Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 140 – All games will be 1080p on Xbox One?

Paul from DJ Podcasts writes "This week on the DJ Podcast we discuss the latest gaming news including Call of Duty Ghosts running at 720p native and Battlefield 4 much to the displeasure of the next gen gamer. Also, Titanfall remains exclusive for life on the Xbox One system and we discuss EA’s views on launch games. In this week’s roundtable talk we open up the monster that is 1080p and the pursuit for gaming perfection that comes with awesome graphics, or not. It’s a corker and we encourage you to tune in. Also on the show, we review Beyond Two Souls and Castlevania, take your reader mail and shout out to the fans. Let’s do this."

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Games_R_Us1273d ago ShowReplies(3)
neocores1273d ago

Lol they just need to accept it already. if it says 720 on the box and its confrimed its 720... not 1080 or 1081 come on guys its over

MRMagoo1231273d ago

Did anyone else listen to this crap , by far the most stupid biased chat i have ever heard.

Games_R_Us1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Wow u guys are awesome. Ever thought of being objective yourselves? Xbox 1 does do 1080p 60fps ie Forza 5 but everyone wants to discount it and say its 720p for he win

dantesparda1273d ago

One game and a racing game at that and you wanna act like the system is so capable. Please! if Forza runs at 080/60fps on X1 then it would run alot better on PS4. Face it! The X1 is weak!

MRMagoo1231273d ago

objective lol your whole podcast was basically downplaying every thing negative lol then you make a huge deal about MP3 support on the ps4 smh, the bias was so thick in that cast you could cut it with a knife.

RiPPn1273d ago

You should read about the cheats T10 had to use to get the game to 1080p 60fps. They used last gen cheats like forward rendering and baked lighting. It's the reason there are no day/night cycles or weather effects in the game, it's just not that complex of a game. Open world games and shooters will likely not reach 1080p on the Xbox One. Remember when they promised Halo would be 1080p, that was at a time when Ryse was also supposed to be. The system is weak sauce, so like you said in the podcast, hopefully the network capabilities can make up for the lack of horsepower in this machine.

dennett3161272d ago

One game, that features pre-baked rather than dynamic lighting, and a lot of other last gen tricks. Good looking game, but not exactly next gen.
Drive Club blows it out the water in graphical terms....though that game doesn't currently feature 60fps gameplay. Then again, cut out a few graphical effects, and it easily could.

ambientFLIER1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Cut out a few graphical effects and Driveclub can do 60 fps? Funny because cut the framerate in half and Forza can do full dynamic lighting and day/night cycles...

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RiPPn1273d ago

Couple things, first the graphics processor specs have been released for the PS4 and it is superior to the Xbone, it's the CPU we don't know the specs on and will be released on the 13th.

Second, Paul you are putting a lot of stock in that FUD video that has been discredited to the point where the guy that made it backtracks and blames his sources for the nonsense. So you should really stop referencing it cause it's making you look silly.

And here's another video from the same guy you probably won't like as much:

Games_R_Us1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Happy to take that on board rripn and I was not aware there was more vids so will check it out. But what about all the other points we mentioned as to why the XB version of Cod for example is better as an overall package ie online etc etc or could better

neocores1272d ago

Lol thats why Cod ghost for ps4 has more the the xbone

dennett3161272d ago

You don't know that it's better only assume based on last gen, where Xbox Live was marginally better than PSN. Sony has detailed a number of improvements for PSN this go around, so you may want to hold off on jumping the gun regarding which online service is better. The one advantage that MS have with CoD is earlier access to the DLC map packs than other platforms. That's a fine advantage, but for many, it doesn't actually matter too much.

Bigc321273d ago

Ps couldn't handle ai of racing game keep it real. Ps just power have fun of crappy online no dedicated servers lol joke on u. Only cod is doing multi servers but xb1 every game is dedicated n would make kz actually look good online for once lol

Games_R_Us1273d ago ShowReplies(1)
dennett3161272d ago

Just for your info...might want to look things up regarding dedicated servers on might be surprised. Not just the One version that has dedicated servers.

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