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Killzone: Shadow Fall Sniper Outfit Unboxing & Hands-on

Unboxing the prize from "Bid for Greatness" event and wearing it.
Killzone: Shadow Fall Sniper Outfit. (Culture, Killzone: Shadow Fall)

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s8anicslayer  +   631d ago
Awsome outfit, but that's how a Helghan Sniper would look being on the field for 1 month and no rations..lmao! Great video I would've loved to wore that on halloween.
Hakoom  +   631d ago
trust me after being in that for 15mins you would want to take it off :D
its like 40C in there but atleast i had a cpu fan in the helmet to cool my head lol
abzdine  +   631d ago
i'm disappointed no JetPack included :D
trancefreak  +   631d ago
Man that is sweet Hakoom! I could imagine if you were to were that gear somewhere especially in the US someone think you were an Alien super Soldier from the future.

None the less that was badd arse and $$ well spent.
lilmetal  +   631d ago
Damn, that's awesome Hakoom.
I'm jealous.
How many trophies was your winning bid?
Hakoom  +   631d ago
Ares84HU  +   631d ago
I don't think that's tactically sound :D

Looks great though!
Firebird360  +   631d ago
Very awesome!
Detoxx  +   631d ago
I'm jealous :(

Hakoom, sell it to me brother :D
Hakoom  +   631d ago
no chance :D
Detoxx  +   631d ago
Have fun with it dude :)

It's freaking epic.
Themba76  +   631d ago
two words....Pawn Stars.
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HappyWithOneBubble  +   631d ago
Hakoom: It's one of a kind Killzone Shadow Fall Sniper Outfit.

Rick: What you want to do with it?

Hakoom: I want to sell it for 1 million.

Rick: @_@....Um let me call one of my video game experts.

Video Game Expert: This is a unique item. Very rare and one of its kind. It's worth...5 sec pause...1 million dollars.

Rick: I give you $1.

Chumlee: "Comes out with Halo outfit."

Hakoom: What $1? You think this is Halo? "Pulls out shotgun."

Rick: "Runs shitting out pants."

Chumlee: Oh shit this done got real.
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LoneWolf019  +   631d ago
I dont think he would offer a dollar
HappyWithOneBubble  +   631d ago
True but no way will he offer 1 million either lol. You'd have better luck selling on ebay than pawn stars.
mayberry  +   631d ago
Sooo jealous! Helghast snipers are my favorite character in the Killzone universe! Congratulations!
serratos27  +   631d ago
Wow I can imagine all the attention he would get if he went to any expo. He looks stiff though lol.

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