Amazon Goes Above and Beyond, Offers Free Game For PS4

Gameranx's Yesika Reyes: "I told Amazon I wanted to return Battlefield 4 for the PS4 because I didn't have time to play it. They offered to give it to me for free."

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GarrusVakarian1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

That's some excellent customer service right there. Amazon has always been the best place to shop online in my opinion, ive never had any problems.

Lucky you btw! Free BF4, im not jealous in the slightest....

ZodTheRipper1594d ago

Amazon always had the best customer service, but if you work with them (for example as a supplier/vendor) they can be a real pain :S

guitarded771594d ago

As a buyer, I will agree that Amazon is awesome. I'm a Prime member because of this. I buy nothing at retail anymore except groceries.

UltimateMaster1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

They really want to get their clients.
"Here. It's Free and it's on us!"
I bet others will try to get their games free as well...

ExposingLames1594d ago

That has been my only problem with them....and Its actually not very uncommon. I buy a game MONTHS in advance and select it for release day delivery. The game doesn't get delivered until days after it officially comes out.

You get free shipping every time this happens, but when its a game you have been waiting and waiting for you want to play it asap.

guitarded771594d ago


That's strange... I have never had that happen, and I order a lot of games through Amazon. I always have gotten it on release day for new releases, and in 2 days for everything else with Prime. There have been a couple of occasions where the 2 day turned into 3 day, but I call, and they give me free 1 day on my next order.

cvflyboy1594d ago

Should of went with Amazon this year, just found out my gamestop isn't doing a midnight release anymore smh. What's the point of preordering at a store if u can't enjoy the midnight release festivities.

EeJLP-1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

"It’s extremely worth it for me since I buy a lot of video games"

Guy buys a lot of video games, yet doesn't have time for this one?

My guess is he heard about Target's and now Amazon's Buy 2 Get 1 free sale and wanted BF4 as part of that deal, so he made up a BS story. Now, because of this article (which he apparently does have the time for), every Dbag is going to flood Amazon customer service trying to get free games.

Edit: 'She' apparently.. maybe she didn't want BF4. She plays GTA V though..

EeJLP-1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

"I just don’t have the luxury right now to commit to online multiplayer", yet wrote an article on GTA V's multiplayer less than 2 weeks ago?

"I contacted the retailer again after a few days."

Meaning this started a few days ago, after the bundle has been on preorder likely for months.

And what happened a few days ago? (4 days ago) Target announces Buy 2 Get 1 and all of a sudden 'I don't have time for BF4'. 'I want a refund on BF4 so that I can still get PS+ for $10 less as part of the bundle and then I can take advantage of the Buy 2 Games Get 1 Free offer'.

If she truly doesn't have time, she would have cancelled the bundle, not just the part that recently became part of a special offer.

Akuma2K1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )


I pre-ordered the BF4 collectors edition strategy guide early to get the gold battle pack on Oct 10th, you'd think it would be shipped and delivered a day or two before the 29th the day the game came out but it never happened, just got the shipping email a few days ago and the book will be delivered nov 5th.......go figure.

ChrisW1594d ago

If it were an Xbox One game the title would read:

"Amazon getting paid off my M$ to give out free games and falsely labeling it as good customer service."

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Campy da Camper1594d ago

They did the same for me. I had purchased about 15 songs off of Amazon mp3 site through my android and noticed a few days later that I had only been charged for 2 of them. I called up customer service and asked them why I was charged only 2 bucks for about 15 songs (I really didn't want then to realize the error in 3 weeks and have them hit my account for the rest when I wasn't expecting it) and the guy literally said, "hey, look at that. You're right it only charged you for two songs. Guess you just got 13 songs for free! Enjoy!"

I was like, "ERM, what?" He went on about its not my fault and it was too lateto go back and try and figure it out so iI could have them for free.

Amazon rocks.

wsoutlaw871594d ago

I ordered kz3 then i didnt yhink i was going to have the money by the time it released so i re oredered it and emailed them to see if i could keep my preorder bounus that they werre no longer offering. The day it came out i mistakenly recieved 2 and was only charged for one and they said keep it. I soldit and pretty much got kz3 for free

GusHasGas1594d ago

I agree with you 100%

One time, they sent me a copy of Little Big Planet Vita a few days earlier than its release date. The next day, they sent me an email saying: "We are very sorry that your order was not delivered on the expected date. As an apology, we are giving you $10 in Amazon credit."

I <3 you Amazon

Thatlalala1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Purchased Diablo 3. Showed up a little banged up(disc wasn't locked in holder). Played alright until third act it would freeze in same spot. Told Amazon they shipped me a new copy and gave me a complete refund. Awesome.

sweendog1593d ago

This is Amazon related but not game related but the same thing happened to me. I ordered some dog food for our new puppy and not really taking in the sizes available I ordered a 15kg bag. When a cement size bag turned up I reallised that it would take my dog over a year to get through it but it only had a shelf life of 2 months. I rang Amazon up and explained that it was my error and they gave me a full refund (£60) and told me to keep the dog food.

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UnrealThreats1594d ago

I wonder if This would work with just having the game preordered (not a ps4 bundle)

Ch1d0r11594d ago

As long as people don't start abusing it and ruin it for people who really need it.

HammadTheBeast1594d ago

Too late. Have you seen some of the comments on the site?

rainslacker1594d ago

I've been GM for retail and food service, and corporate policies almost always say offer a refund or a replacement regardless of the reason.

Since there are people that know this, and will happily abuse the system to get all manner of things free, many managers become extremely skeptical so they go on the immediate defensive and try whatever they can to keep from following those policies. For many places, it's why people with legitimate complaints or issues get bad service.

Long story short though, I found that it's easier to just give the customer what they want 99% of the time. The scammers are easy to figure out, and if you have to deal with them more than a few times you can actually cut them off. Funny thing I've found about scammers is that as soon as they realize you're on to them, they go away to the next mark. They may cause some grief with corporate, but so long as it's not a recurring theme among a lot of customers, the most one would likely get is being asked for an explanation.

Mikelarry1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Awww aint that sweet wish they offered me a free ps vita when royal mail misplaced my parcel and still wanted to charge me.i guess I am one of the unlucky ones so its all good

matrixman921594d ago

inb4 everyone who preordered a bundle from Amazon trying this

Lboogieskells1594d ago

I don't want my copy either, I'd rather they switch the game out for me.

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