As The Xbox One Attracts More Controversy, More Importance is Placed On Titanfall

While of course a final Titanfall game that falls well short of expectations would lend a different set of problems for Microsoft, the more interesting case comes if the game turns out to be as good as footage and previews have suggested, and as lucrative as well. In that case, then by the time that more systems start to hit the shelves and the non-early adopters start considering making system purchases early next year, “Tianfall” will be in a position to move Xbox Ones similar to the way that “Halo” moved the original Xbox.

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theBAWSE1660d ago

bungie made the xbox with halo

I'm sure they want to do the same with destiny and make it a system seller

going to be interesting to see which game is better received between titanfall and destiny

NewMonday1660d ago

well, pre-orders show Destiny is much more popular despite releasing much later than Titanfall on XB1

Titanfall on XB1= 56,532

Destiny on XB1= 71,438
Destiny on PS4= 95,683

Bigpappy1660d ago

Those numbers are from VGchartz, but I get and agree with the point you are trying to make: Destiny can not be a system seller unless it is different on the 2 next gen consoles.

I expect both games to do very well. I PS4 sells more in the west,it will carry more copies of Destiny. If 360 sells better in the west, it will carry more copies.

georgeenoob1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Does it matter how many preorders it gets? When I want to see if a game is good I look at stuff like previews and hands-on, not pre-orders. Every preview of Titanfall says this is a killer game. Day ONE.

HugoDrax1659d ago

Why does everyone continue to post pre order numbers, as if that dictates a games success? I haven't pre ordered Destiny, Infamous, or TitanFall and I'll have all 3 on release.

PSVita1659d ago

@bigpappy- not everyone's a fanboy buddy. If someone's planning on getting an XB1 or PS4 and specifically gets it for Destiny that makes it a system seller.

Funantic11659d ago

@newmonday Destiny started it's preorder way early. It was like last year or so when I went to Gamestop to buy something and the guy asked me did I want to preorder Destiny with $5 down. Anytime you start a preorder on a game 1-2 years before it comes out then the preorders will look like a lot, which Destiny will sell. Imagine preordering GTA 6 right now. Titanfall's available preorder is way closer to it's release day.

BayKidSwerve1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

That is probably the biggest mistake for Titanfall, putting the release close to another amazing looking game. Destiny is bound to do amazing being a multiplat and looking like a true next gen game. But an exclusive like Titanfall competing? Most of my friends that are xbox fans say due to limited money they are going for destiny. Or I might be just dead wrong and it does fine.

QuickdrawMcgraw1659d ago

I don't think a mutiplayer only will be a system seller.A lot of people enjoy a great single player story to go with the multiplayer.

guitarded771659d ago

Destiny has some insane amount of money invested in it... it has to sell way more than Titanfall, and I expect it to sell way more then Titanfall.

Destiny looks insanely good with it's open persistent online and dynamic events. Titanfall looks like Modern Warfare with mechs and wall running.

I think Titanfall will sell and have a decent following, but Destiny will be something truly special. In My Opinion :D

mistertwoturbo1659d ago

I'm looking forward to trying Titanfall on the PC though.

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Gozer1660d ago

Im sure both games will do well. Destiny will naturally sell more because its multiplat. With the deal Bungie made with Acti, Destiny has to do exceptionally well to see a sequel.

jackanderson19851660d ago

not necessarily if destiny is aloada crap (which i hope it isnt) it could have abysmal sales... or maybe titanfall will just be an absolutely amazing game and sell a ridiculous amount of copies

MysticStrummer1659d ago

From the sound of Destiny, I'm not sure sequels are what they have in mind. More like adding to the existing universe over time.

fenome1659d ago


They've got a 10 year contract with Activision to be working on this game.

rainslacker1659d ago

Destiny's business model is more akin to an MMO like World of Warcraft. No real squeals, just a persistent living world. Micro-transactions will take place. Any "sequel" will be in the form of expansion packs, or DLC as it's more commonly called today.

Could be spin off games though. Wouldn't mind a SP version, since I'm not into MP that much.

Gozer1659d ago


They are scheduled to make 4 Destiny games in the next 10 years, as well as an expansion pack for each game.

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ZBlacktt1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Destiny is a vast/worldly game! It's going to draw in thousands and thousands of gamers. Moving from planet to planet to moons. From classes to clans, etc.

This game is going to be huge come closer to launch time.

GaoomDerek1659d ago

Bungie has a huge opportunity to make this game a vast universe. I'm looking forward to it.

fenome1659d ago

I'm stoked on this game! I love the customization, exploration and everything about it.

ifistbrowni1659d ago

Why are people talking about destiny on a titanfall article?

I dont think titanfall will appeal to the masses. The gameplay videos i've seen hardly make it seem like a competitive game.

While having jet-packs to seamlessly wall-run and jump on roofs looks awesome... im afraid it will make players too elusive so most of the attention will be on killing the people in titans. At least, that's what happened in the few videos i saw. That, and killing the random NPCs/bots that wonder the map. Rarely did it seem like they were killing ppl from the other team.

MysticStrummer1659d ago

I don't see either game as a system seller since they are both on multiple platforms. I think the interesting thing will be to compare the visuals of all the versions of Titanfall. The game will look best on PC and XB1, but sell most on PC and 360.

koolaid2511659d ago

TitanFall and Destiny are 2 different games.

H0RSE1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

@the BAWSE

"bungie made the xbox with halo."

- Actually, Microsoft made the Xbox with Halo. Bungie was originally slated to design Halo as an RTS game for Mac and WIndows. It wasn't until MS acquired Bungie which effectively turned Halo into an Xbox launch title, that we wound up with what we got.

If not for MS, Halo likely would have been a completely different game, that never even touched consoles.

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HammadTheBeast1659d ago

Titanfall is more like Gears than Halo. Sure it moves units, but it's also on PC (yes I know, MS hur de hur, but the point is to move consoles).

It's the only major game which is swaying people for XBO right now.

So far, Sony haven't shown their ace cards. (Naughty Dog, SSM, Media Molecule etc.)

MysticStrummer1659d ago

"it's also on PC"

360 also, and it will almost certainly sell more on those two platforms than on XB1.

rainslacker1659d ago

Gears of War was on PC also. It still moved 360's without much issue. Halo 2 was also on PC, and again, it moved 360 units. Kicker though is that Titanfall it is also on 360, and because of that, many people may not see the need to upgrade to the X1 just for one game.

I'm sure it'll move some console units though. Or it may flop. Or it'll sell marginally well but not achieve what people say. Or it'll be the next big thing, so mech games will be the next gen overused game thing. Only time will tell.

mistertwoturbo1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Gears of War didn't come on the PC until a year later. Halo 2 didn't come out on PC until years later. You aren't making an apples to apples comparison. Titanfall will release on PC day and date with the 360/X1 versions.

I have a feeling it will do very well on the 360 though.

rainslacker1659d ago

I actually wasn't aware of that. I only played GeOW and Halo on PC, and found them to be good games. It's the reason why Halo is actually one of the few FPS's that I actually enjoy playing. GeOW was a technical marvel at the time of it's release, which is why I enjoyed it, although I found the story lacking.

Otherwise, console and PC markets really aren't the same market for the majority of gamers. If people play predominately on console then they are probably going to get the console version if they have a 360/X1. If they prefer PC, they will get it on PC. If a console player really wants to play this game, and is on the PS4/WiiU, then they can just get it for their PC.

Time will tell, that was the point I was trying to make overall.

koolaid2511659d ago

A different team is making the 360 version of TitanFall not Respawn.

H0RSE1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Key words in your comment are "right now." There will be other exclusives that help push X1's into people's homes, for instance, the next Halo.

HammadTheBeast1658d ago

That's true. Halo, maybe Gears, will move units, especially if they make Halo as good as they say.

urwifeminder1659d ago

I must have missed the controversy either way titan fall has a lot of people talking.

corvusmd1659d ago

Most of the controversy is just rumors that PS Fanboys are trying to spread, the other things aren't nearly as important as they try to make you believe....I have to be honest though...the more people try to discount MS/XB1...the more it makes me want one...counting MS out is a REALLY REALLY stupid idea...and if MS gets off to a bad start, it will only benefit XB1 gamers during the run. Besides, if you step back, the bigger picture still has XB1 looking better....most games look better on XB1, they have the better exclusives and the only network that can be considered next gen...PSN is a joke compared to XBL...the only advantage PS4 has over XB1 so far is that BF4 and COD have higher NATIVE resolutions, but after being upscalled they are both 1080p...any difference will be hardly noticeable if at all. Most of this could be due to confusion for developers while MS was making changes, and it could fix itself rather quickly....who knows, maybe even a patch could fix that..either way, I'm sure it still looks me Native 1080p on PSN is not better than upscalled 1080p on XBL. After seeing BF4 comparison and seeing that the XB1 version actually looks better despite being a lower native res makes me thing that it'll be the same for COD

dead_eye1659d ago

opinions like facts. You could just shorten it to I love MS saves everyone time

karl1659d ago

im glad he didnt shorten his comment

it was really funny

HammadTheBeast1659d ago

I hope he got a nice check for that. It would be sad to type that all out without getting paid.

KYU21301659d ago

Corvusmd--did you get a check from MS for that long comment???

Can you explain to me how MS getting off to a bad start benefits gamers down the line?? They got off to a bad start with this the coming gen and seem to keep falling into a pile of crap every time they dig themselves out of another one.

Have you seen the exclusives from both sides? How can you claim which has better exclusives?

As for your comment about a patch to fix resolution issues, are you serious???

A lot of your rhetoric about the XB1 is based on early Xbox 360 information. You have no idea how the PS4 and PSN interact with each other. Or how XB1 with
interact with XBL.

As a programmer with a degree in marketing MS is doing a poor job of damage control.

you can't scream we are the most powerful system and them throw out titles lower res than your competition.

As for TitanFall. I see this game as something interesting to keep an eye on for 2 reasons.

1 it could be the new Halo for MS
2 it could eventually be the reason MS re-instates some of its unwanted recently removed system features.

Lboogieskells1659d ago

Try a couple of line-breaks man, I stopped reading half way through.

gamertk4211659d ago

Everything corvus said is correct.

Hicken1659d ago

"Native 1080p on PSN is not better than upscalled 1080p on XBL"

That's not only not correct, it's one of the most stupid things I've ever heard on this site. And I've heard some EXTREMELY stupid things around here. Some of them were even from him.

DigitalRaptor1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Could you try formatting your responses so they are somewhat readable and not walls of text?

I'm trying to read it, I am. It just sounds like: "I prefer Xbox, so I'm going to defend it despite everything we know about both systems and downplay the PS4's strengths". Or as dead_eye said, could just shorten it to: "I love MS".

"the only advantage PS4 has over XB1 so far..."

Do you want me to make a list?? Do you really want that? I don't, but sometimes it's necessary.

mistertwoturbo1659d ago

lol still can't believe people like this guy truly really believes in his heart that upscaled 720p to 1080p looks the same as real 1080p.

I don't know whether to feel sorry or laugh.

mxrider21991659d ago

wow the delusional comment from this fanboy is insane lols..... you obviously have never used PSN b4 or read any articles that are positive towards PS or PSN that explain how great both are but you probably also are 12 and only play cod

2v11659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

like a good sheep, corvu says "Baaaaahh.....baaaaaaah

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