Assassin's Creed 4 Email Hints at Future Game Locations, Female Leads

The email, written by the 'Sample 17 project director', lists 10 new locations, claiming they are "... the most interesting timep eriods available to us through this single genetic sample." The Patrilineal and Matrilineal Lines are both listed, with some very interesting places indeed.

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AlphaCentyros1503d ago

I'm really hoping for an Assassin's Creed in Egypt, and something tells me Ubisoft is working on that right now. See the guy in the third picture, looking at the pyramids? Doesn't he look familiar?

This is a leaked screenshot from what at the time was believed to be a Prince of Persia reboot, but it could very well be the first truly next-gen AC game!

GarrusVakarian1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I'm really hoping for an Assassin's Creed in Egypt"

This, so much this. But i think Ubi should give AC a break for a little while, make us hunger it and make enough changes for it to feel fresh. Im not knocking the series, i love it, but it really does need a break in my opinion. Make 'assassins vs templars' more of the main focus like the older games were, stay on course if you know what i mean.

I don't want to end up only looking forward to an AC because of the setting.

JackISbacK1502d ago

yeah you are right it neads a break ,but not more than a year ,yeah 1 year will be good as weknow the games may have been in development for 2years and giving the development time for 4 years will be great ,it must be like 900 people working on a game for 4 years it will give them time to bring new ideas and poslish the game and yeah ac black flag is a good example to give yearly release as it was having around 1000 people working on it for 2years and is an amazing game ,the game which have not only bring ac on track but also giving a new level of gameplay narrative and sandbox ,4 years will be great ac will evolve amazingly but i will clap for ubi as in just2 years they have been able to bring such an big amzing game,well done ubi,i hope you may have played the game its realy amazing. iwas not able to stop myself and buied it ,truly said i was waiting for pc version or next gen version but it was realy hard i was not stop able to stop that thrust.

JackISbacK1502d ago

yeah you are very right this man who was satnding in front of all people was also appered in black flag in image at abstergo ,as this link is showing on above and in front of the man in the image there were also pyramids and the man in both images are same they have same conlor same dress in one image there were pyramids and in one image weather was sunny like pop so i am 100% sure that there is an game on edypt and is in development for long time and as you can see the image you linked was leaked in 2012 so it means this image is of pre development so it means this is an next gen game from heart beacuse it is lokking beautiful and it may have been developed more and when the game will be revealed it may have been reached to the level of next gen so it is clear that edypt setting is very near and may be it can be next year or year after year.

JackISbacK1502d ago

yeah egypt setting is in development as the i have seen the image in game and an leaked image so edypt setting is in development but i am not having much knowledge about world history leaving french,amarican india and little spanish,british and chinese history, but man wearing a cap was looing realy cool and was having an assassin badge so it may can be possibility that this man's game can also exist as he is only who is having assassin badge on him but iam not able to recognise that where is man belongs or i will hve to zoom out to look up to every liitle detail.