Call of Duty: Ghosts Boxart For PlayStation 4 Lists Offline Play As A Feature

Call of Duty: Ghosts is an upcoming new addition to the Call of Duty franchise by Activision. Ever since the DRM drama by Microsoft for the Xbox One which entailed it to have an online verification check of 24 hours to play games on the system and with its competitor imposing no such type of DRM, seems like publishers are trying to clarify it crystal clearly on the PlayStation 4, by listing offline playability as a feature.

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ZodTheRipper1602d ago

Remote Play is a feature the competition doesn't have, what's the problem with it?

Listing offline on the other hand is questionable ...but since the always-online fiasco on the Xbox it's probably not that wrong.

ShinMaster1602d ago

Either it means offline multiplayer/co-op.
Or it's taking a stab at Microsoft, suggesting you'll never need an internet connection to play on PS4.

Probably the first one.

GribbleGrunger1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Is the headline right? It says 'online optional'. Surely that suggests singleplayer is the focus.

That's an interesting approach. I hope this is indicative of the industry getting back to focusing on single player more and not just throwing together some arbitrary narrative. Online is obviously important to a lot of people but my personal preferences are singleplayer, and I know I'm not alone in that.

MajorAly1602d ago

I have thoroughly enjoyed the SP campaign of Call of Duty starting from Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward really knew how to blend in action and FPS narrative. I also enjoyed BlackOps's SP campaign although can't say the same for Black Ops 2.

I'm really looking forward to the SP campaign of Ghosts as IW really set the bar high in FPS narratives and action sequences and set pieces ofcourse.

Nick_5151602d ago

I liked Black Ops' singleplayer, but I never cared for any Modern Warfare singleplayer. It's just all action and nothing interesting.

vigilante_man1602d ago

Gotta agree with Nick_515 about MW. I played MW2 and the single player was the most confusing story-less game I have ever completed. It was a mesh of multi-player maps threaded together.

I prefer a great single-player game with the best environments then used for multi-player..

DoomeDx1602d ago

Wait what!? 1-2 players?

Every cod on console so far has had 1-4.. :/

Nextgen is really anti-local multiplayer

ZodTheRipper1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

I noticed that earlier today when watching Extinction mode gameplay! It's really just 2 players.
This is a deal breaker for me to be honest, I've always bought CoD's primarily for their 4 player offline modes.

KrisButtar1602d ago

Eurogamer says the 360 version has 4 player offline play and 2 player co-op. hoping it follows for next gen or I just may get the current gen version

tdogchristy901602d ago

It started with this gen which was a letdown. To play say mw3 or bf3 you needed to LAN consoles or go online. Halo was the only one I can think of it have local 4 player. So next gen going further into this is sad. I miss the old simple days.

Master-H1602d ago

Umm i'm pretty sure you can play mw3 offline split screen with 4 players, i've done it before, all the past cods have this, would suck if ghosts doesnt, i usually play split screen on the weekends with friends.

GraveLord1602d ago

Hopefully this was just because of the next-gen rush.

Starbucks_Fan1602d ago

WTF?! No 4 players?! That's f***ing stupid.

Sevir1602d ago

Remote Play! :) Dat Remote Play... I'm not getting COD:Ghosts, but I have to admit seeing games having Remote play built in shows that Sony has finally got it right with the PS4.

MajorAly1602d ago

Well PlayStation 4 was built from the ground up to have harmonic integration with PS Vita and seeing how Mark Cerny was the lead architect on both, it is not surprising and only shows how PS Vita is really a great platform itself.

The-mindblowerfucker1602d ago

Popcorn has finished and ready to be served.

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