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Amazon Goes Above and Beyond, Offers Free Game For PS4

Gameranx's Yesika Reyes: "I told Amazon I wanted to return Battlefield 4 for the PS4 because I didn't have time to play it. They offered to give it to me for free." (PS4)

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Lukas_Japonicus  +   633d ago
That's some excellent customer service right there. Amazon has always been the best place to shop online in my opinion, ive never had any problems.

Lucky you btw! Free BF4, im not jealous in the slightest.... http://replygif.net/i/170.g...
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ZodTheRipper  +   633d ago
Amazon always had the best customer service, but if you work with them (for example as a supplier/vendor) they can be a real pain :S
guitarded77  +   633d ago
As a buyer, I will agree that Amazon is awesome. I'm a Prime member because of this. I buy nothing at retail anymore except groceries.
UltimateMaster  +   633d ago
They really want to get their clients.
"Here. It's Free and it's on us!"
I bet others will try to get their games free as well...
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ExposingLames  +   633d ago
That has been my only problem with them....and Its actually not very uncommon. I buy a game MONTHS in advance and select it for release day delivery. The game doesn't get delivered until days after it officially comes out.

You get free shipping every time this happens, but when its a game you have been waiting and waiting for you want to play it asap.
guitarded77  +   633d ago

That's strange... I have never had that happen, and I order a lot of games through Amazon. I always have gotten it on release day for new releases, and in 2 days for everything else with Prime. There have been a couple of occasions where the 2 day turned into 3 day, but I call, and they give me free 1 day on my next order.
cvflyboy  +   633d ago
Should of went with Amazon this year, just found out my gamestop isn't doing a midnight release anymore smh. What's the point of preordering at a store if u can't enjoy the midnight release festivities.
EeJLP-  +   633d ago
"It’s extremely worth it for me since I buy a lot of video games"

Guy buys a lot of video games, yet doesn't have time for this one?

My guess is he heard about Target's and now Amazon's Buy 2 Get 1 free sale and wanted BF4 as part of that deal, so he made up a BS story. Now, because of this article (which he apparently does have the time for), every Dbag is going to flood Amazon customer service trying to get free games.

Edit: 'She' apparently.. maybe she didn't want BF4. She plays GTA V though..
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EeJLP-  +   633d ago
"I just don’t have the luxury right now to commit to online multiplayer", yet wrote an article on GTA V's multiplayer less than 2 weeks ago?


"I contacted the retailer again after a few days."

Meaning this started a few days ago, after the bundle has been on preorder likely for months.

And what happened a few days ago? (4 days ago) Target announces Buy 2 Get 1 and all of a sudden 'I don't have time for BF4'. 'I want a refund on BF4 so that I can still get PS+ for $10 less as part of the bundle and then I can take advantage of the Buy 2 Games Get 1 Free offer'.

If she truly doesn't have time, she would have cancelled the bundle, not just the part that recently became part of a special offer.
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Akuma2K  +   633d ago

I pre-ordered the BF4 collectors edition strategy guide early to get the gold battle pack on Oct 10th, you'd think it would be shipped and delivered a day or two before the 29th the day the game came out but it never happened, just got the shipping email a few days ago and the book will be delivered nov 5th.......go figure.
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ChrisW  +   633d ago
If it were an Xbox One game the title would read:

"Amazon getting paid off my M$ to give out free games and falsely labeling it as good customer service."
Campy da Camper  +   633d ago
They did the same for me. I had purchased about 15 songs off of Amazon mp3 site through my android and noticed a few days later that I had only been charged for 2 of them. I called up customer service and asked them why I was charged only 2 bucks for about 15 songs (I really didn't want then to realize the error in 3 weeks and have them hit my account for the rest when I wasn't expecting it) and the guy literally said, "hey, look at that. You're right it only charged you for two songs. Guess you just got 13 songs for free! Enjoy!"

I was like, "ERM, what?" He went on about its not my fault and it was too lateto go back and try and figure it out so iI could have them for free.

Amazon rocks.
wsoutlaw87  +   633d ago
I ordered kz3 then i didnt yhink i was going to have the money by the time it released so i re oredered it and emailed them to see if i could keep my preorder bounus that they werre no longer offering. The day it came out i mistakenly recieved 2 and was only charged for one and they said keep it. I soldit and pretty much got kz3 for free
GusHasGas  +   633d ago
I agree with you 100%

One time, they sent me a copy of Little Big Planet Vita a few days earlier than its release date. The next day, they sent me an email saying: "We are very sorry that your order was not delivered on the expected date. As an apology, we are giving you $10 in Amazon credit."

I <3 you Amazon
Thatlalala  +   632d ago
Purchased Diablo 3. Showed up a little banged up(disc wasn't locked in holder). Played alright until third act it would freeze in same spot. Told Amazon they shipped me a new copy and gave me a complete refund. Awesome.
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sweendog  +   632d ago
This is Amazon related but not game related but the same thing happened to me. I ordered some dog food for our new puppy and not really taking in the sizes available I ordered a 15kg bag. When a cement size bag turned up I reallised that it would take my dog over a year to get through it but it only had a shelf life of 2 months. I rang Amazon up and explained that it was my error and they gave me a full refund (£60) and told me to keep the dog food.
UnrealThreats  +   633d ago
I wonder if This would work with just having the game preordered (not a ps4 bundle)
Ch1d0r1  +   633d ago
As long as people don't start abusing it and ruin it for people who really need it.
HammadTheBeast  +   633d ago
Too late. Have you seen some of the comments on the site?
rainslacker  +   633d ago
I've been GM for retail and food service, and corporate policies almost always say offer a refund or a replacement regardless of the reason.

Since there are people that know this, and will happily abuse the system to get all manner of things free, many managers become extremely skeptical so they go on the immediate defensive and try whatever they can to keep from following those policies. For many places, it's why people with legitimate complaints or issues get bad service.

Long story short though, I found that it's easier to just give the customer what they want 99% of the time. The scammers are easy to figure out, and if you have to deal with them more than a few times you can actually cut them off. Funny thing I've found about scammers is that as soon as they realize you're on to them, they go away to the next mark. They may cause some grief with corporate, but so long as it's not a recurring theme among a lot of customers, the most one would likely get is being asked for an explanation.
Mikelarry  +   633d ago
Awww aint that sweet wish they offered me a free ps vita when royal mail misplaced my parcel and still wanted to charge me.i guess I am one of the unlucky ones so its all good
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matrixman92  +   633d ago
inb4 everyone who preordered a bundle from Amazon trying this
Lboogieskells  +   633d ago
I don't want my copy either, I'd rather they switch the game out for me.
pop-voxuli  +   633d ago
And queue a HUGE influx of attempted game returns!
TheFutureIsBlue  +   633d ago
I don't have time to play my PS4 at all, Amazon...*cough* Free ps4, please *cough* haha.
LoTuZ  +   633d ago
I use amazon for everything. Includijg my ps4 preorder. They are delivering it for free on day 1.
GravelerMagnitude9  +   633d ago
HP did the same for me when i wanted to return a projector adapter i bought
ovnipc  +   633d ago
Wow! Great customer service. Amazon its great, even if u get something defective they pay for the shipping back to them. I use
Campy da Camper  +   633d ago
In today's corporate conglomerate world, Amazon is one of the few beacons of light. The customer service I receive from them compared to, say, Verizon is night and day.

There will always be problems with orders. Its inevitable. I don't expect to always get my way but I DO expect that when I call and talk to a customer service rep that I am treated with respect. Amazon has always been super cool and I always feel like I am a valued customer. Verizon, Dell and EBay? Not so much....
Sketchy_Galore  +   633d ago
Dear Amazon,

Please do not send me a PS4 and a 90-inch screen TV. I just do not have the time to be bothering with any of them.
LoveSpuds  +   633d ago

please, please, PLEASE can you pay your corporation taxes here in the UK?

Yours sincerely

A UK taxpayer who is getting raped by the government due to corporate and banking tax avoidance

Hicken  +   633d ago
This is good stuff. As somebody who's spent far too much time in retail, I can't even begin to explain how good this makes me feel. Knowing there are companies out there who do such things for their customers. THAT is how you keep people coming back.

Unfortunately, most corporations don't seem to get that, even the ones that should know that the most, like GameStop.
HighResHero  +   633d ago
Now that's how you put the "little guy" out of business!
Their marketing does go above and beyond.
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   633d ago
In my line of work I happen to deal with Amazon fairly frequently, they can afford to be nice to their customers because they're jackasses to their partners, which...as annoying as it is for me, is how it should be.
HighResHero  +   633d ago
Interesting, feel free to elaborate if you'd like to.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   633d ago
Ah well, I work in logistics. It's basically a third-party trucking option. I.e.
customer makes order->company processes and hires a broker and trucking company to bulk move whatever it is to a certain location-> Local mail services then take the product from there and sent it to the client.

By them being jackasses to me. I mean when they file their orders then tend to be very pushy for it to be as quick as possible even if they registered the shipment very last minute. It's stressful to handle as truck manifests need to be ready by a certain time and border clearance needs to be done before that, etc.
HighResHero  +   631d ago
Thanks I'm trying to learn as much as I can about business.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   624d ago
No problem buddy. There are a lot of aspects to business that are overlooked even by uni business programs so kudos to you for looking into it on your own!
Disagree  +   633d ago
"Amazon Goes Above and Beyond, Offers Free Game For PS4...to a customer"
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DiLeCtioN  +   633d ago
Exactly T__T misleading title.
pop-voxuli  +   633d ago
misleading how?
DiLeCtioN  +   633d ago

It seems like those who ordered from Amazon will receive a free game. That is not the case though, it is only for a single customer.
Maxor  +   633d ago
Every time in call Amazon customer service I'm amazed at the quality even when I call at 2am. Truly exceptional customer rep that is unrivaled in any form.
qcjoe  +   633d ago
This is what I got. It says Angie because I had used my wifes account.

Battlefield 4 exchange
Daniel:Hello, my name is Daniel . I'll be glad to assist you today.
Daniel:Can you elaborate your inquiry, please?     
Me:I pre ordered a playstation 4 bundle with battlefield 4. The only reason I got this one was the Killzone bundle would not go in my cart. When I get this mailed to me am I able to exchange the game for Killzone?
Daniel:I'm sorry, Unfortunately the game cannot be exchanged, Angie
Me:Would I be able to swap out the bundle before it ships then for the Killzone one?
Daniel:No, Angie. You can't swap the bundle. If you want "Killzone and PS Plus Launch Bundle" please place a new order for that bundle.
Place the order when it is availabel.
Me:I was just seeing if you would be able to help. I had tried to order that one when it was available, but it kept giving me a error. Have a nice day.
Soldierone  +   633d ago
Nothing against Amazon, but this makes me mad.

I contacted them after the whole Watch Dogs thing, and asked if I could be downgraded to console only, or switch games etc.... They said no, the order would be cancelled.

The only reason I got the BF4 one was because it was the only one left.....
despair  +   633d ago
Really? Because my watchdogs bundle automatically changed to the launch bundle console and the price reflected that as well.
Soldierone  +   633d ago
I don't have a Watch Dogs bundle. I simply asked them if I could downgrade since all those people did it, and I did the same thing as this person. I basically just said "hey I don't want BF4, what can I do?" And their response to it was, "tough luck"

Yet this guy/girl gets a free game out of it? Thats lame as hell to me.

Again, nothing against Amazon, this is the only time I've ever "had an issue" with their response. They often help out, so im fine spending the 60 bucks, it was just an off the whim "hey guys.... let me downgrade, PLEASE" haha
despair  +   633d ago
Oh read that wrong, that would be annoying, but remember they would've had those bundles allocated so giving you a sold out bundle or system by itself would've been impossible.

The watchdogs people would've been ok since the allocated bundles would just been replaced by normal ones by Sony.
Seraphim  +   632d ago
Can't make everyone happy. Honestly as great as Amazons service can be it's often typical and typically pathetic at times as well. It is disturbing to see someone bragging about their experience and writing out a piece that seems like Advertising for not only Amazon but Prime as well. I've been an Amazon user since the Stone Ages and Prime member for about a decade now & it is a great service but I fail to see how the shameless plugging of Amazon relates to this story or the fact this "special" person is a student so they only pay $39/year....

Simple fact is just one of many lucky Amazon customers who got a rep that hooked them up very generously.
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GentlemenRUs  +   633d ago
Some greedy n00bs out there which will now try and do this... But she was lucky :)

Also on another note... I didn't know all the PS4 bundles on Amazon.com were sold out! HAHA WOW! GREATNESS AWAITS INDEED!
KontryBoy706  +   633d ago
that's not out of the ordinary that's just Amazon. They have done stuff like that for me too. I wanted to return something and they told me to just keep it
RyanDJ  +   633d ago
I have one good and one bad event with Amazon.

I ordered the final disc of an anime series with limited edition covers and got the basic one. The first run (of which there were always plenty) had the limited foil card thingy. For some reason I didn't get one and they said I was out of luck. Six months later a friend bought one that had been sitting on a retail shelf and gave me the card, so it's not like it was sought after.

On the other hand, my wife got this super-huge bucket of gooey hair gel that cracked open inside the box. It was in a bag in the box as well, but we called and they completely refunded it. Given the thick viscosity, we just put it in a jar and still used it, after all, it just broke out of a plastic jar into a bag. But it was pretty awesome that they just refunded like that.
Twinblade  +   633d ago
Awesome for Amazon but now they will be attacked by a bunch of douche bags trying to get free games now.
RIP_Cell  +   633d ago
great customer service by amazon as always, but don't be a douchbag and abuse their generosity
FanOfRootBeer  +   633d ago
And the medal for most pandering headline goes to...
IIC0mPLeXII  +   633d ago
You don't have time for the game? What are you buying a brand new console for then. What an idiot.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   633d ago
She/he probably got the rep in trouble for putting the transcript on a web page. Kind of a silly move.

Amazon is great, yet this almost seems like a PR move.
BranWheatKillah  +   633d ago
Amazon has always been good to me and my few forays into their customer service department have been quite pleasant and helpful.
kidhero99  +   633d ago
It's about time you gave me some Nutella. XD
ninavoljic   633d ago | Offensive
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