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Famousmortimer Contacted by More Devs Having Issues with the Xbox One OS

From SpawnFirst: "But now new information coming out from famousmortimer points to even more devs having issues developing for the Xbox One platform, or the ones that have at least contacted mortimer:" (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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UnrealThreats  +   706d ago
Damn, when it looks like microsoft is coming back, they fall into a deep dark hole of bullshit.
abzdine  +   706d ago
Microsoft will never learn.
now let's prepare the popcorn and wait for Penello's BS answer to this.
Mikelarry  +   706d ago
apparently he (Penello) is "waiting for the dust to settle"
Eonjay  +   706d ago | Well said
I think everyone has a lot of respect for Penello. A lesser man would have been crushed by the burden of doing PR for Microsoft. Even though its clear that he isn't always honest, at least he doesn't come off as arrogant. He is the Anti-Mattrick.
Eonjay  +   706d ago
On a side note:

I'm not the biggest fan of Xbox as some of you may have gathered... but I have an issue with this rumor. Haven't we already seen games running on Xbox One retail units? We have footage of BF4 running on Xbox One and I do remember seeing Forza running on kiosks. If this rumor is true, they have done an excellent job of hiding it.
rambi80  +   706d ago
You can't get RROD if the console doesn't work!

MS-always innovating

Seriously though, if you are not having second thoughts about getting this at launch, i have an invisible console to sell you for $400
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Kayant  +   706d ago

Anything running at events/kiosks will probably still be old devkit firmware.

Yesterday's was on LAN which uses a local connection iirc. Also the live rumour is about matchmaking which doesn't happen at a LAN event.

I also find it hard to believe this rumour has theses are the things MS are good at.

Both Sony & MS will be working on their OS's until launch so no new stuff will be on the debug units/devkits and this rumour is about current development in the OS not found on any of these units atm.
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kickerz  +   706d ago | Well said
I'm getting an xb1 day one and I'm gonna have a blast. 720p/900p/1080p it dosnt bother me as long as the game is fun :)
Bigpappy  +   706d ago
When I get my Xbox I will let you guys know which rumors were true
hakeem0996  +   706d ago
I guess the Xbox One might become the PS3 . That would suck deeply .Hope MS finds competent coder to make sure they don't have a PS3 situation in their hands . O GOD !! What is it with the number 3 .they should have just called it Xbox 4
abzdine  +   706d ago
the question is not if the game is any good, the problem is the PR BS and the lies they are coming up with everyday..
i would definitely not buy a product from a ccompany trying to BS its customers. they need to change and man up or it will lead them to an epic failure.
Legacy212  +   705d ago

Just gonna leave this here. Ill take an os issue over an overheating issue anytime
BG11579  +   705d ago
@Legacy212, you got to love these "reporters" that didn't get the PS4 for free and trash the PS4 for it...

Leave this link for you:
vigilante_man  +   705d ago
I'll buy it only if it comes with the invisible cloud!!
Bathyj  +   706d ago | Well said
They were coming back?

It's starting to look less like rumour , and more like unconfirmed fact.

And I'm laughing at those below that think people are getting paid to make up negative news about MS. Why would Sony waste their money to fabricate falsehood when there's so much true negative Xbone news already out there and apparently still coming?
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UnrealThreats  +   706d ago
Well, a little back they released a video of how their new friends system worked/dedicated game servers and whatnot, and tbh, It looks pretty damn good, but this past week or so they tripped and fell into a world of bullshit
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sardaukarghola66  +   706d ago
"It's starting to look less like rumour , and more like unconfirmed fact."

wtf do you think a unconfirmed fact is genius
Bathyj  +   706d ago | Funny
Well a rumour can still be a lie, so it wouldn't be a fact.

Welcome to stage 2
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LeCreuset  +   706d ago

Have a "funny" bubble for that one.
Boody-Bandit  +   706d ago
"Welcome to stage 2"

I wish I could give you a +everything for that.
OlgerO  +   706d ago
They never came back my friend, the bad news just keeps piling up.
cellfluid   706d ago | Trolling | show
RiPPn  +   706d ago
When has Microsoft been on the come back? The only positive thing they've done is buy Titanfall exclusivity. I don't think there has been much else to be excited about on that machine.
jr85prix   706d ago | Spam
stuna1  +   706d ago
Microsoft just keeps getting hit left and right! It kind of give me an impression of a fight between, "Iron Mike Tyson vs Pee Wee Herman"!
Mithan  +   706d ago
This is irrelevant. It will be fixed with time.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   706d ago
Unreal Threats I'm not saying you are wrong,but when did it seem like MS(Xbox1)was coming back?
JuniorCE  +   705d ago
Crazy enough is that Microsoft shot at themselves with no love... Microsoft is the only to be blame here... Unfortunately, The Xbone was rushed... I am quite sure that Microsoft was going to release the X1 only in 2014... Now this is the Xbox 720...
MethCupcakes  +   706d ago
Damn, lol
miyamoto  +   706d ago
getting paid big bucks just to lie to millions of people, hey...smh
this guy still has that job?

Xposed 720
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cellfluid  +   706d ago
So does barrack Obama my friend so does barrack Obama!!
mxrider2199  +   706d ago
not sure if disagress are bc you are off topic or bc they are recieving obama phones currently
Ausbo  +   706d ago
Obama only gets paid like $300000
miyamoto  +   706d ago
Greenberg is M$'s biggest damage control clown prince of crime.

What a big fat joke that guy is.
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Bigpappy  +   706d ago
You hate M$ and Obama. How do you feel about baseball, Apple, Ford, Jazz, Soul Music, Basketball ... everything else American?
Bathyj  +   706d ago
Cos you must hate America if you hate Microsoft and Obama right?
Grown Folks Talk  +   705d ago
I'd say if you hate both Microsoft & Obama, you're probably just good at following the crowd. You most likely also hate John Cena & Nickleback by default too. Because you're "supposed" to.
pixelsword  +   705d ago
"getting paid big bucks just to lie to millions of people"

"So does barrack Obama my friend so does barrack Obama!! "

Well, you're basically saying all US presidents are paid to lie.

I don't know how to take that because that's untimately unproven, and there's presidents that fought for the people like how Andred Jackson fought hard to get the American people off of under the thumbs of banks; but you have people like Woodrow Wilson who, with sorrowful regret, put us back under their thumb and only realized it after it was done.

There's a flip-side to that only if you look at recent presidents...

Nixon: watergate
Carter: invented "life in prison without parole", signed the new death penalty for Georgia, yet supported William Calley.
Reagan: Iran-Contra
Bush: various, No new taxes
Clinton: Lewinski
Bush II: Iraq
Obama: not relinquishing the PAT-ACT

You see a pattern of people who have lied or acted like hypocrites.

It's the man, not the office, but since a man has to be in the office for it to function, at least respect the man in the office, even if you don't agree with him.

Don't forget: anyone can run for office, so if you don't like who's there or what they are doing, get involved.
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Mikelarry  +   706d ago
i think we can all agree that ms needs to go back to the drawing board about this as they CANNOT afford another PRROD fiasco
Saviour  +   705d ago
have u seen latest OS, UI videos? it's surely is troll article.
Pascalini  +   706d ago
This is officially a Sony troll site

People are making up articles about literally anything negative towards xb1 to gain hits
MightyNoX  +   706d ago | Funny
Mmmmm Salty...
iamnsuperman  +   706d ago | Well said
Considering this website is just forum for users to submit links from all across the Internet does that make the Internet a Sony troll device?

Question the validity and stop moaning about silly stuff
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Mikelarry  +   706d ago
"Question the validity and stop moaning about silly stuff "

talking sense with facts..... you must be a sony fanboy
Nocando  +   706d ago
Actually, yes, the internet has legions of Sony fanboys trolling 24-7. This is a fact, no amount of disagrees will make it less so.
corvusmd  +   706d ago
Exactly...99% of the time its some rumor that never ever gets confirmed from a source that isn't credible...and then when it gets disproven...there isn't a word about it here on the site....but since this site is overrun with bored PS Fanboys, all these rumors instantly become "fact" and no one ever tries to actually get the truth.
MysticStrummer  +   706d ago
99% of the time?

You haven't been paying attention.
mxrider2199  +   706d ago
just like the 720 resolutions? those were false /s
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Triella  +   706d ago
Rumors about Xbone hardware being less powerful became fact, rumors about Xbone not being able to handle native 1080p became fact, rumors about Xbone OS being ustable became fact, how many other rumors have to be confirmed before Xbox fans start to realize it's not Sony's fan spreading FUD but instead just MS scamming them hard.
stuna1  +   706d ago
The majority of the rumors about Microsoft have been proven fact! I really see no need to list them all, because I'm sure That I would run out the character limit well before I could list it all! But let's try it this way, and you list everything that Microsoft has stated to be true, that has actually turned out to be true!

I'm sure you will have plenty of characters to spare.
H0RSE  +   705d ago

Actually, what you imply is not %100 truth, here's why:

"Rumors about Xbone hardware being less powerful became fact,"

- More powerful how? If you are simply looking at numbers on paper, then perhaps you have an argument, but when you really get into specifics, you find that each system has strengths and weaknesses over the other. Now I'm sure you and many others will simply see this as "apologetic" or "technicalities," but a fact is only a fact if it is true %100 of the time, so either stick your statements and continue to be misleading, or reword your assumptions more carefully/specifically. The fact is that X1 is not less powerful in every aspect.

"rumors about Xbone not being able to handle native 1080p became fact,"

- Have they? Why, because a certain numbers of games prior to the console even launching, have not met this criteria? The assumption that X1 cannot handle native 1080p, does not become a fact until the entire life cycle of the console is over and the statement still holds true, and even then, it would have to be due to technical limitations that make it an impossibility, not choices made by developers/MS, etc. for whatever reasons, whether it be time constraints, budgets, etc. Game resolution is not mandated by MS, so devs don't have to make their games 1080p.

“This matter of choice was a lesson we learned from Xbox 360 where at launch we had a Technical Certification Requirement mandate that all titles had to be 720p or better with at least 2x anti-aliasing – and we later ended up eliminating that TCR as we found it was ultimately better to allow developers to make the resolution decision themselves.”

- Andrew Goossen, Xbox One engineer


"how many other rumors have to be confirmed before Xbox fans start to realize it's not Sony's fan spreading FUD but instead just MS scamming them hard."

- This is rather irrelevant. That fact that previous rumors turned out to be "truth", doesn't dictate that all rumors from then on should be deemed "truth" as well. It's sort of like "the boy who cried wolf," logic in reverse you have going on here. Instead of giving false alarm to potential concerns/non-truths, you are suggesting immediate approval of them.
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MasterCornholio  +   706d ago
Microsoft is doing this to themselves.


Nexus 7 2013
smoothop  +   706d ago
The other bad thing is that Xbox fans can't gain bubbles so you barely even get a say in the matter, the only way to have a say on this site is to become a complete Sony fanboy.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   706d ago
You are wrong, another way is to give credit where credit is due. Check my comments, they are mostly praising the PS4 (because that's what the majority of news is on any gaming website) but i also praise Xbox games. Don't be a blind fanboy or a blatant troll and you will get bubbles (not talking about you specifically).
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GrandpaSnake  +   706d ago
nahh i have seen people gain like 5 bubbles in one day just buy being funny but factual. I havent really been too biased and for a couple of months since i joined i cant get a bubble lol. you really gotta say something that counts thats why i trip out on trolls who say nothing but horrible things and still go bubbles, especially when all they do is go in enemy territory.
Mikelarry  +   706d ago
if you look back to my comment history i was pro xbox, but still listened to facts and also researched info that was presented to me on here. i have learnt that discussing topics in a mature manner and being funny gets users bubbles.
Bathyj  +   706d ago
This is officially the first stage of grief.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   706d ago
So we should exclude negative MS rumours? Its not anyone's fault if the ratio of bad MS news outweighs the good MS news. Regardless if its rumour or fact.
venom786  +   706d ago
Not looking good for ms
T2  +   706d ago
Nope xbone literally has that much bad news ... You wanna,hide your head in the sand , go ahead
MightyNoX  +   706d ago
I'm going to sit here and wait for the inevitable impotent attempts at discrediting Famousmortimer. No matter how many times he **** slaps people with his insider info over and over, the faithful will....well, keep the faith.
slimeybrainboy  +   706d ago
What else has he done? I haven't heard of him before.
Biggest  +   706d ago
Welcome to N4G. This is obviously your first day, slimeybrainboy.

Feel free to read the topics posted before this one. I am 100% sure you'll learn who Famousmortimer is very quickly.
Belking  +   706d ago
Don't believe everything you read from game journalist. All they do is report stuff thats passed though forums.They have no more inside information than the fanboys who start the stuff.
MasterCornholio  +   706d ago
But some things that they say become true.

Like the 720P rumors for Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty or the downgrade to Ryse Son of Rome.

Nexus 7 2013
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MysticStrummer  +   706d ago
Wow downplaying famousmortimer again already, after he was just proven correct about 720p?

Sevir  +   706d ago
Or the Delay of Driveclub!

Seriously! Its The Other camps Kids are having a hissy fit because 90% of the rumors were TRUE!!!

Denial seems to be what the xbox faithfuls are camping around...

At this point it doen't matter, the facts are the facts... Another rumor crops up and MS will gloss over it and fans will get irate and ofcourse the truth comes out and the roof then caves in.

Battlefield 4 COD:Ghost Titan Fall 720p, Driveclub delay, Ryse downgrade, Xbox One being weaker than the PS4, DRM on xbox One... always on Kinect, the NSA issue...

Its all happened and turned out to be true and all these "Rumors" started on Forums where people were just saying things and lookie here. Since May 21st 2013 its just been confirmation after confirmation after confirmations! Yes... the internet is conspicuously ran by SONY internet trolls just looking to stick it to MS and their fans, consumers and fanboys... Its not MS who made all things pertaining to their Black box factual. just the fanboys on N4G and GAF and Reddit!

*Dons Tin Foil Hat* >_>
Back-to-Back  +   706d ago
Well thank god famousmortimer isnt an actual game journalist.
dansdooz  +   706d ago
Im an xbox gamer and ms deserve evrything they get! Ive been looking forward to xbone all year, things just go from bad to worse, if sony had better launch line up and i had a few friends on ps4 i would ditch the xbone no worries. Total shambles this launch!
Utalkin2me  +   706d ago
I will be your friend on the PS4, just saying =).
Nocando  +   706d ago
And that's my problem with you guys, always attempting to convert. It's creepy.
Utalkin2me  +   706d ago
Ahhhh, someone jealous? I will be your friend too.
MRMagoo123  +   706d ago
its not attempting to convert its offering friendship cos the guy has no friends on PSN ffs get a grip. @dansdooz PSN is full of ppl there are tons of ppl playing ps3 online all day every day just jump in and make some new online friends , imo thats one of the fun parts.
TotalSynthesisX  +   706d ago
Trufax. If the PS4 had Halo and Xbox 360 controller compatibility, I would've switched a long time ago. It sucks when your favorite game franchise and controller of all time is exclusive to a company that's apparently composed entirely out of clueless non-gamer idiots that can't design a decent console.
MysticStrummer  +   706d ago
One friend of mine bought three 360s because of RRoD. He still has the last one, though it never gets played, but he admitted to me the other day the only reason he bought it was to play Halo. I forget which one but it was one of the last Halos. Anyway he played it for a few months, then the console collected dust. Once he realized that, he swore never to buy another MS console. He feels like MS "fooled" (his word for it) him somehow. I didn't tell him it was his own damn fault. lol

Are there no 360 controller clones for PS3? I know there are PS3 controller clones for 360, or at least adapters...
Bathyj  +   706d ago
It's your decision of course and while I praise PlayStation a lot I don't actively try to pimp for it, but don't judge a console just on its launch games. I guarantee on PlayStation you will have plenty to play, because you always have for 18 years.

and don't stick with a console just for friends you've never met. Like moving house when you're a kid, you will make new friend. That's a certainty, there's no point letting that effect your decision.
smoothop  +   706d ago
These articles are just getting stupid now, recycled old news just to damage the Xbox's image. I suppose if these sites get hits from this rubbish they'll continue to let it go on.
bomboclaat_gamer  +   706d ago
thanks for ruining gaming for people who just like the xbox one :)

i hope you guys pat yourselves on the back

congrats :D

since i mostly play online, i can sincerely say that i will be getting the xbox one, just because i refuse to come in contact with people like these...

i definitely wouldnt want to have these people on my friends list

its so shameful how grown men act like kids on the internet...
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G20WLY  +   706d ago
Do you really think the 80 million PSN users are on N4G?

There are a mouthy minority of children that play games and ruin it for the other gamers - whether you're on PSN, Live, Nintendo or PC.

That's just the way it is. It's not good, it just 'is'. :(
Sweep14  +   705d ago
Problem : The Xbox Live on X1 is apparently botchered
DarthJay  +   706d ago
I'm just curious as to why whenever a report like this comes out about PS4, it's universally brushed off or treated like it's no big deal, or the credentials and credibility of the source (or lack there-of) is brought into question, yet anything and everything that comes around about the Xbox One turns into hahahahahahahahahaha Microsoft is DOOOOOMED!

It just strikes me as fanboyism. I'm not saying this can't be true, but it's just something that literally happens in every story. Bottom line is Nov 15/22 can't come fast enough...
Dread  +   706d ago
Im with you
MysticStrummer  +   706d ago
Possibly because there have been more stories like this about XB1 than PS4, and also this famousmortimer guy was just proven correct about the 720p thing.
LeCreuset  +   706d ago
2 points:

1) When rumors come out about PS4 they tend to be resolved pretty quick. Not long before I saw the first Drive Club rumor I was reading about it officially being canceled. There was the Arabic language rumor Sony quickly addressed by including Arabic. The latest rumor, if I recall correctly, was the MP3, etc., rumor. That's being addressed. In other words, Sony doesn't just let this stuff fester by deceiving the public. It confirms or denies fairly quickly, and in some cases fixes the issue before it can really become an issue.

2) How do I say this? MS fans latch onto the most b.s. rumors that they should just know better than to give validity. Come on. A second hidden gpu? Some youtube "journalist" whining in the form of deliberately vague tweets? Speculation that Sony is going to do something stupid just because MS did? MS fans just don't know how to properly deliver a sniff test to the rumors they latch onto.
Nocando  +   706d ago
Is this a rhetorical question?
G20WLY  +   706d ago
Is this?
Sweep14  +   705d ago
There have been no bad reports about the PS4 OS being botchered or non-functional...
BobBelcher  +   706d ago
why would Devs contact some guy about this. He's not even important in the world of gaming... He's literally- some guy.
smoothop  +   706d ago
You don't need anything on this site to back up claims, the number one criteria is to just bash on MS constantly and like you said just brush off anything bad that Sony does like it never happened.
MysticStrummer  +   706d ago
This guy was right about the 720p thing...
ELCUCO  +   706d ago
Because devs see the smoke and mirrors that MS puts up. If they blatantly came out with that info they would lose their livelihood to the multi billion dollar man. Mort is well respected.
Funantic1  +   706d ago
Nobody respects him but fanboys
iamnsuperman  +   706d ago
I agree and disagree with you. I agree with you about the some random guy bit but it is also important to note about his past rumours being right (also note he doesn't hide his identity and he has a way for people to contact him). That is the key. He somehow became reliable (by finding rumours which turned out to be true) so now devs would leak information to him as it would be heard and be seen as real without getting themselves into trouble. It is how leaks work within journalism. It is all about reputation (both to get it to the news and hiding the sources)
#12.3 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Infernostew  +   706d ago
He has friends and contacts in the gaming industry and he's been one of the most reliable leakers as of late.
xboned_you  +   706d ago
Lol still a day one buy for me!
Fireseed  +   706d ago
Seems like BS... but at the same time as long as the X1 can play Killer Instinct, then I could really care less.
MRMagoo123  +   706d ago
you could care less huh lol
Fireseed  +   706d ago
Yeah, I really could. Would buy an entire arcade cabinet for myself if that's the way the new KI was being produced. You have no idea how much I love that game.
DCfan  +   705d ago
When you have games like BlazBlue and GG, you can't really think of KI with 6 characters
Fireseed  +   705d ago
Idk it's pretty easy to think about when you prefer the combo system in KI. Not sure how a small growing roster is problematic but hey why spend time discussing it with someone who's not even a fan of KI?
n4gamingm  +   706d ago
bs no reliable source try again.
vigilante_man  +   705d ago
After all the previous rumours that have hurt XB1 I would not say BS. Yes, it may need further proof or more sources. But just look at the rumours that have come true that people called BS...

We will all have to keep an open mind about these things until both releases. And then the real rumours will start about hardware failures, etc.
Dread  +   706d ago
I will be playing dead rising 3 very soon
And i am also buying cod for the xbox 1
I am sorry but i just like their product regardless of what all u fanatics think
I have been gaming all my life and i own all platforms
And at the end of the day i love to play on xbox live with the xbox controller
Again please forgive me n4g
O and sony is the best (dont want to loose my bubble comment)
vigilante_man  +   705d ago
Sony had the most brilliant exclusives last gen. Sony has by far the most powerful console this next gen. Sony is way cheaper this next gen. Sony have gone for the gamers and consulted developers way more this next gen.

But this does not make Sony the best. If you enjoy MS exclusives and only want 1 new console then XB1 is the best for you.

Never crave the forbidden XBOX bubbles...

- Said no one ever, except phil
Nocando  +   706d ago
Said pretty much every bobble head me-to Sony fanatic. Funny thing is, your going to feel awfully dumb(er) when tha cloudz really takes off.
vigilante_man  +   705d ago
Just checked the weather. No clouds, only blue skies ahead!!
ElementX  +   706d ago
So why are Sony and other companies utilizing cloud computing if it's worthless?
oscarcat59  +   706d ago
I predict that day one for both consoles come and neither have any major problems. Funny how these rumors pop up to get attention lol
vigilante_man  +   705d ago
Any true gamer on this site hopes you are right. We are all paying enough for our next gen experiences - we all deserve 100% enjoyment and 0% hardware failure.

Well said!
Loki86  +   706d ago
Mortimer is full of shit, he has been killing his credibility this past month. Pretty obvious to me that everything has been perfectly fine. Not one crash during that live event yesterday, yet everyone is going to believe this idiot. Not the least bit worried.
obelix01  +   706d ago
Well apparently most people believe him on this silly site. I also watched the live event yesterday & I thought 3 things 1. This looks great 2 Battlefield looks really fun & 3 how the hell do these people get so good at this game? I never once focused on the resolution or any other of the technical stuff.
Sweep14  +   705d ago
What killed is credibility exactly this month...?
gamertk421  +   706d ago
Gimme an F! Gimme a U! Gimme a D!
bjmartynhak  +   706d ago
It seems that people here are reading "issues" and thinking in a shitstorm.

Calm down, the games are running on Xbox One.... with lower resolution. And I guess AC4 will be the next in line to join COD and BF4.
DJ  +   706d ago
It's pretty obvious that you're not supposed to launch a console before it's ready. PS3 was pushed back one year for good reason. The hardware wasn't ready and neither was the software.

Xbox One looks like a great example of what happens when a console that should have been delayed (even 6 months) wasn't.
PsylentKiller  +   706d ago
MS may need to seriously consider delaying the launch of he XB1. I know they will lose a lot of money having to recall the units sitting in warehouses across the globe, destroying said units, and giving up a massive amount of console sales to Sony and missing out on e holiday season. However, they could make a console that overpowers the PS4 by a significant margin if they postpone by 4 months or so.
MS is selling the XB1 at a profit. Their projected earnings could very well cover the cost of the recall. Then they just sell at a loss like Sony did and then turn a profit at the end of this gen's life cycle. I know I would still buy the XB1 if it was delayed. I would buy a PS4 now to bide my time but MS would definitely get my money.
punisher99  +   706d ago
I swear microsoft should just open up a division in their company called "damage control". Because every other day they got some kinda mess to clean up.
Godmars290  +   706d ago
If they did something like that, more or likely the department doing the damage wouldn't talk to them.
Infernostew  +   706d ago
Nah, they just pay PR firms to write positive articles and forum posters to post false info about their products.
obelix01  +   706d ago
Wasn't this a rumor a few months ago? I swear this is just recycled stuff.
Ko_Uraki  +   706d ago
According with some rumors the choice of the 720p was generated by some issues with the OS. In this case it should have been solved in some way.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   706d ago
Serious question:

Why does everyone believe every negative thing regarding the Xbox One, and think that it is current news. But things like overheating PS4's are immediately canned as 'This can not be true, it is a bunch of bull'?
punisher99  +   706d ago

Its because of 2 words. Reputation and credibility. Guess which company back in May absolutely ruined their reputation and credibility.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   705d ago
It's not like Sony has a clean slate either. But people here still pray to Sony three times a day.

Sony likes to over promise and alter/remove features people like after a console has been bought.

I wish people would understand that these are both companies which need to make money. Sony needs it more than MS, so I just can't believe people only believe the positive news for Sony and trust it 100%.

I really hope both companies come out strong and that this annoyance that is the 'console war' settles.
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punisher99  +   705d ago

"It's not like Sony has a clean slate either. But people here still pray to Sony three times a day.

Sony likes to over promise and alter/remove features people like after a console has been bought."

Im sorry. But this just not compare to the fact that microsoft tried to actually go through with taking away used game privileges from us gamers. No one is gonna forget that for awhile. They brought all this negativity on themselves and its not just ps fanboys, there are plenty of xbox 360 fans that have given up on microsoft as well.
LeCreuset  +   706d ago
You all do know that famousmortimer was correct about the 720p, right? More than a few comments here suggest an ignorance of that fact. It's pretty embarrassing. I'm not saying you have to swallow everything the guy says from here on out as the gospel truth, but don't sit there and try to act like the guy is a nobody with no credibility, especially considering there are still a number of people on N4G that need to issue a "mea culpa" for the last time they tried to attack his credibility.
vigilante_man  +   705d ago
Just heading over to google to look for "mea culpa".

Who said gaming is not educational!!!
sigfredod  +   706d ago
I sincerily hope this issues get ironed, because i know that even with the overprice tag and lower specs many are going to purchase it, and as a gamer i know that the last thing you want is a unreliable product
DJ  +   706d ago
The OS should be fine by this time next year. I'm not buying a PS4 until around March, just so the kinks can get ironed out.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   706d ago
Hopefully? wtf, why would anyone hope for this to be true? Its got to the point where I cant trust any news that is negative on Microsoft. Everyone is so anxious to spread FUD and negativity about the XBO that you cant tell the lies from truth.
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NoLongerHereCBA  +   706d ago
Couldn't agree more. It is like this with every negative MS post here on N4G. The polls always state 'hopefully' regarding bad news.
LeCreuset  +   706d ago
Follow me. Suppose you thought to yourself, "Hmm. That famousmortimer was right about the resolution rumor. I think he's probably right about this one, too." Which of the presented options would you hit if that were the case?
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