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Madden 25 PS4 Gameplay - Ignite Technology

Another PS4 gameplay clip of Madden NFL 25 has been released. This video showcases the Ignite technology. (Madden NFL 25, PS4)

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Lior  +   263d ago
EA get a thumbs up from me for this
GiggMan  +   263d ago
It really does suck. It's not like a basket ball or baseball game where the character models need to be spot on. I mean they have on helmets and pads and still don't look like their real life versions. That Kaepernick was awful...

I'm passing on Madden and Fifa and grabbing 2k14 and the Show.
stickskills  +   263d ago
Pretty impressed by what I'm seeing. Still room for improvement, obviously, but the little touches like the helmet moving are sick.
JetsFool3500  +   263d ago
iHope They bring back the animation where helmets fly off
Kevin26385  +   263d ago
The NFL has really started to protect their shield/image with stuff like this.

One of the reasons we don't see big hits automatically result in injuries or tattoos on players.
iceman06  +   263d ago
I think the NFL put the clamps on that awhile ago. I guess it's an "image" thing!?!?
mistertwoturbo  +   263d ago
Yeah it looks "ok" at first, but when it closes up to the football it looks pretty good. Not too bad for a launch Madden game.

Now let's just hope they got it locked at 60fps with no stupid glitches ruining the gameplay.
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theXtReMe1  +   263d ago
Amazing. I just can't believe visuals and physics have gotten this good in games. We are truly blessed.
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PR_FROM_OHIO  +   263d ago
The dude doing the commentary can't be serious bc those animations look terrible!!
iceman06  +   263d ago
I have to say that if there is anything that might disappoint me, it would be the legacy animations. That turn after the catch didn't look organic. It looked kind of robotic. The missed tackle animation, where the guy gets stiff armed but the tackler didn't extend his hands, looked okay...but it's really THOSE things that bring immersion. Madden has come a LONG way, but would it kill them to get closer to player likenesses. Kap didn't look like Kap. DJ, #56 for KC, definitely looked nothing like himself.
These are minor gripes to be sure. But, it's just that with Madden being the only game to get for football, they need to hit every note correctly.
RealGamerspeaks  +   263d ago
lmao was that cleveland brown doing the commentary.....
Ashunderfire86  +   263d ago
Hey you just take the words out of my mouth lol! I thought it was Cleveland too.

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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   263d ago
LoveSpuds  +   263d ago
Looks great to me but I find Madden too hard to play, I feel like I need 3 hands and 2 sets of eyes to play it properly :)
Kevin26385  +   263d ago
Any luck when you lower the difficulty?
LoveSpuds  +   263d ago
yeah a little to be honest. I just have trouble watching the blitz and picking out an open receiver......just pants at playing NFL, not a reflection on the game at all :)
1nsomniac  +   263d ago
I love the fact that everyone has been slating this saying it's no improvement what so ever to current gen & could easily be done on current gen... Idiots!!
kalkano  +   263d ago
To be fair, this is the first video that's really shown off the improvements. It's the fault of the previous videos they showed.
nevin1  +   263d ago
"Still room for improvement, obviously," stickskills

I agree with this somewhat. Clearly you have to wait to Madden 15 and beyond to see this really come through. Especially if competition ever comes back.
Kevin26385  +   263d ago
Great point. Everyone knows by now that launch games aren't the best showcase of the new hardware. All of the development teams need more time with the new technology.
iceman06  +   263d ago
The only problem with that is the relatively short development cycle for sports titles. Let's just hope that there was something left on the drawing board as far as improvements are concerned. Not saying that it is not impressive. Just really hoping that the legacy issues of Madden don't continue into this new generation the way that they have into the current one. Stacking the engine can only go so far. It's time for an all new engine (ground up). But, that won't happen because of that same short development cycle that I started with.
toddybad  +   263d ago
Since THAT 2K14 Basketball trailer, all EA titles (including my beloved FIFA) look decidedly old-hat by comparison. EA really need to up their game in graphical terms if they want to stay ahead of the curve.
NYC_Gamer  +   263d ago
EA needs to hire better developers because the player models and animations aren't improved
Akuma2K  +   263d ago
It would be a shame if next gen madden 25 didn't have a halftime and post game show, this is next gen and with the power of the new consoles there aren't anymore excuses that can be used....we'll know on the 15th.
leemo19  +   263d ago
Though I'm nip-picking where the heck are the tats on the players.

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