The Wii U is officially the slowest selling console from Nintendo

The Wii U has failed to gain enough interest in its first year.

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R00bot1665d ago

Yes it is.

Didn't we already know this? Like, ages ago?

And is it selling slower than the Virtual Boy was? I find that hard to believe.

Concertoine1665d ago

The NES had less than 3 million sold in it's first year. The virtual boy had less than a million lifetime. i imagine they assumed the gamecube was the worst selling first year for a nintendo system at 4.6 in it's first year, which the wii u probably won't hit by it's first year.
Poor quality article but that doesn't make this any less concerning.

UltimateMaster1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Yeah, but I doubt it's the slowest selling system ever. Still, the PS3 sold more on it's first year.
The PS3 by around this time of it's first launch was around 5.5M. The Wii U is 3.81M
This isn't good, considering the PS3 was also twice as expensive with a recession that was on the horizon, it's just not looking good for the Wii U.

BullyMangler1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

ha haa rite, the Virtual boy . . . but its a fact that wiiU would have sold more by simply having had a better nAME . . simple as that . . any game on sony machine or microsoft is more immersive and more comfy and just better on wiiU systems because of the game-pad . . . < fact

the truth will hurt many fanpies

Misaka_x_Touma1665d ago

Virtual Boy was discontinue due to harming and putting kids in hospital. It was never officially a flop.

deafdani1665d ago

Yes, it was.

Stop making things up, it's embarrassing.

Misaka_x_Touma1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

not making stuff up. It factual.

gpturbo811665d ago

but but but, it wouldnt be n4goat if they didnt put more pessimism on this console. 30 different titled articles all about the same story. thats how they roooolllllllllll

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ABizzel11665d ago

The Wii U is secretly suffering from the XBO syndrome. Misguided management and marketing, Poor name choice, and cost $100 more than it's closest competitor with no proof of superiority (although in this case the Wii U is more powerful than the PS360, but the difference is between running a game 720p @ 30fps Medium settings (PS360) and running a game 720p @30fps High settings (Wii U)).

Not worth the extra $100 when you can get a PS360 with huge and established library of games. Right now the Wii U is only for the most dedicated of Nintendo fans, of which they are only 20 - 30 million.

CAB1802theWiiUdefend1665d ago

But the PS360 is already had 7-8 years, thats why it has so many games. Wii U has more 1080p 60fps games than PS4One, Well $300 is the cheapest option in the 8th gen. Well, if the Wii U is dedicated to Nintendo fans, does this mean that the Wii U is hardcore? and do you mean the Xbox syndrome? everything else you said, I agree with

ABizzel11664d ago

[email protected] is easy to achieve when you have the games running at low graphic settings (at least compared to PC settings), meanwhile, PS4 and XBO are hitting High and Ultra settings which are extremely demanding compared to low settings.

Technologically speaking the Wii U is an insignificant upgrade from the PS360 compared to the PS4 and XBO, and at $299 is not worth the price. (Nor are the PS360 worth their asking price entering their 8th and 9th year and still selling for $179 - $299).

The Wii U feels more like it's playing catch up instead of innovating, and while having menus, maps, second screen, and options always in the palm of your hand is great, it doesn't bring the feeling of new and revolutionary ideas that the original Wii did back in 2006. Times have changed.

"Well, if the Wii U is dedicated to Nintendo fans, does this mean that the Wii U is hardcore?"

Anyone buying a "dedicated" gaming console IMO is a "hardcore gamer". That being said Nintendo's audience aren't PlayStation and XBox audience (which is considered core to most of the people here).

By XBO syndrome I mean, bad messaging to their audience, console identity crisis, overpriced for what it's worth, poor upper management, awful media attention, etc... all things plaguing the Xbox One right now are all things that are plaguing the Wii U.

I have no problem with the Wii U being a more casual-core console aimed E for everyone, but you need to price yourself as such and have the games to back it up.

2014 is the Wii U's sink or swim year. They have a great line-up of games for the first half of 2014, and the second half will hopefully be just as good, add a price drop down to $249, and a rewards program to make up any loss and that will prove if the Wii U has failed or not.

Come December 2014 if the Wii U is still selling less than 5 million consoles per year, it's over.

esemce1665d ago

No poor WiiU owners, as Nintendo have short changed them.

mcstorm1665d ago

Why have they? I have yet to play a poor exclusive on the wiiu and I own Mario, pikmin 3,lego city, wonderful101, sonic lost world, Nintendo Land, wiiparty U and Zelda windwaker. I also have Mario 3d world, dk, Mario kart and super smash bros on pre order. Only games on the other 2 next gen consoles that have me wanting them are Forza 5 and KI and that's why I also have a Xbox one on pre order but the rest of the games don't have me wanting them day one.

Bio_Mod1665d ago

Now they're finishing manufacturing Wii's, and with a price cut the Wii U could make a turnaround.

CAB1802theWiiUdefend1665d ago

Yeah But it still isn't discontinued in America yet

lilbroRx1665d ago

The Wii U has been getting price cuts form teh begginig of the year. That isn't the issue and never was. The PS4 and Xboxone would be DOA if that was the case.

The Wii U simply lacks proper marketing to tell people what it is and games that people really want to buy.

R00bot1665d ago

I hope they start marketing it well as soon as Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, X, Smash Bros., Yarn Yoshi, etc. come out.

Moncole1665d ago

From Nintendo but not of all time.

Moncole1665d ago

Why the disagrees? Its not the slowest selling console, its the slowest selling console for Nintendo.

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