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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 827d ago | news

Blacklight Retribution PS4 Runs at 1080p With PC Settings Cranked Up To Highest,Highest FPS Targeted

"Zombie Studios' is bringing their free to play first person shooter Blacklight: Retribution to the PlayStation 4 and GamingBolt recently had a chance to chat with studio director Jared Gerritzen on the game's resolution and frames per rate." (Blacklight Retribution, PS4)

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DeadRabbits  +   827d ago | Well said
If its not 1080p 60fps then its not Next Gen!
GarrusVakarian  +   827d ago | Well said
Says who? Im sure this game will look leaps and bounds better than if it was on current gen.

Battlefield 4 also, 900p, 60fps 64 players is definitely next gen compared to sub 30fps with 24 players and 720p on current gen consoles.

It doesn't HAVE to be 1080p 60fps to be next gen, but it definitely is a nice luxury to have.

@DeadRabbits (nice Gangs Of New York username reference btw)

Well that's fine, but maybe you should put "in my opinion" when you type things like that.
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DeadRabbits  +   827d ago
Just my opinion, as a connoisseur of fine games I demand graphical excellence!
HammadTheBeast   827d ago | Trolling | show
admj83  +   827d ago
plus super low textures on current gen
DeadRabbits  +   827d ago
@DeadRabbits (nice Gangs Of New York username reference btw)

A band of Gaelic warriors ;)
Ju  +   827d ago
I prefer 1080p with the highest possible setting at stable (beyond) 30fps. If they can reach 60, bonus. But if not, that's still fine as long as the visuals are not compromised, it does not screen tear and never dips (even close) to 30fps (means it runs with head room above). I can't help but think 60fps isn't necessary if it looks ugly (example BF4....ugh).
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JoSneak  +   827d ago
Says the rational gamer! 4K is already rolling and you don't care about 1080p? PC does that 5 years ago and you don't care about 60FPS? then you should be the one stating "that's my opinion" off course 1080p and 60 FPS are next-gen! and if you don't care about it stick with current gen, and don't comment here because this site is for hard-core gamers.
BattleAxe  +   827d ago
I've already played a next gen game. It was called The Last of Us.
UltimateMaster  +   827d ago
Let me get this straight.
A game on PC at it's max settings is what you're getting on the PS4.
Ares84HU  +   827d ago
@ DeadRabbits

You forgot to sign in with your other account before commenting on your own post.

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ShinMaster  +   827d ago
@ JoSneak

That is NOT the standard.
Something like 4k @ 120fps is something the average PC gamer won't have for a few years. High-end rigs are still the minority. Most PC fans on the web boast about those specs, but they themselves are unable to achieve them.

And just because you were able to play old games in 1080p @ 60fps doesn't automatically make them next-gen either.
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sinjonezp  +   827d ago
For the last 3 years. I have been gaming at 1080p 60fps on my PC. When I looked at the creative aspect of games, that is t truly defines next gen in my opinion. I would have hoped in the last 7 years Microsoft and Sony would have made this a standard, but to keep cost down in an ever inflating world, some aspects cannot be achieved unless they wanted to add assets like dedicated pcie bus for graphics and more expensive ram (512bit). I like what developers are trying to do to compensate for the subtle differences. Its not all about 1080, but what one does with the fidelity of content. I think within this digital instant age, we are becoming more spoiled on ever increasing technology. Gamers want what's new quicker than in the past. We look at YouTube videos where people are uploading 1080p - 4k games on PC and gamers are paying attention. The truly next gen aspects come from creativity. And we see that with games like the last of us, killzone, and dare I say it nba2k14. I look at the fact that most LCD TVs sold, cheap or expensive is native 1080p. With that becoming the norm like sdtv was for so long, it makes us more see 1080p as that defining resoultuion. As time goes on, I am confident that devs will hit 1080p more often. The hurdle is how do devs combat this in the near future as technology upgrades every year. I can see mobile gaming reaching Xbox 1 quality by 2015(IMO). At that point, what do we say then? Will hardware turn around happen more frequently. Does it make steam box relevant? Discuss n4g
0ut1awed  +   827d ago
I don't want to break anyones bubble but this game is NOT a very intensive game to start with.

I was running 120fps solid even back when I had my 680.
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badz149  +   827d ago

you do know that the 680 is a high end card, right?
0ut1awed  +   827d ago

If we are talking almost two years ago, then sure.

You do know the 770 replaced it right? While it's still based on the gk104 architecture that the 680 is, the 770 is still technically better in every way. Now with that in mind take a look at the 770 pricing. It's $330. Granted that isn't cheap but it's defiantly NOT high end card pricing. Again that's not even for the 680 but for the card that is technically better.

Not to mention I said 120fps simply because that's because it was capped at my monitors refresh rate. It was probably capable of much more.

With that in mind, I would hope even the X1 would be able to achieve a "high" fps like the article hints with max settings at 1080p.
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Nerdmaster  +   826d ago
Why should he put "in my opinion"? It's obvious it is. Everything everybody say is their opinion. Asking to put "in my opinion" everytime is realy silly.

Oh, I'm sorry... Asking to put "in my opinion" everytime is realy silly, in my opinion.
thehitman  +   827d ago
Please stop with that. Its quite annoying.
Destrania  +   827d ago
That's good then because PS4 is capable of it. Xbone apparently is not.
swerve121  +   827d ago
How is the XB1 not capable of 1080p? You stupid mf Forza is 1080p even wii u can do 1080p
Destrania  +   827d ago
Oh right, I forgot. Xbone IS capable of 1080p @ 60fps IF the game has low-end spectrum current-gen graphics, effects, physics, AI, etc. There, sorry. Didn't mean to upset you sir.

Edit: Oh, except for CoD apparently. That still has to run native 720p on Xbone despite it's lack of next-gen anything lol.
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Kryptix  +   826d ago
lol Funny thing is that all CoDs are using the same engine with a few modifications every time so the ESRAM must be a big bottleneck than last gen if it can't run it at 1080p native easily...especially since the game looks similar to this gen's graphics. Even games that maxes out the PS3's graphics looks better than CoD: Ghosts next gen, so there shouldn't be a reason why it's not running at native 1080p with 60fps.

Working on the PS4 is as easy as creating games for the PC while the Xbox One holds a bottleneck that will hamper growth in the coming years. But with the PS4's ease of porting games from PC, it's not going to be something that will hurt the PS4's power just like the 360 held back the PS3 because the PS3 was complex to work with though more powerful graphically.
FANTA1180  +   826d ago


PlayStation_4  +   827d ago
900p/60 or 1080p/30 is still really good and a lot better than what we have had before, though I would prefer all games to be native 1080p/60
Ju  +   827d ago
There is an in-between...I'm thinking, 1080p@40-50fps or 900p@60...hmmm...and I'd go with the 1080 (as long as they manage to not introduce tearing).
PlayStation_4  +   827d ago

40-50 fps can't happen on consoles since the fps needs to be either divisible by 24 or 30 with most TVs.

A stable 30 would be better, otherwise it wouldn't look smooth
Ju  +   827d ago
No, has nothing to do with consoles. Flat screens use the same tech as TVs in the sense they have fixed refresh frequencies. But it doesn't even matter. The vsync is a legacy carried over from tubes. So, if a PC game runs "unlocked" so can consoles - since they share the pretty much same GPU tech with the next generation. How they sync this up with the TV I actually don't really know. I'd have to read into this. But the fact is, that KZ:SF is unlocked and does not screen tear. My best guess is, a smart tipple buffer and intelligent synched switching of buffers will most likely push beyond 30fps and not tear at all. These "inconsistencies" might be a bit more pronounced on PCs due to latency issues cause by the OS (and running aps). But sure isn't a problem for consoles (with a low latency OS).
GTgamer  +   827d ago
Highest FPS targeted ? Does that mean 60fps or 120fps hmmmmmmm only time will tell PS4 is a Beast of a Machine.
DeadRabbits  +   827d ago
If people settle for sub 1080p 60fps then that is what will be dished out by lazy Devs!

PS4 owners demand satisfaction!

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Ju  +   827d ago
It means 1080 and probably 30fps baseline with trying to reach 60 if possible. Like other games have already established.
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FANTA1180  +   826d ago
its so beast first party arcade racing game "driveclub" can't do 1080p and 60fps
jcnba28  +   827d ago
This game is nothing to be excited about it's not even fun on PC.
FamilyGuy  +   827d ago
What's wrong with it?
What makes it boring/"not fun"?
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   827d ago

Like basically every F2P game it suffers from the whole buy to win philosophy. Also it's extremely generic.
horndog  +   827d ago
You really shouldn't buy bf4 for ps4. KZ @30 just isn't next gen either.
PurpHerbison  +   827d ago
Well I guess technically, all consoles are doing is almost bridging the gap between PCs. 1080p/60FPS is very much this gen as it has been achieved on PC for years now.
MRMagoo123  +   827d ago
oh killzone is 30fps now is it ? cos last i heard yesterday it wasnt lol nice try tho corndog.
Deadpoolio  +   826d ago
@MRMagoo123: YES FACT Shadowfall is 1080p 30fps SP and 1080p 60fps MP.....However that is something Microsoft can't even accomplish on anything except a racing game.....I'd rather have games run at 1080p 30fps than 720p
dantesparda  +   826d ago
Then you definitely do not want to buy this on X1 and KZ's sp mode runs at above 30fps, even hitting 60fps, while its mp is 60fps (unless like 24 guys all blow up their grenades at the same time, then it'll drop some). Now go troll somewhere else fanboy.
BitbyDeath  +   826d ago

SP is unlocked can reach 60FPS.
mewhy32  +   827d ago
Is this game free to play?
C-H-E-F  +   827d ago
You didn't bother to read the article did you?
Magicite  +   827d ago
You are dead wrong, sir.
FamilyGuy  +   827d ago
Man, my PS4 is gonna be constantly downloading for days with all these F2P and PS+ titles coming at launch.
neocores  +   827d ago
Dont worry now you can downlaod while you play :D
Bobby Kotex  +   827d ago
Has anyone actually played this game? I guarantee you this game is nothing special.
solar  +   827d ago
Blacklight isnt anything to brag about. like bragging to your neighbor your dog's turd is biggest then his dog's
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Welcome2Die  +   827d ago
I agree with DeadRabbits I want all my games to be standard 1080p 60fps for the next gen.
mediate-this  +   826d ago
Tisk tisk tisk...
JunioRS101  +   826d ago
please leave
amnalehu  +   827d ago
Why am I not surprised! Good info.
BayKidSwerve  +   827d ago
Good news that developers are spending quality time on Free to play game. Makes me real excited that we are going to not have to buy games just to get that amazing next gen quality feel from a game.
Rainstorm81  +   827d ago
How is this game on PC and what is it about.

Right now the main F2P game I'm looking forward to on PS4 is WarFrame
AlexanderNevermind  +   827d ago
@ Rainstorm81

That WarFrame trailer is insane isn't it. I've already 'purchased' it on the PSN. Can't wait to try it out.
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Platinum_Neutral  +   827d ago
Isn't Warframe a free game or did I get something wrong?
da1writer  +   827d ago
You can preorder it so it instantly downloads on your PS4 once you get it (without you needing to do anything).
nirwanda  +   827d ago
Im looking forward to war thunder as well.
HammadTheBeast  +   827d ago
This game is pretty fun, takes some time to get used to, but it's very skill-based. Kind of like CoD 4.
Totoro17  +   827d ago
Warframe is friggin awesome. I've been playing it on the PC for a few months now. You're going to love it ;)
Pintheshadows  +   827d ago
^This. Warframe is damn cool. And the word really is cool.
sigfredod  +   827d ago
WarFrame is my second download first will be warthunder
Godhimself_In_3d  +   827d ago
Im ready for warfame ps4 11/15/13
TheFutureIsBlue  +   827d ago
Does anyone know if WarFrame will have couch co op?
Pintheshadows  +   827d ago
It is high paced like Call of Duty but a lot more tactical in its approach and with punchier gunplay. Has a great mechanic where you can see all the other players that are nearby to you but you are entirely defenseless whilst using it.

And in the FPS genre is unmatched in it customisation. It also has fantastic map design and interesting locations.

I really like it. It is pretty as well.
Angels3785  +   827d ago
saikorican  +   827d ago
AilonTrusk  +   827d ago
I've Played this game on PC and it's fantastic. Definitely a must have if you're getting a PS4.
AlexanderNevermind  +   827d ago
Planetside 2, Black Light Retribution and WarFrame all FTP on the PSN. Yep Definitely need a bigger hard drive.
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Angels3785  +   827d ago
I just wish planetside 2 was day 1 (itll come before the end of the year), but I want it now!!! I love that game so much!
Jsoc  +   827d ago
Looking forward in playing this game.....
Mohlest   827d ago | Spam
WeAreLegion  +   827d ago
So it WILL be there at launch?!? I thought it wouldn't make the launch. This is great news!
mistertwoturbo   827d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Lboogieskells  +   827d ago
120 FPS confirmed ;)
Kayant  +   827d ago
Pre-order uncancelled.
Lboogieskells  +   827d ago
Next Gen in 12 days.
#9.1.1 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(0) | Report
Preparing popcorn.
Angels3785  +   827d ago
While that would be great (I know you have a certain level of sarcasm). DEVs wouldnt do that because of screen tearing :/ most hdtv's dont have 120 hz refresh rates :(
svoulis  +   827d ago
I've played this on PC and it's got a good model for FTP and I didn't feel like it was ever pay to win. I know they haven't confirmed the FPS but I'd rather the settings be lowered a bit to get a solid 60fps. So here's hoping it is cause this game is gonna be good. Also will help keep you busy for a few months!

50+ PS4 games by end of March!
Concertoine  +   827d ago
it better be, this game is years old now...
Mikefizzled  +   827d ago
This is such a dull pay to win game...
Jovanian  +   827d ago
well congrats, they are able to max out an easy to max out game

now do the same for battlefield 4
ATi_Elite  +   827d ago
People Don't realize that as of RIGHT NOW Frostbite 3 is the ONLY real Next GEN game engine.

Maybe CryEngine 3 but Frostbite 3 is the ONLY Game engine with All the Post processing effects, eye candy, Physics, and Destruction that demands your system to perform.

So Maxing out a F2P game is NOT impressive to me especially when said game was designed to run on low end systems.

However I am happy Sony took the high road and designed the PS4 with Power in mind as 1080p 60fps is a MUST this console gen and not achieving that is a FAILURE.

Battlefield 4 showed that the PS4 does have LIMITS (900p) and anyone saying DICE are Lazy devs are STUPID as NO Multi-plat game is as Chaotic and Gorgeous as BF4.

by the way KZ:Sf looks nice but it isn't doing nearly HALF the stuff Battlefield 4 is doing Game Engine wise.

Anyway Blacklight Retribution is a Cool F2P fps that Sony Gamers will enjoy. it's not mindless run n gun like COD so a little brain work is involved.

I would Like to see Tribes:Ascend ported to the PS4 so Sony gamers can get a taste of some old school twitch shooting fun too.
#13.1 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
svoulis  +   827d ago
This isn't entirely true. The idea that a developer is making a game for PS3,360,XO,PS4,PC is a burden a really big one. They have to make the assets in the game work for all platforms, they have to focus on making it optimized for all platforms, they don't have the time to really tweak the engine 100% over time it will be next gen entirely but thats once they drop support for current gen platforms .

Did DICE impress with PS4 gameplay footage, yes they did. Coming from someone who plays BF4 on PC on ultra, I will be getting it for PS4 as well.

This engine was not developed for NEXT GEN, but it was developed for current gen graphic cards. If it was you wouldn't see the game on PS3 or 360. It's that simple.

When BF5 comes out, and if it doesn't come out on current gen consoles, we will see the real muscle behind Dice.

Its the software that drives the hardware, not the other way around. If the devs have time to focus on 3 platforms over 5 then we will see the benefit. This i why we PC gamers get "mediocre" ports of certain games.

Games that obviously look better on PC but don't look like a complete departure from current gen hardware. Its all about the assets of the game.

I find it extremely impressive what Dice did on a 400$ console. Cause you know damn well, that you could never pull that off on a 400$ PC even if its 900p @60fps.
Pintheshadows  +   827d ago
Yeah, because as someone who is getting a PS4 I have never played Tribes before.
mixelon  +   827d ago
Tribes:Ascend would be pretty hellish with a controller I would've thought, unless it has quite aggressive lock-on.. Which would be a shame.

I can't think of any FPS which requires such fast vertical/horizontal/spinning around like a lunatic with pinpoint accuracy.

I'd like to see a PS4 port too but I'd expect it to be verrrry frustrating.
esemce  +   827d ago
It's good though a shame that KZSF and BF4 can't maintain constant rock solid 60fps.

Anything techically less demanding that these two games should be able to do 1080@60fps.
#13.1.4 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
MasterCornholio  +   827d ago
Its FTP so I'll give it a shot.

Edit: Fanboys better deal with 1080P being the standard for most PS4 games.

Nexus 7 2013
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The_Ozymandias  +   827d ago
Did this really come as a surprise to anyone?
inf3cted1  +   827d ago
Many PCs can easily max this out, so the PS4 should too.
matrixman92  +   827d ago
the first blacklight was laughably bad....but i will definitely give this game a try at least
Amiroo  +   827d ago
lol , ps4 is a beast because it can run this $hit on 1080p and near 60fps but i don't know how my mid range pc runs it at 190fps 1080p :)) - please use the (Beast) word carefully
ATi_Elite  +   827d ago
PC running a Game at 1440p 100fps = Meh
PS4 running same game at 1080p 60fps = BEAST, GOD, AMAZING!

come on Bro it's N4G the Sony Propaganda is strong on this site LOL.
Cryptcuzz  +   827d ago
And just what is the percentage of PC gamers playing in 1440p 100fps? How about 1080p at 60fps?

Whereas all PS4 gamers would be able to play at least in 1080p 30-60fps.

Come on bro, its ATI_Elite, the PC elitist and yet he keeps coming back. Do'h!
saikorican  +   827d ago
It's only "Meh" because I know I'll never have that because of funds so to me it's just like seeing a beautiful picture of the swiss alps. Nice, but will I ever actually see that in real life soon? Doubtful.
RIP_Cell  +   827d ago

and what's the percentage of console gamers that will have a PS4 to play this game? PS4 is not going to outnumber PS3 til what year 2020?
InTheLab  +   827d ago
Define midrange....

Some of you pc guys dont know what midrange is....
MRMagoo123  +   827d ago
an i5, 560 gtx and 8 gigs of slow ddr3 is what most ppl think a mid range would be i suspect, thats just my opinion working on pc all day, but the ammount of ppl with a mid to high range is farrrrrr over taken with ppl buying a sh@tty dell pc with onboard graphics and 4 gigs of slow ddr3 with an i3.
Amiroo  +   826d ago
so true.
"PS4 running same game at 1080p 60fps"
with lower graphics, just like BF4,COD Ghost, Assassin 4 and future games.

and there is non PS4 in the market ! pcs are becoming more popular and just give it 2 years and even the low end systems can performe better than consoles.

this is the mid pc i was talking about:
i5 3570k - 660ti OCed to 1306MHz - 8GB ram and it coast less than a console.

i learned this in this site:
Xbox One = 720/1080 = meh, weak, M$ is dead.
PS4 = 720/1080... = best, who cares about graphics, best console ever, pre ordering now.
PC = 4K/2K/1080.. = meh,nobody buy one, expensive.
#18.2.2 (Edited 826d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
InTheLab  +   826d ago
That i5 is 220 on newegg
A decent board is $100+
Windows is $100+
660ti is $300+

Tower,power supply, hdd,ram, decent mnk,

This is the problem i have with people who talk about midrange and how it's cheaper than consoles.

The specs you've given me are damn near double the price of the strongest console.

I think more people would jump into pc gaming if pc advocates on gaming sites were more honest about what it takes. I've done it. I know midrange is mech more expensive than even an XB1.
#18.2.3 (Edited 826d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
sigfredod  +   827d ago
1st partys, 2nd partys, indies, 3rd partys, doesn't matter many are getting to develope games in 1080p on the PS4
stuna1  +   827d ago
I think that some of the PC Elitist are upset, because as of now the PS4 is starting to get a lot more of the titles that were once strictly PC Exclusive! And as this coming generation progresses, the amount is likely to increase, but yet Exclusive titles reserved for PS4 are not being showcased on PC's. Console gamers are console gamers for a reason, just like PC gamers are PC gamers for a reason! Even though PC gamers feel that they are somehow superior to console gamers, the truth of the matter is many console gamers don't really care! They are actually happy gaming on consoles, chose not to game on PC's, regardless of how much better it may be! Shocking isn't it?
Pandamobile  +   827d ago
Why would anyone in their right mind care if a game gets ported to a console a year after the fact?
stuna1  +   827d ago
How about those who haven't had the opportunity to play it!?

Not only that! There seems to be a general consensus in this article who wouldn't mind playing it now although they have also stated that they have played it on the PC.
#20.1.1 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
Pandamobile  +   827d ago
Kay, that's not what I meant. You're acting like this actually upsetting to people. No one is upset that Blacklight is hitting PS4.
stuna1  +   827d ago
You're speaking on 1 title in general, while I'm speaking on titles now and in the coming future! Which more than likely will not be releasing a year after the PC versions. This is where we seem to have a difference of opinion.
Tzuno  +   827d ago
wait until it launches.
#21 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TristanPR77  +   827d ago
I will get this one as soon as I get my PS4
MuhammadJA  +   827d ago
this is great news, but fyi, this game isn't really that demanding. a midrange to good laptop will max it easily.
Gigaguy777  +   827d ago
My laptop, which is older than PS3 and Xbox 360, can run this 1080, Max, and over 60 FPS. This is like an article stating that the X1 and PS4 will run 8-bit games at Native Resolution and over 120 FPS. DUH.
MRMagoo123  +   827d ago
oh righty, whats the model of your laptop if you dont mind me asking because then i can find out you are lying your arse off and call you out on it?
kingduqc  +   827d ago
Wow grats?

I do the same in 2560*1440 at over 60 fps on a 2 year old pc.
PsychoSupaman  +   827d ago
Doesn't matter, it'll all go just as last generation did. Except this time I won't make the mmistake and spend my money on a ps that'll only make 2 or 3 games that peak my interest. You guys enjoy flower and the "great" reso gun. Lol.. My Xbox One will love my 4k tv!
Sadist3  +   827d ago
Resolution has little to do with graphical excellence. A lot of people here really need to do research on resolution , especially those on this 1080p 720p debate. All you have to do is do a little reading on the truth about resolution, you might be surprised. What's even funnier is all these resolution whores demanding 1080p on their 40ish inch TV's.
fenome  +   827d ago
I've got a 60 inch tv in my bedroom, and my room's not that big. That's where I like to game though, I like chillin' with the surround sound kickin'. So for my display size to viewing distance ratio there is a difference between 720p and 1080p. It's not a deal-breaker, but I'd definitely prefer 1080p over 720p given the choice.

I get what you're saying though, and I agree. Resolution is just how the graphics are displayed, what you're actually seeing is up to the developers. Viewing a turd in 1080p is still looking at a turd after all.

I've been a gamer my since the 2600 and I've had awesome gaming experiences that came in all kinds of different resolutions.
RIP_Cell  +   827d ago
not surprising as this is hardly a great looking game
H0RSE  +   827d ago
Although it is good news to hear that PS4 players will be able to enjoy this game at the same visual quality as PC gamers, the game has modest system req's on PC, by no means a juggernaut to run, so the "power of the PS4" or similar comments, are little misplaced here. Now if this was something like a Crysis 3 port running at 1080p at max settings, then we'd have something to talk about.


Windows XP/Vista/7(32bit)
Dual Core CPU
4GB Free HD Space
DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
Broadband internet connection


Windows 7(64bit)
Quad Core CPU
4GB Free HD Space
DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
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