Collector's Corner: BioShock Infinite Premium Edition

BioShock Infinite was released in 2009 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Three different versions were available: the regular version, the Premium Edition and the Ultimate Songbird Edition. The one right here is the Premium Edition.


The intro says the game was released in 2009, this should be 2013, of course.

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Reaper99371502d ago

"Bioshock Infinite was released in 2009", I could have sworn I played it this year...mmm.

Nyxus1502d ago

Yeah I updated it. N4G doesn't let me edit the intro anymore.

bigboirock1502d ago

it wasent released in 2009 how did this get approved

Nyxus1502d ago

Relax, it's just a mistake. It's already fixed on the site itself.

XXXL1502d ago

2009??????? Great my whole year is ruined do to that typo. How will my heart go on (Celine Dion)?