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"Prequels are tricky territory, but also the only feasible route for a game not developed by Rocksteady, as they probably have a corkboard in their studio lined with plot points and yarn dictating what they want for the series moving forward. WB Montreal’s hands were tied, but the result is still a tremendous disappointment." - Joe Garcia

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23Breach1506d ago

Still haven't played this game, but boy is that writer attractive.

_QQ_1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

either you are a female ,gay or blind, because i only clicked on the article after reading your comment and was extremely disapointed. If you are a either of the first two i still think you must be blind.

23Breach1505d ago

Neither, just messing with a friend

DareDareCaro1506d ago

4.5/10 just broke my freeflow combo...

legionsoup1506d ago

Low score for hit-bait. Podunk sites trying to make a name...

DavePSU1506d ago

Yes, out of the 24 reviews the site has done, THIS is the one we chose to create a low score for in order to hit-bait! You caught us, lol.

antz11041505d ago

Lame ass review, easily the best game in the series.

Alex_Boro1506d ago

Strongly disagree with this review. Overall it's what I expected, more of the same, although still a lot of fun to be had. At lowest, I'd give it a 7.

Heavenly King1506d ago

The game is awesome easily an 8.5/10. I find it on par with Arkham city, and it even surpass it in some aspects.

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