New Battlefield 4 Trailer Shows How You Drop a Jet With a RPG

EA DICE released a new trailer of Battlefield 4, that has already been released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and will soon be running on the brand new PS4 and Xbox One as well.

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ArchangelMike1505d ago

I'm loving BF4, I can't wait for the next-gen version though (I know PC players are there already), but I can't wait for the full next gen experience on PS4. The current gen versions are like only 70% of the true Battlefield experience.

fluffydelusions1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I'm one of those PC people and the game constantly crashes now so you aren't missing much atm lol.

AllroundGamer1505d ago

yep, really funny to read all the battlelog comments :D but that's just DICE, still learning... or just lazy to test it properly.

Spinal1505d ago

I'm playing on PC and I've not had one crash yet. I hate when one person has trouble suddenly he believes everyone is.

On topic: Obliteration has taken over Rush as my most fav mode I'm having sooo much fun playing this mode.

DeadIIIRed1505d ago

@Spinal That's a little hypocritical don't you think? Just because you have had no issues with the game doesn't invalidate that people who are having issues.

ATi_Elite1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

OMG these videos are so LAME!

I've killed like 15 jets with RPG in BF4 already. If they are silly enough to fly ultra low or Hover too long then BOOM they will be RPG'ed to death.

Especially the F-35 cause people love to just Hover with it, easiest RPG target there is.

Battlefield 4 PC only 1 crash with over 30 hours of game time.

SO all the people with their LAME "go get it on the PS4" you're STUPID. PS4 isn't even OUT YET! Besides I got my BF4 PC for FREE with GPU purchase!

Muffins12231505d ago

more like 10% of the battlefield experience,feel sorry for the people playing it on 360 and ps3.

Embolado1505d ago

How bout teaching me how to fly the jet! Only thing I am good at is dive bombing the damn thing straight into the ground. :D

Abriael1505d ago

That's not how dive bombing works lol.

Embolado1505d ago

Haha, I know. Just despise inverted controls, goes against my natural reactions.

ArchangelMike1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I can fly the jet quite well. Shame I can't hit anything when I try... well except the ground. I hit that pretty consistently actually.

titletownrelo1505d ago

there's a training level for flying you know, right?

kwiksilver991505d ago

thats great news. used to be apprehensive about learning to fly,esp since i used to play on rented servers . didnt want anyone kicking me out for being a noob pilot.
then i get kicked out for killing the adm one too many times:(

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SITH1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I have shot down at leat five jets in BF3 and two in BF4. Admittedly one in BF4 just rotated for takeoff. I destroyed 100 helicopters between Bad Company 2, and BF3 with RPGs. It is not rare, just takes timing, and enough skill to judge distance, velocity, and pull the trigger on time.

Elwenil1505d ago

Agreed, though I am much better at taking out helos with tank shells, lol. I have taken down one jet with a tank shell that I remember but it was a lucky shot.

kwiksilver991505d ago

i destroyed like maybe 5 or 6 but that feeling when you bring it down,it certainly never gets old.
only on battlefield :)

LAWSON721505d ago

The other day I managed to hit a heli from a pretty good distance scoring me 600 points and 3 kills. BF definitely is a one of a kind online shooter along with Halo before 4.

ArchangelMike1505d ago

I was with you all the way, until you went and mentioned Halo. Now why would you do that?

But yeah, BF4 is definately top of it's class. (I'd argue it's above Halo personally, but that's just me).

Muffins12231505d ago

Halo has these crazy gravity moments like when you blow up a banshee and its parts fly across the map and hit someone.Halo may not be as crazy as bf4 but it has its moments.

LAWSON721504d ago

In Halo the craziest shit will happen and many people will back that up. Someone once got killed by a traffic cone, the physics in halo (mostly 3) are just awesome where everything is actually more then just a static object

franko1505d ago

Why the hell they messed the controls on ps3? Spotting, driving,flying...everything is damn wrong now. And do i have to mention non-jonning your friends before the match?

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