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This Isn’t Even My Final Form: What Happened to Good Boss Fights?

Chesley Oxendine takes a look at the boss fight: epic battles of the past, the state of the trope today, and the mechanics of what goes into a good fight without being cheap. (Culture, Dark Souls, DmC: Devil May Cry, Industry, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

Godmars290  +   633d ago
Realism and real-time. You go for realistic graphics in real time, you can't have a good morph scene. Also laziness.
CrossingEden  +   633d ago
If you go for realistic graphics in real time you can't have a good morph scene? Um, god of war 3 and ascension would like a long word with you.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   633d ago
God of war isnt realistic,it has realistic graphics but not gameplay,games like uncharted,the last of us or battlefield which are grounded in realism is what hes talking about,lets be honest they had some pretty boring boss fights because its hard to make a great boss fight in a realistic game,but games like prince of Persia,devil may cry,mgrr,bayonetta,sly,etc...h ave some pretty cool and interesting bosses because they arent realistic.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   633d ago
Yep. Plus, if they do too much of that, people are going to call "scripted" boss fights on them. As if they knew what the word meant.
Irishguy95  +   633d ago
Dark Souls and Rising had great bosses. Not much games do them nowadays
Deadpoolio  +   633d ago
LOL it's always amazing how people just immediately go to laziness
Godmars290  +   633d ago
Square's been guilty of it for years. Ever since they had the "active" four characters in a ten party group, and having you fight and "kill" the same boss several times with them just running away.
ifritAlkhemyst  +   633d ago

Dark Souls. I felt like such a cheap bastard sword plunging the Capra Demon to death. Then I looked up a FAQ a few days later when dealing with Ornstein and friend and I see the plunge method was an acceptable means of killing the Capra Demon.

In a normal game that would be considered an exploit. In Dark Souls, merely a fitting solution.
360nolife  +   633d ago
The last modern game that had a final boss that had me so focused was Twisted Metal PS3. Also Dark Souls.
guitarded77  +   633d ago
Been playing The Puppeteer over the weekend... it has really good boss fights in just about every level.
FunAndGun  +   633d ago
I love how the levels/scenes change so frequently in that game. Each boss fight is so varied from the next...and it looks great too!
IanVanCheese  +   633d ago
I'd say the strongest boss fights I've seen recently were in the otherwise mediocre Arkham Origins. Each boss had their own style and felt like more of a test of skill than a dude with a ton of health.
tweet75  +   633d ago
boss fights used to be the highlights of games now there just a footnote. bosses should require strategy and suprises. Also a final boss especially should offer a challenge but a fun one.
Inception  +   633d ago
That's why you need to try YS 7. It's challenging and fun.
GenericNameHere  +   633d ago
I thought FFXIII had a great boss fight, despite only having 2 forms. Hard but fair. You can't just go all out Commando on that boss. You gotta buff, debuff, and go Sentinal when it brings out its devastating moves. When you get to the final form, it can OHKO your whole party. You gotta use Sentinel on your whole team before that move happens, and even then, the move still hurts your party to critical health, and you gotta quickly heal and buff everyone.
Irishguy95  +   633d ago
While I hated FFXIII myself. The boss fights were very good and showed how good the battle system 'could' be if you weren't forced to fight through legions of repetitive ones.
_QQ_  +   633d ago
the " cinematic experience or gtfo" trend kicked in.
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Roccetarius  +   633d ago
Yeah, i think the ''Cinematic'' experience plays a large role here. It kinda makes the boss fights feel meh across the board, because of the limited thinking devs are doing with it.

I prefer a boss without QTE's for example, so it's a straight up fight untill the end without interruption.

Games like Devil May Cry were great for this (the old games). Sadly, i think that high paced action genre is dying, because we all know which direction Capcom went with DMC.
_QQ_  +   633d ago
I don't mind qte's as long as they don't directly impact the fight untill a finishing scene or a stage transition.

Wonderfull 101 was pretty nostalgic with its final boss having multiple stages to the point where you go "holy shit die already" like the old days.
Inception  +   633d ago
You all should try YS 7. All boss are insane! Especially the final boss that had 4 final form and it kick my ass A LOT. I beat the final boss in 5-6 hours (more or less) in normal diff, but i don't know what kind of hard in hard / nightmare diff. And the moment i beat it, i'm screaming like a beast. Yes, it's very satisfying to beat all boss in Ys 7, especially the final one.

Here's the video for YS 7 final boss:

YS (and The Legend of Heroes) need more recognitizion from western gamer.
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tweet75  +   633d ago
anyone try to fight the final boss in Etrian Oddysey wow hes hard! Requires all the party members be on top of there game.
maniacmayhem  +   633d ago
How about the end of RE5 where you had to fight Wesker fricking 6 times or even more (can't remember) or RE6 where you had to fight that guy who changed into a dinosaur, a fly and all sorts of other sh&t.

But nothing beats those old Square RPG's where the final boss would constantly change into something harder.
TheDivine  +   633d ago
Still some left out there. Nintendo games always have great bosses, Zelda, Metroid, hell Kid Icarus had a killer boss fight every level. The Last Story had that crazy transforming last boss as did Lost Odyssey, both from Mistwalker. Xenoblade, Demons souls, Dark Souls, MGS, RE, KH DDD, and the Ninja Gaiden games all shined.

Really I see it as a Japanese thing. They really know boss fights. Its rare for western games to do boss fights well. GOW is one of the few I can think of that had really epic boss fights, particularly 3. Gears also had good bosses, Castlevania LOS did too, Arkham games, and a few others.
Sadist3  +   633d ago
Arkham Origins had e best boss fights of recent game releases. They were well executed and varied. You could just button smash, you had to change up your technique throughout the fights. Ninja Gaiden had crazy boss battles. The problem is that nowadays most gamers are weirdos who don't like working for a victory. They want everything handed to them and complain when they lose, or if a game is too hard. It's supposed to be hard, the challenge is what makes it exciting. Imagine watching a boxing match where one guy just jabs the other guy all twelve rounds to victory. Wouldn't b fun right? Well that's how most games are nowadays. Look at that stupid game Assassin's Creed. Perfect example.
Venox2008  +   633d ago
Best boss fights, my list:

Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2
God hand
No more heroes 1 & 2
Shadows of the damned
Killer is Dead
sin & punishment games

and some old school shmups, like Mushihime sama, Ikaruga and other bullet hell games

cant remember now more :)

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