Capcom Fix Okami's Cover, And Then Some

So Capcom's artists swiped (swiped back?) some IGN-watermarked art and it made it onto the game's cover. Whoops. Oh well, everyone makes mistakes, right Capcom? What's important is not the mistake, but the fact the company are going out of their way to make amends.

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JDW3863d ago

Nice offer from Capcom to correct their error.

There are several choices and they actually look very good.

TheExodus3863d ago

I was surprised the form didn't require the registration number from the back of the manual. If Capcom isn't bouncing this against registration they could ship more replacement covers than copies of the game itself.

BrotherNick3863d ago

Haha, I got one and I don't have the game, and I notified the PS3 forums about it.

xplosneer3863d ago

But I have the PS2 version. It'll make a nice poster for a great game.

RiseOfMonster3863d ago

I wanna frame them and hang em on my wall.

RealTimeWeaponChange3863d ago

f*ck that,. how pathetic do u have to be as a box art designer to get your image source material from a god damn videogame website. can't grab internal pics from your own god damn company?

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