Savage Starlight Is Not Naughty Dog's Next Game

Eskimo Press: "The next Naughty Dog game is definitely not Savage Starlight, and might have nothing to do with space, at all. Our sources are still confident that the next major release is Uncharted 4."

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The_Ozymandias1866d ago

I'd personally love to see Naughty Dog establish a completely new and original IP as their definitive property for this next-generation. One where 'only possible on Playstation 4' means just that.

GarrusVakarian1865d ago

Agreed, i really wish they would create a new Sci Fi IP, though its looking unlikely :(

inveni01865d ago

Well, they've already announced that they're keeping their previous engine (which is fine, it's fabulous), so it would make sense that they'll stick with a familiar genre. The problem is that a sci-fi game would fit well with that engine. The only problem is that this article doesn't give any real news. It seems like the "sources" is just the tweet that went out from the co-president or whatever.

I still think that they'll carry Uncharted over if they can. There's still some story to be told between those characters. BUT I wouldn't mind a new IP, either. ND is brilliant.

ZodTheRipper1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

They don't need to make a space game, Uncharted still has so much potential.
I want an open world Uncharted 4 with up to four player online and offline coop. Survival elements, vehicles/aircrafts, customization, all that stuff could be used to make this franchise even bigger.

Meanwhile, the TLOU-team could look at a new genre & theme for their next game.

UltimateMaster1865d ago

I miss Uncharted, I want Uncharted 4 for 2014.

DeletedAcc1865d ago


Fat-Milkers1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Give us Jak&Daxter remastered in HD again! LOL

Was only remastered to 720p tho before...haha

FiLTHY ESKiMO1865d ago

If they are only just now starting to research space makes me doubt that they will have anything to show for Spike TV's launch event.

Also, revealing Uncharted 4 would make a lot more sense. Erina's "contact" also seems somewhat reliable; he did say that their would be a big announcement from ND at a Spike TV event.

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The story is too old to be commented.