GameTap: The World Ends With You Review - What happens when someone makes a game out of

GameTap writes: "If you've been on the Internet for any decent amount of time, you probably know that there are a lot of blogs out there with people discussing how much they hate life, how having friends is stupid, and how everyone is ignorant to the real inner-workings of the universe. Nothing ever seems to go right and when it does, the other shoe drops and the woe is me business comes back. The World Ends With You--an action-RPG from Square Enix--echoes these same sentiments and even goes so far as to make them a major aspect of the game's overall story arc, with characters that are either distrustful of each other or generally aren't what they seem.

Indeed, even the title itself suggests that the world is limited to what you do, and opening up to people and different experiences is the only way to expand it. And while it all seems a little hokey or emo (as the kids call it these days) at first, The World Ends With You is actually one of the most interesting and gratifying experiences I've had with an RPG in years."

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