Brand New *MGS4 Trailer.

This mind blowing trailer has just been released in Japan. Check it out.
Direct High Quality download:


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BilI Gates3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

OMFG beautiful music.

Fishy Fingers3890d ago

Already been added to "Alternative Sources".

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Ghoul3890d ago

you should be banned for posting spam

thereapersson3890d ago

Quit trolling with off-topic spam

Fluffy2Duffy3890d ago

i agree, the music is beautifullll!! oh bytheway, do u think he wil shoot himself?don't think so.. And now u know why they took so long to make this game, there some new nice caracters..

TresTrendu3890d ago

Ok well it was far from mindblowing. I want to see people playing the game, i could give 2 craps about 30 hours of cutscenes that took up 45 gig's on a blu ray disc. I want to see different locations and such gadgets and weapons or whatever. I am having a strong feeling that the locations are not going to change, which i hope not. Which would be awful to play in the same setting the whole game.

Rikitatsu3890d ago

its already confirmed that there will be 5 locations ,

1- middle East--Sunny Day
2-South America-- Cloudy Day
3-Eastern Europe-- Clear Night
4-Shadow Moses(presumably) -- Snowy Night
5- UNKNOWN (some say its Zanzibar)

and we already saw a lots of gameplay videos ,

jollygoodchap83890d ago

How the hell does GS still have 5 bubbles?

EDIT: nvmd he made a new account

Vito44343890d ago

I was getting worried for a while there.

Timesplitter143890d ago

Second half of the trailer is extremely awesome

themyk3890d ago



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Tetsuryu3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I want to approve this, but it should be hosted for streaming.

Is it just me or does Meryl's hair seem a bit shorter?

sonarus3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

i can't open the video...what are you using to watch it?

Thanks it looks FANTASTIC by the way. No doubt in my mind one of the best looking games i've seen

Fishy Fingers3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Try VLC player if you ever have codec problems. I literally can't find a file it wont play. <Download

Sugaruby333890d ago

yea it did it was not in a whole bunch like clay in the first few trailers

like they said they made some graphical improvment, her hair is more realistic

hey hey hey3890d ago

im not impressed at all im a proud ps3 owner and think the xbox is also a great console but this game graphics are garbage,the game looks so dull and grey bu i hope its get better in time .

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LastDance3890d ago

can sum1 post the link properly?...i cant find the movie?

Tetsuryu3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Click the link below:

Enter the 3 letters (Case sensitive) shown into to the field (near the top) that says
'here:_______________' [Download]

Click the [Download] button. It'll take you to the next page.

Wait for the amounted time near the bottom.

Then click on [Free Download]

Hope that helps. :)

Ashton3890d ago

can some one post a stream link

Tetsuryu3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Found one.

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