PS4 Will Make PS3's 'Good' Online Experience 'Excellent'

Push Square: "Sony’s next generation console may be launching at a much lower price-point than its predecessor, but SCEE president Jim Ryan reckons that it will improve upon virtually every facet of its current flagship format. However, according to the likeable executive, one area that’s been given the greatest overhaul is the system’s online suite."

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pedrof931480d ago

The only real problem with PS3 online is the performance of the PS store, apart from that everything is fine for me.

ZodTheRipper1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

The PS Store is said to run perfectly on PS4 :)
I think they learned a lot from the PS3 and now that online multiplayer is tied to PS Plus they will use some of this income to improve the PSN.
As a free service, the PSN on PS3 was very good but now they definately have to step their game up in some departments.

AlexanderNevermind1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Personally I would like Dedicated Servers on all multiplayer gmaes and would like them to speed up the downloads on the store.


Maintenance may happen what once every 4-6 months. For maybe 3/4 hrs tops. Honestly I don't think its that bad. Sure it would be nice if the network can stay up during these periods but its understandable if they can't.

FamilyGuy1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

You know, it's kinda strange how they're going about the PS+ for multiplayer thing. Every time I look up they giving away or giving some sample or some discount on the PS+ service. It's like yeah, they make money off PS+ subscriptions, they say it's for the improvement of the online service on PS4 but they also really aren't being greedy about it.

All these deals of buy this game get a discount on PS+, get 3 free months with the purchase of driveclub, get 14 days free when you buy a ps4, buy PS+ and get $10 PSN store credit, buy a year of PS+ now and get 3 extra months free.

Constant deals, I wouldn't be surprised if they outright lowered the price.

BattleAxe1480d ago


PS+ won't always have these great deals. They're doing this to get people signed up, and I'm sure over time they will give less freebies. They're losing tons of potential revenue by giving so many free games away, it just can't keep going forever.

zeee1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I always thought that the PS Store was abysmal. The most annoying thing happens is when it starts to lag like sh**!!!! I mean, I'd be OK with the Store taking time to load only to be blistering fast after that. I have no idea who programmed it but they did a very bad job.

I love PSN Plus. I got hooked up after I got a free month's trial that came with HEAVY RAIN GOTY edition, I only wish PS Store was half as good.

Ah well, this gen is done and dusted (at least in my case). PS4 comes with motherload of Ram and I bet that UI looks snappy! I am very confident that PS Store on PS4 will be very smooth!

Like I said, I thought the new PS Store was poor but then came

Need I say more? ...

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Evil_Abed1480d ago

You don't mind the down times for maintenance?

TopDudeMan1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

You're gonna get server maintenance downtime regardless of the service you use. The most they can do is just do it at a time that it'll affect the least people- which I personally thought sony were terrible for but they can't please everyone. The world is round, after all.

Evil_Abed1480d ago

Woah people, it was a genuine question. I myself am bothered by it and I'm glad it won't be a problem this gen (I'm hoping).

I just prefer maintenance not = being unable to log in. How often did Xbox Live get routine maintenance? We don't know because they kept that stuff in the background somehow. I want that on both upcoming consoles.

OrangePowerz1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I'm not too bothered by it because in most cases you can still play online.

When I play Eve I get server maintenance every day for an hour.

nunley331479d ago

On PSN as long as you have logged in within 3 days you'll be able to log in and play online multi during a maintenance. you just can't go into account management, the Playstation Store, or into Playstation Home is all. A lot of my friends don't even notice when it's maintenance since they just keep on playing cod through them like they always do. It's my Home friends that moan the most since they can't using it during it and have to find something else to do.

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The_KELRaTH1480d ago

I'd say the only real problem with PS3's online is 99% of games only support p2p.
Battlefield 3 gave PS3 gamers a real taste of a proper online "PC like" experience.

I really hate the endless counting down to find a suitable user's console as a host, then another countdown to configure the host then start game and... ANOTHER countdown!
(Not to mention when the host exits the game or having a real crappy connection too).

I just want to enter a running server and click join game!

I really can't believe Sony has decided to adopt this method all over again.

OrangePowerz1480d ago

It's the Developers adopting this method. They can use dedicated servers for PS4 games if they want to.

koolaid2511480d ago

Dedicated servers cost a lot of money though.

The_KELRaTH1480d ago

So it's down to the developers and it costs too much!

So the PC has dedicated servers and you can even play 14+ yr old games that still have plenty of dedicated servers because there's an unlimited amount of cash for PC's

And the Xbox gets it because.. erm.. the devs only like spending more money on this console platform.


I feel that some are over valuing the costs of dedicated hosting.

Many host servers were paid for by gamers either via server rental or per seat, some are run by individuals from home/work etc - there was a cut down system with BF3.

I'm not suggesting every game needs it but most fps for instance, it should be the only way.

fenome1479d ago

Gaikai is a server farm, not just the tech to stream games though. I think a lot of people don't really get that. Here's an article about Gaikai and the original founders before Sony bought them out. It's hella funny they actually say Gaikai "isn't trying to be PlayStation 4 or take out the next Wii," lmao

and here's the last paragraph for anyone who doesn't feel like reading it:

"Perry also revealed to us that Gaikai has secured servers at 300 data centers across the US (as opposed to OnLive's five), in addition to inking deals with local broadband providers to install servers at another 900 peering locations -- all with the goal of keeping latency as low as possible. The ideas we saw in action have the potential to shake up the traditional game demo model, for sure. What do you think of what Gaikai's cooking up?"

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abradley1480d ago

Sorry, have to heavily disagree. Love PS3 and PS+ but party chat is the major deal breaker for me and my mates compared to Live. It's the one thing that make us prefer live when it comes to multiplayer games.

PS4 and Vita now have that so problem sorted.

strickers1479d ago

You know many games have party options in them. Like Killzone

abradley1479d ago

@Strickers Yeah for the same game, but you can't talk outside of that game without using the chat facility which stops you using any game. A massive draw back, not sure why I got disagrees for stating an obvious flaw in the current PS3 system.

yeahokchief1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

the store was perfect until they pushed the unified version on us which sucks balls. it is laggy and inefficient.

they should have kept the old PS3 store up as is. i would have bought more games on it. it was organized much better with the tiny squares and much easier to find things. not to mention it didn't take forever to load.

everything was stored in alphabetical categories so you could always find what you wanted. now you have to use the search function a lot and even that doesnt always turn up what you are looking for.

The_KELRaTH1479d ago

Agreed, they had it right. It was fast and icons were small so you could view everything quickly.

If there was an option to select the icon size so I could view most of the weekly updates on a single page again it would help.
The direction Sony have gone in makes no sense.

Prime1571479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

The store is pretty awesome comparatively to even less than a year ago, I'd say the new portal helped....


Business doesn't change like that - PS Plus was founded upon that business model of free games. You're thinking of Microsoft's 2 (cheap) games for 360 plans while somehow supporting cloud gaming and their advertising investors.

MAULxx1479d ago

I liked the old store better.
It was much easier to navigate not mention faster.

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Idba1480d ago

Im looking forward to not needing to wait 5 minutes for the PS Store to boot up

Benjammin251480d ago

I can't believe how slow the store is currently. Even with good internet connection. I'm sure the Xbots will still claim XBLA is better, but PSN on PS4 should be incredible.

Idba1480d ago

Yea. And in one of the ps4 trailers they showed someone double-clicking the home button and he went instantly (!!!) to PS Store, then he double clicked again and went instantly (!!!) back to his game

badkolo1480d ago

xbla is better and everyone knows it, miles better but the ps4 psn should be vastly improved upon and i cant wait to try it out. i think they learned from the ps3 psn and made massive changes for the better

MysticStrummer1480d ago


"xbla is better and everyone knows it"

Every gamer I know in real life disagrees. The only place I see or hear anyone backing up your claim is on the internet.

GTgamer1480d ago

I own both Consoles and telling u rite now PSN vs Xbla is straight nonsense especially when people say xbla is way better let me guess because you pay for it ? Look the only difference is that PSN sometimes can become unstable but its free so you really cant complain and no one i know with a ps3 got their info stolen but now that we have to pay i guarantee you that Sony will improve it and i Know that PS store will be faster because right now its awhile to boot up and with power of PS4 we should expect good performance.

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nunley331479d ago

what kinda of crap internet do you have where it takes that long. mine is pretty good and not the fastest for sure but it takes only like 5-8 seconds for it to boot for me. When it did have problems a few times i exited and re-entered and it fixed that. also when the new store was newer it was slower and i had to delete it and re-download it to fix it. But it's gotten a lot better since it's launch and a lot faster and more responsive. The old store was faster cause it was part of the system and not an app, it's better overall except for the search.

reko1479d ago


but youre not getting a ps4 tho? troll again.

TheFallenAngel1480d ago

If they are forcing me to pay for online I expect better online. The online now on ps3 is great.

bornsinner1480d ago

since when did the ps3 have a good online experience? it tried to rob my credit card, and had an outage every month.. for one month i could even play online!!!

DeadRabbits1480d ago

I wonder if it was the same PS3 that broke into my home and nicked my car keys and crapped in my shoes!

Benjammin251480d ago

Did you have to pay for that month you couldn't play online?...No? Then quit complaining. It was a mistake on Sony's part and one you can be certain they won't be making again. Everyone makes mistakes. What about RROD?

Evil_Abed1480d ago

Didn't happen to everyone and those that were affected got a replacement console for free.
Not defending his rant, I'm just not sure how bringing up RROD made his PSN experience a "good one" for him...

stavrami1480d ago

@ggj so these effected by RROD got new consoles so you say that's ok …so people effected by psn going down and getting a replacement month is ok as well then ??no ??

Evil_Abed1480d ago

I'm saying RROD doesn't make PSN a good experience for him.

Rainstorm811480d ago

Outage every month??....I think you need to have Snickers, you get overdramatic when your hungry

TheFallenAngel1480d ago

You never even had a ps3, xbot. I had my credit card in my ps3 when the PSN was hacked and I never had money taken out or anything. Even if they tried they would only have gotten 10-15 dollars anyways.

MysticStrummer1480d ago

"it tried to rob my credit card, and had an outage every month.. for one month i could even play online!!!"

My BS detector just exploded.

Every gamer I know in real life had a 360 and played on XBL at some point. Now none of them game on 360 and none thought XBL was superior to PSN. Maybe you game on PC…? No one I know games on PC, so that I won't argue with since I have no info on it, but no one on PSN had their credit card or bank account information stolen and there is no "outage" every month.

ndonnine1480d ago

You don't read the news very often do you?

That shut the servers down for a month. People DID lose enough information for identity theft. PS's online store was awful. They tried to improve with Plus because XBox sales took off and destroyed the ps3 in the USA because of the vast online gaming capabilities. Do you not read this news site? Sonys president just admitted in an interview the PS is way behind in America and they are the ones coming in this generation behind.

MysticStrummer1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I read the news every day. I never said that PSN wasn't down for a month at that time. I disputed that it was down because of an outage EVERY month. Information was potentially compromised, but there was no identity theft. PS being behind in the US has more to do with 360's year head start and people's tendency to buy the same console their friends buy than it does PSN. RRoD has at least a little something to do with that too. I live in the US, and everyone I know bought a 360. They all ended up buying multiple 360s because of RRoD. Now none of those people game on 360 and none of them thought XBL was anything special. They all wish they'd just waited for PS3 like I did, and none of them want an XB1. I've told that little story many times and always get called a liar, but it's a true story.

Saying PS is behind in the US because of XBL being clearly superior is like saying MS single handedly knocked Sony out of first place in the market. A lot of people on here say both things, but both are BS.

OrangePowerz1480d ago

Hackers tried to steal credit card information.

Also XBL went down for several weeks a few times during Christmas and that's a paid service and you got compensated with free crapy XBLA games for the trouble.

ndonnine1480d ago

By went down, you meant for 4 hours right? Because that's how long it was off for an overhaul to update the software for dashboard.

OrangePowerz1480d ago

No that`s not what I meant. What I meant was that

koolaid2511480d ago

My live hasn't ever been down except for maybe a few hours out of the 9 years I've had xbox live.

strickers1479d ago

It was down for many for 2 weeks. I think it was Halo 3 launch. That's why free games were offered.

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nunley331479d ago

since around before 2009 and played hundreds of hours into uncharted 2 online multi, it's very good. now your referring to messaging and party chat while playing im assuming since your an xbox troll. psn had one outage so your just hopelessly desperate there. If you look it up xbox and has been hacked and had MORE outages, these things happen. MS is a huge hacker target because they're big and cause of windows and how easy 360 was to hack. and live accounts have been hacked relentlessly and live has been hacked also. but MS does a good job but it's gonna happen to everybody. when Nintendo finally gets an online system going that compares to psn or xbl it'll be hacked too at some point.

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Rageanitus1480d ago

I hate the current version the PS Store. Too slow!

Xbox is good where it is quite seemless when watching video snipits though, but one thing I hated was the advertisement (even when your paying for live)

True_Samurai1480d ago

Talking about that tiny box that's in the right corner that's barely noticeable?

Hicken1480d ago

Talking about that box that shouldn't be there, PERIOD.

mkis0071479d ago

Ads on xbox interface make as much sense to me ad ads on hulu plus.