CRYENGINE Gallery - Battlefield, Metro 2033 & Need For Speed Inspired Maps Showcased

DSOGaming writes: "The highlights of this week are Maximum-Dev’s images (especially the maps that were inspired by Battlefield and Metro 2033) and USSR_GRAND’s racing game that reminded us of Need For Speed."

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DoomeDx1628d ago

Amazing engine.

To bad there arent any killer games for it

DeadlyFire1628d ago

Well they have increased the number of games using their engine in the past year so we could see one in there somewhere.

Mega241628d ago

the rocket taking off really raised my hairs and gave me goosebumps.

Perjoss1628d ago

The 2 last videos are really nice, its just a shame they are a single shot each, could have use another angle or 2. I think the lift off one could have used some wind force on the trees and grass about 15 secs after the take off too. Still really nice though!