Microsoft Doesn't Force Rare to Work on Kinect Games

"I haven't said Rare has to be a Kinect studio. I've never said that to them," says Microsoft's Phil Spencer.

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jay21634d ago

Rare are now S**t, have been since Nuts and Bolts (including this game).

NewMonday1634d ago

"Microsoft Doesn't Force Rare to Work on Kinect Games"

then why do they shoot do every non Kinect project Rare develops?..

Evil_Abed1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

You must have missed the FOUR non Kinect IP's Microsoft let them work on this gen alone. You tell me one studio this gen that has worked on that many different IP's this gen. I assure you the list will be very short and won't include any studios from Sony.

The way I see it, working on kinect is a lot better than being jobless like Zipper and. Sony Liverpool ex staffers. Instead of making RARE work on the same IP's that weren't commercially successful, they flipped and changed the formula until something viable stuck.

Better than making a bunch of wipeouts only to be shut down, they worked on a total of FIVE IP's this gen until they struck Gold.

amiga-man1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I think this is probably true, the real Rare disapeared a long time ago.

Septic1634d ago

Who said Microsoft cancelled them? Maybe Rare themselves weren't happy with where those games were going? It could be down to a whole load of different factors.

Dehnus1634d ago

They only really made 1 Kinect game. The Other two are made by other studios with someone from them looking over their shoulders. Now since Rare has 3 teams at their disposal, they migth as well be working on 3 titles for the Xbox One, or not working at all. We don't know, we can only guess.

But it IS very typical for rare, already with Nintendo, to not say anything until a game is nearly finished. Heck even a "It's done when it's done!" aproach like Blizzard has now as well. Rareware always was a very secretive developer, so they could be working on Nothing, or Everything... we really don't know.

If it's going to be good? That we don't know either.

AuToFiRE1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

@GGJ plug a ps3 controller into your computer, get project64 and download conkers bad fur day, perfect dark, goldeneye, banjo kazooie, donkey kong 64, and thats just on the N64. Members of Rare also split off to form Free Radical which produced timesplitters. Are you really trying to defend microsoft on this one? M$ sat on Rare and its entire, incredibly talented team left. What you have today is a shell, a corpse of the bright future of gaming I saw from them. Microsoft is only tarnishing the name now.

Eonjay1634d ago

It makes sense. Microsoft doesn't force its own studios to use Kinect. Thats why its not being forced on consumers.

HammadTheBeast1634d ago


MS have about 4 studios that actually work on real games. That's why they make different IP's.

OrangePowerz1634d ago


They made those games while they still had people at the studio from the old times, including the founders of Rare. The founders and others left in 2007 and before that already. What is left of Rare is basically their name. What is known as Rare now isn`t Rare really. It`s like if you would take Naughty Dog and all the good creative people left and are replaced with some other less good people who do what they are told to do from the Publisher.

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Septic1634d ago

Nuts and Bolts was actually a decent game. So was Viva Pinata.

Software_Lover1634d ago

I actually liked Viva Pinata.

Because they are with Microsoft, everyone expects them to make certain types of games, and they give them flack when they aren't "HARDCORE".

If Viva Pinata came out on the Wii it would have gotten praise. If Nuts and Bolts came out on the Wii, it would have gotten praise and the headlines would read "RARE is back!!".

They can't win for losing.

GentlemenRUs1634d ago

Used to play those, Some great times I had :)

I even have the first viva on PC(Which will become defective once GFWL shuts down...).

Dehnus1634d ago

I actually liked Nuts and Bolts. True it wasn't a good platformer, but it was quite entertaining also to play the multiplayer options with friends on the couch.

Was the last game ont he 360 that I still played, the rest was such typical COD crapfest that took the dominance. But your user Icon tells me you didn't like Rareware to begin with and rather just bash it to be part of the hype ;).

That's okay, but don't say your opinion is a fact please ;).

jay21634d ago

@GGJ which were all BEFORE kinect's release.....

BullyMangler1634d ago

ha haaa . yesssss . perfect Dark Zero was trash too ha haaaa . . . Rare needs NEW NAME < fact

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xPhearR3dx1634d ago

If Rare would just make a damn Conker game already, LOTS of people would be happy.

Pozzle1634d ago

Or a proper Banjo Threeie.

-Foxtrot1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )


Conker, Kameo, Perfect Dark 2....all games MS have cancelled

Belking1634d ago

yea, but Rare is still a great studio. You never know, we just might get a new Conker or something from them this gen. Sony has a studio that's pretty much the same. They went from doing core games to casual ones too, but no one like to acknowledge it because they have double standards. Just take a look:

WeAreLegion1634d ago

They went from casual to casual. What are you talking about?

iamnsuperman1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

What are you talking about. That studio has always done the casual side (except for a few notable examples being the getaway series, which was more the soho team side, and some old sports games). That studio has being doing casual stuff since the beginning (1998 spice world game) . The last we heard of the more "core" side of things was eight days which was cancelled and they released gangs of London in 2006. They are more of a casual studio that does (rarely) "core" games on the side

Baka-akaB1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Uh what the hell you are talking about . London studio has been the casual oriented one for most of its life . They mostly did stuff like mentioned above and Buzz or Singstar .

Pretty much their only known core stuff were Porsche Challenge and a Tetaway game eons ago and years apart from each other . It's their casual stuff that made them known

Or are we going to pretend people noticed those Nba and football games from their early days and actuall miss them ?

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