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Open World Super Mario Possible if Fans Ask, 3D World Won’t Have DLC, Gamepad Used Extensively

The latest Super Mario Bros. games added DLC to the picture, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo is going to stick to that trend with every upcoming game of the series, as mentioned by producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, that also clarified that the GamePad will be used extensively, and a more open world Mario game is possible, if there's popular demand. (Super Mario 3D World, Wii U)

Snookies12  +   167d ago
Man, an open world Mario game would be awesome...
Abriael  +   167d ago
Agreed, it would, even if honestly I'm just tired of Mario by now lol.

But I know I'm nearly alone on this, so bring on the disagrees! :D
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BOWZER35  +   167d ago
Nah man ur not alone, i think they just need to wait a while and have people hungry for the next game, that's all.
Snookies12  +   167d ago
Nah, I kinda agree in a way. I have absolutely loved Mario since the very first back on the NES. Lately though, they seem to have lost a bit of their magic. They're still fun games, but I don't feel compelled to play them the moment they come out anymore. I do hope they try an open world one. That might really get me excited to play Mario again.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   167d ago
I agree they need to give him a little break. I'm not sure how an open world Mario game would work out though, seriously. People seem to take the words open world as some sort of holy grail. I don't think it works with every game out there. Not saying it wouldn't but I have my doubts.

What I believe they should do is get Square Enix back on board with another Mario RPG.
Fanboyssuck27  +   167d ago
I disagree, I think people sayin there tired of Mario are usually ps fanboys. Its funny how they never say there fed up of cod or any other repetitive titles from PlayStation or Xbox but as they know Mario is Nintendo's main mascot and sells more than everything else they want him removed so they say there tired of Mario even tho no Mario game is the same.

All it is is another way at tryin to put doom and gloom on Nintendo.
bullymangLer  +   167d ago
neh . nobody will disagree with you nor agree with you if you dont bring examples or proof to your statements . .if anything you just sound confused ):
Satanas  +   167d ago
I sort of agree with Fanboyssuck's sentiment. I feel as though this 'tired of Mario' statement usually spawns from those who actually haven't been playing any of the recent Mario games. I mean, what we're talking about here is the Mario series itself, not spin-offs - and there are only a small subset of games that are 3D and made by EAD. The last console Mario game like that was Galaxy 2 and that was three and a half years ago, and it is one of the most critically acclaimed titles of its generation. Of course we're excited for EAD's next console work, which is Super Mario 3D World.

Having said that, I'd love a return to the open-world 64/Sunshine design, only with a more expansive and living universe. Sign me up.
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Chrischi1988  +   167d ago
This conversation is so stupid^^

CoD, AC, NFS, basically all sportsgames come out every single year, but there nobody complains. A real Mario game, comes out 1-2 times of the whole console lifecycle. I am talking about comparable games. A Mario 2D plattformer is a completely different game, then a 3D Mario like Mario Galaxy, they simply both have Mario in it. So basically we get a real Mario about every 3 years and you people say, Mario needs a break. Why should he get a break? Are you afraid he might be more successful then all of your beloved IPs? Who cares? Can you only enjoy a game, if a magazine says its 90/100 ?

I guess no real Nintendo fan would say such a thing, only people who are really afraid of its success.

I mean, going back 3 years from now, we played CoD MW2 and Black Ops1. What is up with that? Or Assassins Creed, which number are we there?

Mario gets a similar Mario game, in a 3 year period and you say it is too much? Really now, I dont know, how somebody can say that, other then actually being afraid of the franchises success, even though being afraid of a games success means, you should actually get mental help.
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live2play  +   166d ago
How are you TIRED of Mario?
people sound like idiots saying this.
"I'm tired of Mario"
WTH does it even mean?

why don't you maybe uhhh... Not play it?
let everyone else enjoy it.
RAFFwaff  +   166d ago
you're not alone, although i would hazard a guess that if say, 'Super Mario Galaxy' had have been the same game mechanics but different characters, like 'Super Morwin's Galaxy', then alot of ppl would have been screaming from the rooftops that this is true platforming genius/innovation, and mario can finally retire. But it was Mario. And the point is that nintendo alone usualy push the boundaries of what is possible in a platformer, and can hardly be blamed for using their figurehead to do this. Yes, not every Mario game hits the 'spot', but show me an alternative with a 20 odd yr life plan? It would most likely be nintendo themselves that would step up to the plate and wow us with something that hasnt been seen before. And you know what? Mario would still be on the front cover. Characters go stale, only if their game mechanics go stale. In that case maybe Master Chief, Call of Duty and Assassins Creed should take note.
-Foxtrot  +   167d ago
Mushroom Kingdom, Toad Villages/Cities, Bowsers land/castle, forests, deserts, snowy mountains...it could be amazing

Think of the transport aswell...Karts, cars, bikes, hangliders, flying power ups, latiku's cloud, under water vehicles.

If Nintendo do it right it could be great, that is what the next 3D Mario should be...the actual spiritual successor of 64/Sunshine/Galaxy
Thepcz  +   166d ago
the more you want it, and the more it makes sense, the more likely nintendo wont make it lol
_QQ_  +   167d ago
Fans start Asking!!!!! i'm not joking get on miiverse right now and start posting in the year of luigi and SuperMario Bros U channel.
people, ask Nintendo so we know that Nintendo is listening to us
nesiguess  +   167d ago
I've owned a wii u since launch. NOA does read miiverse and they will listen. People begged for earthbound on the vc and it came.....hit miiverse hard..they read it.
LOL_WUT  +   167d ago
I really don't care about the 2d ones but a very good open world 3D Mario game would be nice. ;)
live2play  +   166d ago
Imagine instead of link and epona. It would be Mario on yoshi. Or you could buy a go kart to go faster in the over world.
JackieCruise69  +   167d ago
Now THAT I could get into. Lately I don't play Mario games anymore. But I do love my open world games and if it is a game like Sunshine, awesome, Super Mario Sunshine is one of my favorites from the GC!
mpnothanks  +   167d ago
Lego Mario!
Thepcz  +   166d ago
they'l let mario have a holiday so he can rest
bit they'l make a game out of it.

mario gets sick of rescuing peach, goes on holiday, and ends up in some other adventure.

you know, just like mario sunshine.

mario is a slave
Sincere0121  +   166d ago
Yaaaaawn, you need to see a psychiatrist, this obsession and hate you have towards Nintendo is not healthy. Please seek professional medical help ASAP.
Thepcz  +   166d ago
haha i like nintendo
Sincere0121  +   166d ago
Why all the hate on every nintendo article if you like Nintendo?
Thepcz  +   166d ago
its not hate, its frustration

they say they will give us an open world mario game if we ask for it... do we ebven need to ask? its an amazing idea.

meanwhile they serve us trash we didnt ask for... like a 2.5D mario game.

thats what gets me frustrated, thats why you will see me criticising in most recent nintendo articles. they make it too easy.

when they start announcing the f zeros, the metroids, the starfox, the new ips etc, then i will be full of praise.
truechainz  +   166d ago
you shouldn't be making these comments here. You should be making them on miiverse. That is where the best changes have come from listening to the fans.
gpturbo81  +   166d ago
at least nintendo puts the entire game into the $60 price tag. instead of leaving content out only to release DirtyLittleCashgrabbers once a month. replay value is always and should always be top priority. glad square enix put the missing link right into deus ex right out the gate,rather than charging $10 down the road
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Justino365  +   166d ago
The petition is here: https://www.change.org/peti...

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