Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review for PSPSPS.TV

Simon M. of takes Grant Turismo 5 Prologue out for a spin. Is it worth shelling out for?

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Lord Anubis3884d ago

that guy doesn't know how to review. Don't submit from that guy.

madness3884d ago

"the game is too perfect"

"[this simulation] feels weird, [...] wrong, [...] and dead [for not being an arcade racer]"


this nut is comparing apples to oranges...

Cynical-Gamerzus3884d ago

Looks very plastic and hallow,Looks photrealistic!but! more like a demo..
These Japs need to really work on adding life to the game ,some helicopters or airplanes,birds or more side atractions.,...
I miss SEGA they had this crap dialed at one time.Simulation or not sega racing games felt real and real beats simultion any time .GOT IT!!!
Polyphony Digital..39.99 for this...Damn you...
I still love the 1080p graphics