PSW UK: SBK-08 - first look - The biker sim that rewrites the rules

PSW UK writes: "Regardless of whether you had any affinity for motorbike games, there was no denying SBK-07 was a bit on the hard side. There were options aplenty to mess about with so that there were umpteen degrees of slavish simulation, but there were a couple of notable problems which prevented the game from surging to the front of the two-wheeled racer pack.

Firstly, there wasn't a whole lot of eye candy on offer - aside from the umbrella girls (and even they were only included in the form of unlockable photographs). It was released on PS2 just as PS3 was launching, and consequently looked competent at best. Secondly it was really tough, with a simulation element that suggested a target audience of bikers who knew their way around a PS2 pad rather than gamers who knew a bit about bikes. Both of these issues look as though they've been addressed in SBK-08. Thankfully the game looks nicer - although it is still noticeably rough around the edges, with some textures missing and many shadow and lighting effects still to be implemented - and while it's not spectacular, it's certainly not going to make you ill."

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