Game Revolution: MLB 08: The Show Review

Game Revolution writes: "How many ways can you say the same thing? This is the question I've been struggling with while playing and now writing the review for MLB 08: The Show. See, in the past I've explained that, for me, the proverbial fly in the soup of just about every baseball video game is that the stat numbers are skewed towards the offensive side of the game (I said it here, here, and to a lesser degree, here) to the point that the games really don't play like "real" baseball at all.

Still, every year companies make baseball games with the same flaw and people still buy the games, so maybe it's just me – after all, offense in baseball is like sex in the advertising world: it sells. So, while I was complaining throughout the 1990s that the powers that be were ruining the game by allowing a combination of factors - juiced balls, juiced players, and even juiced ballparks - to turn MLB into a Nintendo league, the league was making money hand over fist. I was in my twenties, but I was looking like a bitter old guy: 'When I was a kid ... now that was REAL baseball!'"

+ Best-looking MLB game yet
+ Realistic "Road to the Show"
- ...but maybe a little too realistic.
+ Numbers, numbers, and MORE numbers
- ...that don't always translate to real baseball.

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