GTAIV - DVD-Crave breaks release date

With the launch of GTAIV around the corner and gamers eagerly awaiting their very own copy, it looks like an online store downunder jumped the gun by a few days.

DarkArmada writes: "It's been brought to the surface that DVD-Crave have, due to reasons at this stage unknown, allowed some pre-ordered copies of GTAIV to slip through the cracks and arrive on Australian gamers' doorsteps all across Australia. This of course is days before the official release date of the 29th April sending local gamers into a fury."

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addic3834d ago

from the dvd-crave page:

"Due to a shipping error three of our customers might well have received their copies of GTA4 this morning...

Please appreciate that this was an error on our part and that DVDCrave is committed to abiding by the official world wide street date of Tuesday the 29th.

The release of this game is a huge event, so please hang in there until the 29th as you won't be disappointed!"

lucky bastards! ;)

Yi-Long3834d ago

... doesnt bothyer me at all. I'm a patient guy and I can wait.

It's the censored version btw, so I wasnt interested in that version anyway... :)

bob20833834d ago

was just wondering, what actually happens to these companies that release games early?

gaminoz3833d ago

It was a lot more than 3 copies from what I've read....