouGuyz  +   667d ago
Wow... A fancy card that will be used once then thrown away... Glad I stopped by...

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