Naughty Dog Co-President Shoots Down Space Game Rumor

Naughty Dog Co-President, Christophe Balestra, shoots down the "space game" rumor in a recent tweet.

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-Foxtrot1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I hope we see a space game in the future but for now I'd rather have Uncharted 4. Maybe the Last of Us team can work on the space game...although I'd rather see them work on Jak 4 then after that the Uncharted team will work on next gens new IP.

I just want some Uncharted goodness for now. I kind of miss Nathan, Elena and Sully

Outside_ofthe_Box1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I still want a new IP though. I wouldn't mind a Jak 4 as well, but I want to either see a new IP or Jak 4 before we get Uncharted 4.

Edit: @ below

Yeah I know that they have two teams. I would just like to see one of the two before we get Uncharted 4 is all. Jak 4 in particular because I want to see how ND would do an open world type game with a console that they call a "killer machine."

-Foxtrot1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Why though, it's the start of next gen, it would be better to get Uncharted 4 now so ND can get used to the PS4 and see what it can do with an old franchise then when it comes to making next gens new IP they can use what they've learnt from Uncharted 4 and make it even more spectacular.

Plus we have two teams now so even if they do Jak 4 and Uncharted 4 we'll still get a new IP. They spilt ND into two teams for a reason

PoSTedUP1628d ago

1-3 + golden abyss and i still want an uncharted4. im sure they will master any genre or game they touch, but, uncharted is the ****. also glad to hear its not in space, it most deff woulda been cool, but im a big fan of their current track record with planet earth.

i can see them doing a somewhat futuristic Uncharted for the ps4, not ridiculously excessive but with some upcomming new technology involved or something (or for a new IP). thats my best guess.

Conzul1628d ago

I too want Uncharted 4, but I want them to really tie it up with that one and put it on ice.

We've seen what they do with new, mature IPs, and unless they bring Uncharted into M territory, let's move on.....

hellzsupernova1628d ago

You seriously want the same company who made uncharted and the last of us, to go back to jak? Please naughty dog are far above that now, hand jak off to someone like sanzaru who have a passion for it, naughty dog are way above jak now sorry.

crxss1628d ago

Pretty sure it's still happening. I mean Indiana Jones did it so...

itBourne1628d ago

They will not work on Jak, for sure. Its been said multiple times. They thought about a new Jak before TLoU, but they essentially said they are far better then Jak, in a nice way lol. The game would have to change substantially for them to be interested and to bring the game up to date, thats something they did not want and fans dont want, so they chose to make a new ip.

Which I support 100%, another dev can do Jak. Otherwise they get burnt out, have no passion, more people leave, then just start shipping meh games. *cough* Insomniac *cough*

itBourne1628d ago

I do want another Uncharted tho, just not quite yet, the last one was meh story cuz they shoe horned in Elena and Chloe, Emily Rose is pregnant and has her TV series, let things settle down and bring one in another 2 or 3 years. TLoU needs to be done and over with, epic game on of best ever, let it retire on top, those two characters story was told. Give Jak to another dev I think sale it for 10 or 20 cheaper and I will totally buy it.

Let ND work their magic and keep giving us new and fresh experiences. They deserve to be able to do whatever the hell they want after their track record.

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Dark111628d ago

I'm sure we will see Uncharted 4,but i have a strong feeling that sony bend will make it.

-Foxtrot1628d ago

Nah...NaughtyDog or nothing

It just wouldn't have that charm, not saying Golden Abyss as crap but it just didn't have that spark the main games did

hellzsupernova1628d ago

I had the same feeling until sully showed up then it became uncharted

danny8181627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

U are on q my friend. They did the same for little big planet psvita. There was a rumor that bend was working in a title for the ps4. Action/adventure. I think its safe to say they got ahold of the uncharted ip

NateCole1628d ago

I still believe the story will be space related.

In Uncharted 4 Nathan will search for artifacts related to Ancient Aliens theory.

OrangePowerz1628d ago

Please not, we have seen how great that works in the abomination that was Indy 4.

NateCole1628d ago

@orangePowerz. Just because Spielberg failed does not mean ND will fail.

In any case they were not aliens in Indy 4. They were multi-dimensional beings hehe.

MysticStrummer1628d ago

@Orange - The main reason that movie was terrible was that it just wasn't even remotely believable that Old Indy would survive all the way through it. He was moving so slow, the nazis would have shot him long before he ever got to the stupid refrigerator...

…and the writing was horrible, Karen Allen looked like she was just happy to be in a movie, I hate what's his name that played their son… the list goes on but the alien angle was pretty far down on the list of problems.

rainslacker1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I think the plays on our own world's history is good enough to not bring in something as contrived as ancient aliens. They go more the supernatural route with their Uncharted stories, I'd rather it stay that way. Not that I doubt they couldn't make it fun or an entertaining story, but why change up what works?

I wouldn't mind seeing a new IP from them. As much as I love all their games, I really want to see what they can bring next.

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MysticStrummer1628d ago

I enjoyed all the Uncharteds very much but I'd rather have a new IP. I hope they make a new Jak for the sake of fans of the series, but that news wouldn't excite me at all to be perfectly honest.

princejb1341628d ago

I thought it was a new ip. When. Aughts dog teases a game you have no idea what to expect. I remember the last of us teaser where they just showed ant walking around

Sweep141628d ago

Yep, With Neil Druckman latest tweet, TLOU team working on a space game is a possibility

x5exotic1628d ago

Good decision; as generic as Uncharted was, a space shooter would be pushing it too far. We already have Gaylo, Mass Erect, and that other game that stole God of war's acronym.

come_bom1628d ago

Enough with Uncharted... at least not any time soon. I prefer a new IP from Naughty Dog.

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Mikelarry1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

awww what and here i was hoping for uncharted "DRAKE IN SPACE" fighting up space pirates in glorious 1080p, ah well it was good while it lasted.

Enemy1628d ago

Christophe is probably lying.

roadkillers1628d ago

"Visiting SpaceX... and no we're not making a game that takes place in space! We just got invited because we're cool!"

Sounds like a troll comment to me. It might not be a game, but somethings up. Would love a space game from Naughty Dog.

DigitalRaptor1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Hmmm, yeah I dunno.

Arne Meyer (ND community strategist) was on Neogaf replying to people about the rumours. Geoff Keighley posted a gif of an alien on Neogaf, hinting at something, or just trolling.

Either way, it's likely that we'll see a new Naughty Dog announcement on the 14th. I hope it's alien/abduction related as that would be ripe with potential.

brave27heart1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I think he's lying too. ND are cool, but why would they get an invite to SpaceX just because of that? Theres something in the space rumours, id put money on it.

Uncharted 4 first - Sony are going to want a big name IP announced for the PS4 sooner rather than later, and UC4 will convince many PS3 owners to upgrade to PS4 - then the team that worked on TLoU will bring out a new IP.

Im still hoping for Savage Starlight.

Edit: It'll never ever happen outside of my dreams, but if ND made a game set in the Firefly universe....

mushroomwig1628d ago

To be honest it wouldn't make any sense for them to visit a company like SpaceX to get help for a game based on a comic that's set in the future.

ZBlacktt1628d ago

Thank god..... now we can go back to dreaming about Uncharted 4 on the PS4.

thekhurg1628d ago

Considering what they did with the Last of Us - a new IP for their first PS4 title would have been perfectly fine.

ZBlacktt1628d ago

Yes, but also considering their top game is Uncharted and on the new Next gen console would be even better. More so since Sony owns both.

Agent20091628d ago

His explanation sounds fishy.