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Top 3 Best Graphics Games for the iPad 4 with Retina Display

Davut tertemiz gives his opinion on Top 3 Best Graphics for the Ipad 4 Retina Display (iPad HD, Mobile)

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ATiElite  +   166d ago
if it wasn't a crappy ipad you could of done a direct feed but i can understand you not wanting to pay $40 for an adaptor.


Beware Tegra 4 is on it's way.

Tegra 5 not too far off and listed as a game changer.
mixelon  +   166d ago
It's pretty easy to record an iPad display with Airplay mirroring..

iPad AIR is well enough specced to compete with anything on the market. http://www.macrumors.com/20... - Nvidia Shield uses Tegra4 - near identical GPU performance - and Shield is a dedicated gaming handheld. Air's CPU is 64bit too, and fast. The iPad has insane battery life.

Specs in the mobile space change so fast - Apple will outperform the Tegra 5 based hardware within a year. Then the Android (et al) will outperform the Apple devices within a year. And so on. Nobody "wins" this sort of hardware race as no consumer is upgrading to get the best specs every time.

You don't have to like Apple devices, or their design philosophy, but anyone who claims they aren't good at hardware design is crazy.

iOS also has a lot better (gaming) developer support for obvious reasons..
ATiElite  +   166d ago
So true as I DESPISE Apple but I can not deny the HIGH quality of hardware and Battery life!

SO he should of recorded to the CLoud then Correct?

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