New Sony GTA Bundle a Rip Off

Sony has officially announced the new GTA IV / PS3 bundle for Australia, but it is a rip-off in comparison to what is being offered in other territories. Gameplayer reports.

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Expy3887d ago

Unfair maybe, but a rip-off hardly.

sonarus3887d ago

No surprise here. I'm more surprised they aren't used to it yet

gamesR4fun3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Today our prediction was confirmed, with Sony Australia confirming that the 40GB PS3 with GTA IV deal (previously only officially announced for the UK and Europe) will be hitting stores on May 1st for a RRP of $749.95

So a free copy of gta4 with the bundle but ya an extra 50 sucks got Ausies but your not the only ones getting shafted as they havnt even offered it here yet...

mbmonk3887d ago

Then don't buy it! What? It's more expensive not to buy the bundle? Oh.. then buy it!

tethered3887d ago

Its a rip off until you realize you cant play the uncut version of GTA4 on your 360 because they are locked.

Run out and buy a PS3 and you can import the game in all its uncut glory, and all is well.

Brian52473887d ago

How articles like this get approved is just beyond me.

SlappingOysters3887d ago

bla bla bla another GTA IV deal. Big whoop.

Sony throwing an extra $50 on Aussie console cost that they didn't feel they needed to charge Europeans and UK is something worth bringing up and dicussing.

IMO anyway

scoobysnacks3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Granted, in Australia your paying £34 more for your PS3 than in the UK, but hey check the difference between the US and the UK, its a bit more of difference. Thats world economics for you. There may be a few places in the UK that are selling this bundle for £299, but most places I've seen are averaging around £319.99. Now thats £20 more than this article is stating.

When you work it out, the difference between the normal retail price ($699 Aus dollars) and this bundle its only $50 Australian dollars more, thats about £24, so its only in reality £4 more. How is that a rip-off, slightly more expensive but hardly a rip-off (and this is coming from a brit). Britain is hardly the cheapest place to buy most things, its nicknamed by the people who live here "Rip-off Britain" for a reason.

Edit: To Skerj below, try paying in comparison for your gas $10 a gallon (in the UK, one litre is £1.06, you work out the math), but as you say, "those are the breaks".

Some people and websites, have to stop moaning. This is just a cheap attempt to gain hits to a website by trying to paint Sony in a bad light, its pathetic. Its just a small £4 difference, give it a rest.

Jon86023887d ago

That kinda really sucks for aussies because they get surcharges and high interests rates and I would assume that no dualshock would piss anyone off especially if it's already available...when you spend that kinda money...its only right to get a little something extra.

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The story is too old to be commented.