Dragon Ball RPG: Shounen Hen Launches on iOS and Android Now

The brand new smartphone RPG known as Dragon Ball RPG: Shounen Hen (ドラゴンボールRPG~少年编~), has launched on Android and iOS devices in Japan. Developed by Namco Bandai, the game will be a 4-chapter RPG set in the early days of Goku (when he was a pre-teen fighting Demon King Picollo).

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ZodTheRipper1602d ago

I might buy this if it comes to the west :D

SegaGamer1601d ago

You know it won't though, we don't seem to be getting anything like this these days.

IcarusEdwards1601d ago

I really like Dragon Ball when I was children. So I really hope I can have access to this game as well if it launches on English version.