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Batman: Arkham Origins Review - Stealthy Box

"Prequels are tricky territory, but also the only feasible route for a game not developed by Rocksteady, as they probably have a corkboard in their studio lined with plot points and yarn dictating what they want for the series moving forward. WB Montreal’s hands were tied, but the result is still a tremendous disappointment." - Joe Garcia (Batman: Arkham Origins, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360) 4.5/10

23Breach  +   754d ago
Still haven't played this game, but boy is that writer attractive.
_QQ_  +   754d ago
either you are a female ,gay or blind, because i only clicked on the article after reading your comment and was extremely disapointed. If you are a either of the first two i still think you must be blind.
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23Breach  +   753d ago
Neither, just messing with a friend
DareDareCaro  +   754d ago
4.5/10 just broke my freeflow combo...
legionsoup  +   754d ago
Low score for hit-bait. Podunk sites trying to make a name...
DavePSU  +   754d ago
Yes, out of the 24 reviews the site has done, THIS is the one we chose to create a low score for in order to hit-bait! You caught us, lol.
antz1104  +   753d ago
Lame ass review, easily the best game in the series.
Alex_Boro  +   754d ago
Strongly disagree with this review. Overall it's what I expected, more of the same, although still a lot of fun to be had. At lowest, I'd give it a 7.
Heavenly King  +   754d ago
The game is awesome easily an 8.5/10. I find it on par with Arkham city, and it even surpass it in some aspects.
wollie  +   754d ago
I agree with everything this article says, I found the writing in this game pretty horrible.
Sadist3  +   754d ago
The game is excellent. It's pretty stupid to give a game a low score because it's. It developed by rocksteady. That's not relevant, the game is really good, I like it better than Arkham city. People need to stop being followers, and make their own opinions. It's a good game, but because other people give it a low score just because it's not developed by rocksteady, everyone else wants to follow suit. Buy the game, you won't be disappointed.
thricetold  +   754d ago
Another reviewer who knocked that game because rocksteady didn't make it. Lol the game is as good as city and definitely better than AA with better boss fights. more of the same which nowadays is at least a 7 or 8. Can't wait to see what they give cod and bf4 which is also more of the same imo.

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