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Battlefield 4 – DICE Details Launch Issues Being Looked Into, Fixes Incoming

MP1st - Though Battlefield 4's launch this week is an appreciable improvement over Battlefields 3's in 2011, it's not without its hiccups. PC users are reporting significant crashing issues while others are reporting various bugs and glitches.

Rest assured, however, as developers DICE have acknowledged our troubles. So, what exactly is studio aware of and looking into, you might ask? All that and more as been detailed in a recent Battlelog forum entry, so let's check out what they had to say: (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

GenericNameHere  +   167d ago
My dad lost about 2 hours into the campaign because the save file deleted itself. The game froze on while loading me into a Conquest match. I also saw Giantbomb's stream of Battlefield 4 during the Extra Life event, where the game locked-up just as a building was about to fall.

Just 3 problems I've seen so far.
DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   167d ago
Loosing a save file would piss me off so much, luckily I'm yet to experience that one.
Detoxx  +   167d ago
I hope the Next-Gen versions are going to launch patched.

Seriously? Someone actually disagreed.
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Cernunnos  +   167d ago
I'm not one of them, but it might be because it is obvious that these issues will be worked on before the next-gen launch. Why would they fix the problems on one version and not on the others?
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Detoxx  +   167d ago
It takes time to bring out a patch, they might ship the next-gen versions already patched.
bumnut  +   167d ago
I think it runs ok now, had a few issues with server crashes on release day but its seems ok now.

Im just happy it runs better than the beta!

PC version btw
AusRogo  +   167d ago
DICE, please bring squad parties back. Why on earth does bf4 not have this? Makes it so much more difficult to play with friends. Hopefully its in by the time next gen arrives.
Detoxx  +   167d ago
When playing the Beta I thought it was just like that in the Beta only.. But it makes absolutely no sense to me that there is no create squad system on the main menu.

They better fix that fast
BoriboyShoGUN  +   167d ago
You can't create squads?? WTF! yeah they better have this stuff figured out by the time the 15th rolls around. The stuff these guys overlook sometimes is ridiculous!
AusRogo  +   167d ago
I thought it was just in the beta too! Was absolutely shocked when I spent a good 10 minutes the other night trying to figure it out, only to realize its not even in the retail version.. im actually amazed its not in since BF3 had it!
bumnut  +   167d ago
You can create squads when in the game.
TopDudeMan  +   167d ago
Oh the crashes are terrible right now. I had about 3 or 4 yesterday in the 3 hour period I played.
Maxor  +   167d ago
BF3 was even worst at launch, most if the time Battleog didn't even worked.
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Heisenburger  +   167d ago
The BF3 launch was disastrous on ps3.

I'm honestly dreading what might be awaiting us on the PS4 launch.

I hope that they get the issues you guys are experiencing fixed soon. I also hope that *they are prepared for a new console generation.

But Jeebus, if they haven't nailed PC(their territory) what hope do I have of a decent launch?

Though I'll have me some ACIV if it's unplayable.

Either way I'm very much looking forward to sixty-four players for the first time! :D

*typographical error
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