New Killer Instinct Screenshots Showcase the Beautiful and Lethal Orchid

Everyone’s favorite sexy panther lady is going to come back with Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct, and Microsoft Game Studios released a new batch of screenshots showing that she still has claws.

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Belking1664d ago

The one and only fighting game gamers care about.

NiteX1664d ago

He's being sarcastic.

Infernostew1664d ago

He's not being sarcastic. He's just a huge fanboy.

JokesOnYou1664d ago

nah, I wouldn't say that Belking, but the game sure is hell looking beautiful though.

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Utalkin2me1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )


Shame we can not strip you of that last bubble. Maybe you should take your meds next time before posting.

FamilyGuy1664d ago

Oh wow, lol.
You really like to emphasize how you got to that 1 bubble state huh?

I can't believe people actually agree with you.

jhoward5851664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

KI graphics are incredible.

Orchid look nice too but I really wanted to see cinder instead.

lets_go_gunners1664d ago

Max said that he would be the final char revealed after Spinal. He was right about Spinal so I would imagine Cinder is next.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1664d ago

Max is awesome, did you see the pirates of the Caribbean vid?

Anwya, Thunder, B Orchid and Spinal are looking like my top 3 atm.

I got the day one Forza 5 bundle but I think I am gonna be glued to KI, Forza wont get a look in!

jhoward5851664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

I guess MS is the saving the best for last...

spinal is a cool character. I'd really like to see what DJ combo/cinder look like.

Too bad I'll have to wait to play KI b/c I'm getting a PS4 first so I'll have to wait until I save up enough money to get an X1.

NiteX1664d ago

This makes me wish Retro would make a fighting game for Wii U. Or another Metroid.

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christocolus1664d ago

im definitly getting this game now...looks amazing.

mcstorm1664d ago

I agree ki and Forza 5 are the reason why I have a one on pre order.

HugoDrax1664d ago

I'm buying a fight stick for myself, and my brother as well. That way he and I can battle one another online, just like when we were kids..

See you online :-)

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