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Submitted by cyborg 829d ago | news

PS3 Vs PS4 – Comparison and Infographic

PS Gang writes - In this post we’re going to give you a detailed run down on all the stuff that is different, and then convert it into stuff the everyday gamer can understand. (PS3, PS4)

Ghosts  +   829d ago
Team PS4 all day!
UltimateMaster  +   828d ago
PS3 also has Super Audio CD "It never really took off", and Audio Disks. It also has MP3s and DNLA, but if people really need those things, they can always use their PS3s.
grumpc  +   829d ago
Dat memory increase.
meatysausage  +   829d ago
Your profile pic is amazing btw, KP
miyamoto  +   829d ago
The Saviour of Play is coming.
Everything will be put in its proper place and straightened out.

Greatness is upon us.
Awesome article!
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mushroomwig  +   829d ago
The PS3 had Bluetooth as well, might want to fix that.
madpuppy  +   828d ago
well, there are a few things wonky about the comparison, the bluetooth for iPads and iPhones??? I think that it should have read for Tablets and Smartphones, makes is sound like it only works with apple branded products...I don't think Sony would appreciate that when they are selling Android tablets and Phones. Also, in the graphics section it lists "DirectX 11" The AMD chipset may be DX11 compatible but, I'm sure that the Playstation will be using OpenGL and not Microsoft's proprietary graphics solution.
mxrider2199  +   828d ago
i think the article or whoever made the picture just used general themes bc not everyone knows about open gl or cares about android but still doesnt make sense since it supports both
soniqstylz  +   828d ago
The PS4 does support a custom form of DX11.1
chito1016d  +   829d ago | Funny
Daylight savings has caused us all to wait an extra hr for PS4.
MegaRay  +   829d ago
Haha! Bubble+ for making my day sir
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   829d ago
an extra hour to prepare. A man doesn't want his head to explode
MRMagoo123  +   829d ago
not me in Australia im lucky enough to be in QLD where we dont have daylight savings lol
superterabyte  +   829d ago
@MRMagoo123 Yeah but you also have spiders the size of a man's head :/ not much of a trade off if you ask me :p
Lawndart1981  +   829d ago
Lol nice, bubble
mxrider2199  +   825d ago
prodg52  +   829d ago
Even by today's standards the Cell processor isn't clunky. Paired with more memory the cell is capable of multiple HD stream processing. Too bad the technology isn't being further developed.

Edit: The PS3 uses blutooth as well.
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MegaRay  +   829d ago
Where are the PS4 vs Xbone ? I wanna see some fanboy wars
Jaqen_Hghar  +   829d ago
a man already knows how that is gonna turn out
MRMagoo123  +   829d ago
a man , a woman , a pig , a bus , an asteroid , a everything knows how that would turn out and the winners name would be starting with a play and ending in station 4
GotHDGame  +   829d ago
I am personally tired of the fanboys. PS4/Wii U/PC. Done deal for me. I am tired of the stupid, immature, one sided, fanboyisms.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   828d ago
a man will go with the same combo though not a very powerful PC but some games it's just better
meatysausage  +   829d ago
I thought the CPU clock speed was relatively unknown as if now. Is the 2ghz from the first table it's potential clock speed, I've heard it's around 1.6, but not sure
MRMagoo123  +   829d ago
that info will be released on the 13th i think, its an AMD show and sony is gonna be there talking about the processor, the FCC thingo said its max clock is 2.74 i think hints are its 1.8 to 2 depending on where you look.
ZBlacktt  +   829d ago
Good story!
JustJdog  +   829d ago
This was a great side by side comparison to show what you are really getting and the improvements made to a particular console, in this case the playstation. They should do this for all the consoles, namely xbox and maybe the wii for some of the people who are still a bit shaky on the specs
purp13m0nk3y  +   829d ago
WTF is going on when an article like this gets approved!!

Talk about miss information! The PS4 CPU has a 2Tflop compute performance!? lol. Try closer to 100Gflops

You might be interested to know that on paper, the Cell processor in the PS3 actually has a higher Gflop performance than the CPU in the PS4 and Xbox one! The Cell was bench marked at about 180-200Gflops in single point precession.

The total combined compute performace of the PS4 is about 2Tflops combined (CPU & GPU)

Not to mention other incorrect info in the article.

Here we are tearing M$ to shreds for miss information, and the this web site itself is doing the exact same thing.

To the author of this pile of tripe. Check your facts (Wikipedia is a good starting point) and fix it so you don't look like such an ass hat to anyone with even the most basic knowledge of how consoles are put together!

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