Famousmortimer Contacted by More Devs Having Issues with the Xbox One OS

From SpawnFirst: "But now new information coming out from famousmortimer points to even more devs having issues developing for the Xbox One platform, or the ones that have at least contacted mortimer:"

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UnrealThreats1389d ago

Damn, when it looks like microsoft is coming back, they fall into a deep dark hole of bullshit.

abzdine1389d ago

Microsoft will never learn.
now let's prepare the popcorn and wait for Penello's BS answer to this.

Mikelarry1389d ago

apparently he (Penello) is "waiting for the dust to settle"

Eonjay1389d ago

I think everyone has a lot of respect for Penello. A lesser man would have been crushed by the burden of doing PR for Microsoft. Even though its clear that he isn't always honest, at least he doesn't come off as arrogant. He is the Anti-Mattrick.

Eonjay1389d ago

On a side note:

I'm not the biggest fan of Xbox as some of you may have gathered... but I have an issue with this rumor. Haven't we already seen games running on Xbox One retail units? We have footage of BF4 running on Xbox One and I do remember seeing Forza running on kiosks. If this rumor is true, they have done an excellent job of hiding it.

rambi801389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

You can't get RROD if the console doesn't work!

MS-always innovating

Seriously though, if you are not having second thoughts about getting this at launch, i have an invisible console to sell you for $400

Kayant1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )


Anything running at events/kiosks will probably still be old devkit firmware.

Yesterday's was on LAN which uses a local connection iirc. Also the live rumour is about matchmaking which doesn't happen at a LAN event.

I also find it hard to believe this rumour has theses are the things MS are good at.

Both Sony & MS will be working on their OS's until launch so no new stuff will be on the debug units/devkits and this rumour is about current development in the OS not found on any of these units atm.

kickerz1389d ago

I'm getting an xb1 day one and I'm gonna have a blast. 720p/900p/1080p it dosnt bother me as long as the game is fun :)

Bigpappy1389d ago

When I get my Xbox I will let you guys know which rumors were true

hakeem09961389d ago

I guess the Xbox One might become the PS3 . That would suck deeply .Hope MS finds competent coder to make sure they don't have a PS3 situation in their hands . O GOD !! What is it with the number 3 .they should have just called it Xbox 4

abzdine1389d ago

the question is not if the game is any good, the problem is the PR BS and the lies they are coming up with everyday..
i would definitely not buy a product from a ccompany trying to BS its customers. they need to change and man up or it will lead them to an epic failure.

Legacy2121389d ago

Just gonna leave this here. Ill take an os issue over an overheating issue anytime

BG115791389d ago

@Legacy212, you got to love these "reporters" that didn't get the PS4 for free and trash the PS4 for it...

Leave this link for you:

vigilante_man1389d ago

I'll buy it only if it comes with the invisible cloud!!

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Bathyj1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

They were coming back?

It's starting to look less like rumour , and more like unconfirmed fact.

And I'm laughing at those below that think people are getting paid to make up negative news about MS. Why would Sony waste their money to fabricate falsehood when there's so much true negative Xbone news already out there and apparently still coming?

UnrealThreats1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Well, a little back they released a video of how their new friends system worked/dedicated game servers and whatnot, and tbh, It looks pretty damn good, but this past week or so they tripped and fell into a world of bullshit

sardaukarghola661389d ago

"It's starting to look less like rumour , and more like unconfirmed fact."

wtf do you think a unconfirmed fact is genius

Bathyj1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Well a rumour can still be a lie, so it wouldn't be a fact.

Welcome to stage 2

LeCreuset1389d ago


Have a "funny" bubble for that one.

Boody-Bandit1389d ago

"Welcome to stage 2"

I wish I could give you a +everything for that.

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OlgerO1389d ago

They never came back my friend, the bad news just keeps piling up.

cellfluid1389d ago Show
RiPPn1389d ago

When has Microsoft been on the come back? The only positive thing they've done is buy Titanfall exclusivity. I don't think there has been much else to be excited about on that machine.

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stuna11389d ago

Microsoft just keeps getting hit left and right! It kind of give me an impression of a fight between, "Iron Mike Tyson vs Pee Wee Herman"!

Mithan1389d ago

This is irrelevant. It will be fixed with time.

QuickdrawMcgraw1389d ago

Unreal Threats I'm not saying you are wrong,but when did it seem like MS(Xbox1)was coming back?

JuniorCE1388d ago

Crazy enough is that Microsoft shot at themselves with no love... Microsoft is the only to be blame here... Unfortunately, The Xbone was rushed... I am quite sure that Microsoft was going to release the X1 only in 2014... Now this is the Xbox 720...

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miyamoto1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

getting paid big bucks just to lie to millions of people, hey...smh
this guy still has that job?

Xposed 720

cellfluid1389d ago

So does barrack Obama my friend so does barrack Obama!!

mxrider21991389d ago

not sure if disagress are bc you are off topic or bc they are recieving obama phones currently

Ausbo1389d ago

Obama only gets paid like $300000

miyamoto1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Greenberg is M$'s biggest damage control clown prince of crime.

What a big fat joke that guy is.

Bigpappy1389d ago

You hate M$ and Obama. How do you feel about baseball, Apple, Ford, Jazz, Soul Music, Basketball ... everything else American?

Bathyj1389d ago

Cos you must hate America if you hate Microsoft and Obama right?