GameTap: GTA IV Multiplayer Impressions: Part 2 - Even more hands-on details of the new multiplayer modes

GameTap writes: "Suddenly, I stood in a park with a simple handgun. It was kill or be killed.

The new GTA IV multiplayer map was totally foreign to me and I ran wildly, looking for cover and a better gun to wield. Fortunately, I found a sniper rifle near an apartment building with a fire escape ladder. I climbed it and found a good lookout perch; once I stood still, the blip representing me disappeared on enemy maps.

I could see over the entire park, across the bay, and into Liberty City itself; in the distance, I could see my team and my enemies gunning each other down. The sniper rifle, like in all GTA games, handled well--with a good long zoom and smooth, fluid controls. In rapid succession, I spotted and unloaded on four enemies, listening to the beautiful reloading sound effect after each shot, and watching my enemies crumple to the ground, dead."

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