OXM UK- Preview: Why Titanfall is next gen's most exciting console exclusive

OXM:Eight-hour queues are usually the preserve of theme parks in high season. But as Gamescom opened to the public, Respawn and EA's online-only, mech-v-man shooter got in on the anticipation action, with wads of 100-Euro bills exchanging hands for a bit of light line-jumping. There was even a fast-pass system.

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Moz1660d ago

Played Titanfall at Eurogamer expo and it is amazing. However firstly it'll be available on PC & 360 so it isn't by itself a reason to get an XB1 but is a nice feather in it's hat.

However as for this article it carries next to no weight as it's written by OXM who's very reason for existing is to big up the xbox brand.

thrust1660d ago

It's not really the same game on the 360 tho.

PeaSFor1660d ago Show
ZodTheRipper1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Titanfall is a Day1 for me. Although I think the trailers for this game are very scripted they look simply amazing and I want to play this online with friends - in glorious 1080p and maxed out details on my PC :>

DeadRabbits1660d ago

Titanfall might give me a reason to dust off my 360. Will it be 720p also?

Snackel1660d ago

I wonder if this will have PC to X1 support online! I have a feeling MSoft will be pushing for this. See you ladies online in my Decked out Mech!

JokesOnYou1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Moz that makes sense but its not just OXM UK, literally most media and gamers alike are raving about their hands on, which is why at a the worlds biggest game event(E3) among all the competition in THEE most competitive genre Titanfall was singled out by THEE most sources for high praise, thus the awards...thats no accident and it continued at every gaming event the game was shown:

"Yet at Gamescom, people ran up to you and jabbered, "Oh my Christ, have you played Titanfall yet?", eyes bulging, before you'd even had a chance to ask what the Wi-Fi password was."

-Yeah I've said since E3 that this was my favorite game. lol, I said just recently even before news broke that it would stay exclusive that Titanfall was my MOST anticipated game followed by Ryse because Im a huge shooter fan. Its not about exclusitivity as until recently I thought the game had a chance to come to ps4 later. Its just one of those games that comes along every few years that has that winning pick up and play formula where you can see folks f et om the avg joe gamer to the hardcore shooter nut are going to have lots and lots of fun, with it for years to come, which is why Titanfall is looking like the biggest new IP this gen. Who knows maybe some other new IP will be better but for now I don't see any other game that gets media and gamers more excited than Titanfall.

Bigpappy1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Aaah! I see the PS4 fanboys want to taught PS4 and its 1080p for all games in all X1 article. You guys are easily amused I see.

While you are giggling chew on this: 1) People are not going to buy or play a game because it has a higher resolution on PC.
2) 720p is a high definition, and rarely done natively on current generation consoles. It will actual look very pleasant if the games do end up releasing at 720p native.
3) I have never read a preview that said this game was hot because it may run at 1080p.
4) I know you guys already know all of this. You just think you are poking a little funny at Xbox fans. But, is trolling really that exciting? Oops that is just as dumb as you comments, but you will probably not understand why.

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felidae1660d ago

@PeaSFor ... lol, crushed blacks

learned a new word on the internet eh?

Nocando1660d ago

My thoughts exactly, so many parrots around here.

aawells071660d ago

Lol yea there are a bunch of young immature kids here. You just overlook them.

razrye1660d ago

@jokes actually gamescom is the biggest game show. Not e3.

Fat-Milkers1660d ago

PC purchase. No way I'm playing anything 720p. Conversation over. Done.

felidae1660d ago

lolololol, yeah the difference will be imense!

720p upscaled to 1080p:

native 1080p:

DoesUs1660d ago

Very noticeable blur on the upscaled image assuming these are correct. The 1080p doesn't look correct to me.

Snackel1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Fat-Milkers when you play on your PC do you have it hooked up to your TV also what kind of gaming pad do you use? My thoughts are you sit real close to a monitor which just isnt very comfortable. I prefer the whole console style boot up compared to PC's myself.

Fat-Milkers1660d ago

I have a three monitor set up and a great gaming chair. I can't sit too close as I have fat milkers.
No disrespect to console gamers intended. But visual fidelity does matter to the pc enthusiasts.720p belongs in 2004.

Ps4Console1660d ago

The game looks good but I have finished with Ms there a rip off company after world domination & greed , they used to say when Peter Moore was in charge it is all about the games but when Moore left it was all about greed with there apps I jumped ship & went to the PS3 where I was welcomed & liked best thing I ever did .

TacticAce1660d ago

Sooo PC's are consoles now? Because its been confirmed for pc and I would tgink a place like oxm would know that.

dirigiblebill1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

That's "console exclusive" as in "exclusive to one of the consoles". Kind of like how Planetside 2 is a console exclusive.

Snackle1660d ago

I can't wait th is will be the first big title that really shows us what the Next Gen can do!!! Counting down the days

PeaSFor1660d ago

meh, the game visuals are really unerwhelming for a "next-gen" title

felidae1660d ago

so you only play games with overwhelming graphics, right?

Snackel1660d ago

This may not be on the level of Quantem Break in terms of Graphics but the Gameplay looks more addicting then crack not to mention silk smooth! If all these game previewers are half right we are in for a big treat! March can't come soon enough my friends!

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