PS3 Vs PS4 – Comparison and Infographic

PS Gang writes - In this post we’re going to give you a detailed run down on all the stuff that is different, and then convert it into stuff the everyday gamer can understand.

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UltimateMaster963d ago

PS3 also has Super Audio CD "It never really took off", and Audio Disks. It also has MP3s and DNLA, but if people really need those things, they can always use their PS3s.

meatysausage964d ago

Your profile pic is amazing btw, KP

miyamoto964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

The Saviour of Play is coming.
Everything will be put in its proper place and straightened out.

Greatness is upon us.
Awesome article!

mushroomwig964d ago

The PS3 had Bluetooth as well, might want to fix that.

madpuppy964d ago

well, there are a few things wonky about the comparison, the bluetooth for iPads and iPhones??? I think that it should have read for Tablets and Smartphones, makes is sound like it only works with apple branded products...I don't think Sony would appreciate that when they are selling Android tablets and Phones. Also, in the graphics section it lists "DirectX 11" The AMD chipset may be DX11 compatible but, I'm sure that the Playstation will be using OpenGL and not Microsoft's proprietary graphics solution.

mxrider2199964d ago

i think the article or whoever made the picture just used general themes bc not everyone knows about open gl or cares about android but still doesnt make sense since it supports both

soniqstylz964d ago

The PS4 does support a custom form of DX11.1

chito1016d964d ago

Daylight savings has caused us all to wait an extra hr for PS4.

MegaRay964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

Haha! Bubble+ for making my day sir

Jaqen_Hghar964d ago

an extra hour to prepare. A man doesn't want his head to explode

MRMagoo123964d ago

not me in Australia im lucky enough to be in QLD where we dont have daylight savings lol

superterabyte964d ago

@MRMagoo123 Yeah but you also have spiders the size of a man's head :/ not much of a trade off if you ask me :p

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The story is too old to be commented.