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Sony spends a few thousand dollars for TaketheOath.com as PS4 launch date nears

In a little less than 2 weeks on November 15, Sony will launch the PlayStation 4 in North America. Despite everything that’s going on at the company, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC for some reason acquired the domain name TakeTheOath.com. According to WHOIS records, the name switched hands this week from its previous owner to Sony. It’s anyone’s guess what “Take the Oath” will be. (PS4, Sony)

xYakuzaz  +   164d ago
We will have to take an oath for our loyalty to PlayStation xD
GribbleGrunger  +   164d ago | Funny
"I swear to the almighty COD that I will game close to my TV and will never distance myself from the truth."
Stsonic  +   164d ago
If I take that COD and slap it round my face will the truth reveal itself, or am I to far down in this rabbit hole?
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dmitrijs88  +   164d ago
You hit the nail, sir.
inveni0  +   164d ago
Maybe, since they're going to have companion apps, they wan't to promote anti-gaming-while-driving behavior.
u-bEttA-rUn  +   164d ago
f****** hilariousThanks bubble up
Dehnus  +   164d ago
Ah, so we can have another Blizzcon at our hands with people taking a Horde Oath and subsequently Corpsegrinder causing a little "The Wave" moment. Where he wanted all "Alliance Faggots to Kill themselves or be killed" in real life and us Horde players cheer like crazy.

Yup.. taking oaths to a company or a fictional side... so much fun.

So let's hope Sony means something else than that little accidental gaf from Blizzard. As to this day some idiots can't seem to seperate Faction Pride in a game from RL and have to be idiots to others in RL. People are idiots, the latest console war has proven that.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   164d ago
Nerd rage
SilentNegotiator  +   164d ago
Do you really believe that more than a handful of psychos actually think that way?
Dehnus  +   164d ago
I just beleive that the whole "oath" thing can really go to far. There always are idiots that take it too far, I must admit some idiots often makes me ashamed to be a gamer. The latest Console War being another example. Rather then just making a nice joke back and forth, people go completly bonkers with an almost mob mentality at one another.

Most of us still know to behave and just think it is a joke. But there are those that really take it too far. Sadly one has to be idiot proof as people are idiots, so having a bunch of idiots take an oath, can only asure those idiots that it is okay to pick on that kid who'se father is an Xbot or even sadder, adults that pick on another adult for liking an Xbox.

I suppose I lost a lot of trust in humanity over the years, also in gaming enthusiasts, as our hobby so often is abused by idiots.

And we only need 1 psycho to misbehave. Sadly enough.....

I am not against some jesting back and forth, or an ocasional tease. It is more the tone of taking oaths and being a complete dick that some people tend to be.
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DeadRabbits  +   164d ago
I already took the PS4 oath when I pre ordered the only console to consistently provide 1080p 60fps!
Mohlest   164d ago | Spam
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   164d ago
Something else that Sony will drop in its gaming bag of goodies? I really like the way they can come out of left field.
Sitdown  +   164d ago
Haha what? Man I appreciate Sony, but you are in waaaay to deep. Not only do we not know if this will end up being game related, but tons of people/companies "come out of left field" by acquiring websites.
Destrania  +   164d ago
It sounds like 'take the oath' could be related to The Order 1886. It could definitely fit.
iamnsuperman  +   164d ago
It could be a marketing push for the PS4 but I think it might be a game. Take the oath sounds more like a plot device/marketing push for a game
Sitdown  +   164d ago
The way you said that, me think it go be for The Order.

Apparently somebody from below has the same idea as well.
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Dehnus  +   164d ago
I hope so but the American drive to make everything into a "war", "War on <x>" or "Take an oath to <y>" would not surprise me anymore if SCEA decided to take it into that.
hollabox  +   164d ago
Oh the systems launches on my payday! Good thing I just paid it off on Friday. Amazon switched me to the PS 4 DS edition pre-order after Watch Dog was delayed. Probably will take the day off, sell my PS3 for $100, and see about buying a game or two, nothing really I want play or stand out for me yet. I already own BF4 on the PC, probably Madden 25, and Kill Zone if I can get KZ3 ending out of my head.

I get paid a third paycheck this month around the 29th, I think that's Black Friday weekend. Debating on picking XB1 if any in stock, or buying one of AMD 290/290X video cards if manufactures come out with heatsinks.
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SniperControl  +   164d ago
Agent maybe?
HolyDuck  +   164d ago
Wouldn't it be Rockstar buying the websites for Agent, not Sony?

Personally I think it might have something to do with The Order 1886.
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SniperControl  +   164d ago
Yeah, think you might onto something there. We'll find out soon enough i suppose.
KingKevo  +   164d ago
My thought as well, when I read the story, It would just tie in with what the game appears to be and it's setting and the factions etc. etc.. Well, let's see.
Could be a viral thing or some kind of promotional website or a little browser game to get people into the order, like Ubisoft does it with AC very often. Who knows.
Bathyj  +   164d ago
Damn. I knew I should have bought that domain last month
Angeljuice  +   164d ago
You can still buy PlayStation4.com by all accounts. I wonder why Sony hasn't acquired it yet.
CarnageXB  +   164d ago
Not anymore
ZBlacktt  +   164d ago
So in other words this has nothing to do with video games and is just a pure guess.
Hicken  +   164d ago
Well, as others have said, it could be game-related. And why not? In all likelihood, it'd only be games or movies.
Langkasuka  +   164d ago
Please let it be a Deep Down or an Order 1886 announcement... (>.<)
wenaldy  +   164d ago
God of War: Mission Cleopatre
Iltapalanyymi  +   164d ago
I believe this is not vidya related. It is some kind of competition or something.

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